BootPowerRatings™ - 11/11

It's getting down to crunch time in the conference, with a handful of teams still clinging to hopes of bowl bids. Unsurprisingly, those same teams are clustered in the middle of the Pac in this week's BPRs. For all the latest around the conference, replete with rants and ratings, read on...

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Pac-10 BootPowerRatings™
As of 11/10/04

Below are our exclusive BootPowerRatings™ of the Pac-10 conference. Each week during the football season, we will release our secret-formula rating of all teams of the Pac-10. The BootPowerRating™ (BPR) is calculated by utilizing a range of factors rumored to include: past results, statistics, common-opponent comparative results factor, strength-of-schedule, home-stadium environment, cheerleader attitude and an unrevealed school spirit multiplier. The resulting rating score falls within a 1-100 scale, where 100 approximates a Rose Bowl-bound team and a score of 1 is somewhere south of D-1.

1. USC
It appears that fog interrupted the auto-pilot function on the Toejam plane.  Nearly blowing their shot at the title game in Corvallis, they were lucky no one could watch the uninspired effort, as it may have cost them precious first place votes.  []
2. California
It was the luck of the weenies against UO, as the Quackers let a chance for the upset slip through their wings.  Maybe kal isn't so formidable of an opponent after all.  Something to keep in mind when wagering on this weekend's slate, as they are a 30-point favorite in Seattle.  [CyberBears]
3. Oregon
The Ducks flew too high, too fast and their wings burned up on re-entry to Memorial Stadium.  Yet another extra-point miscue (what's up with those kickers in Oregon?) and a 4th down drop in the final minute proved costly.  Speaking of costly, maybe it was in the school's best interest to keep two conference teams in BCS bowls, so they can stop begging Phil Knight for money.  [eDuck Sports]
4. Arizona St.
How's this for irony: Andrew Walter passed John Elway's career TD mark in Elway fashion (the two-minute drive) against Stanford.  If they can steady the course, the Demons will end up in San Diego for the Holiday Bowl, where they hopefully won't embarrass the Pac-10.  []
5. Oregon St.
Having an industrial fog machine installed for the SC game was a stroke of genius, and choking away a 13-point lead was a stroke of Beaver.  Like most everyone, it seems nowadays, OSU still has bowl aspirations.  Their next game against a reeling Stanford squad, whom they have beaten the last three contests, is a must win.  []
After a slight detour around the Card Train, the Bruin Late Season Collapse Express is back on track.  Powering that mighty locomotive is the defense, which rolled over to allow another 250 yard rusher, their fourth this year.  Here comes Terrence Whitehead with the Trojan Horse in tow to finish off this pretender.  [Bruin Report Online]
7. Stanford
While the BootComputer has instituted a self-imposed gag order on the coaching staff, it was nice to see the players get excited after they had scored the apparent winning TD against ASU.  Perhaps Senior Day will provide another such moment, and just maybe the Card will shock the Bootie Nation and win out.  []
8. Washington St.
Well it looks like the Cougs came out of hibernation, if only for one game.  Doba's Declaweds took advantage of a suddenly overconfident Bruin squad and kept their flickering bowl hopes alive.  The Apple Cup is a given, but can they upset the Devils on Pat Tillman Day?  []
9. Arizona
If Mike Stoops accomplished nothing else in his inaugural campaign in Tucson, he did get the team out of the cellar for the first time in three years.  A Tanya Harding type scenario may unfold if Reggie Bush and Matt Leinart suffer season ending injuries at the hands of the Cats.  []
10. Washington
Missing out on their last chance to avoid 1-10, the pups are lucky that SJSU still had a team this year.  If the NCAA ever expands to 58 bowl games, UW might have an outside shot at a post-season showdown with Akron []

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