Uncorking Julius

Last Friday's game at Maples represented quite a coming out for Julius Barnes, like the proverbial geenie in a bottle. To take a closer look at his 27 point career night, and also to enjoy reliving the performance, here is a recap of each and every one of JB's scoring plays. Enjoy!

points -- position -- time in game

3 -- 2G --18:54 1st half
Off a Jamal Sampson brick, Tony brings the ball down while Julius runs the right sideline. Tony gives it to Casey on the left wing, and Casey drives to the hoops. Drawing four defenders, CJ leaves his feet under the hoop and dishes it to Julius, who is set and ready still off the right side. Pops and drops a 3-pointer for a 5-2 lead.

5 -- 2G -- 14:49 1st half
Stanford swings the ball back and forth around the perimeter, before Julius takes it from the left side on the baseline past his defender. Pulls up for a 8-foot jumper, but is fouled. Hits 2 of 2 free throws for a 7-6 lead.

7 -- 2G -- 10:12 1st half
Josh gets the ball on the left wing and has a clear lane after Brian "Waste" Wethers lunges for the steal and whiffs. Forehan-Kelly gives help and seals him off, but Josh reaches around to find Julius (again) poised just outside the arc on right side. Tamir is left to guard him (another example of Bumble Braun's genius defense), which is an open invitation for Juluis to drive. Turns the corner on Tamir, and takes the jump-stop to elevate to the hoop. Wethers tries to block him, but Julius moves to his left as he leaves the floor to seemingly elevate around him. Easy lay-in for 2 points and a 13-12 Stanford lead.

9 -- 2G -- 3:52 1st half
Julius misses a long deuce off the front iron, but grabs the loose-ball rebound. He is quickly hacked by Forehan-Kelly before he can even set up the next play. Hits 2 of 2 free throws, to bring Stanford within three, 24-27.

10 -- 1G -- 2:39 1st half
Way away from the basket, Tamir reaches around Julius for the ball. No way a big man like that has a chance to get away with that move. More of a body check than reach. Julius misses his first FT of the game, but gives Stanford the lead, 28-27.

13 -- 1G -- 0:44 1st half
Again from the right corner, Julius gets the ball. Takes Forehan-Kelly off the dribble and blows pas Webster. Elevates above the rim for the finger roll, but has to flick it up above the attempted of Gabriel Hughes. Hughes gets his arm, while JB gets the hoop. Hits the FT for 3 points, the old-fashioned way, and a 34-30 lead.

16 -- 2G -- 19:05 2nd half
That inside-outside game we've sadly seen so little of this year. Julius feeds Curtis inside, which draws the double-team, and Curtis gives it right back to Julius up top for an open three-pointer and a 37-31 lead, the largest to that point.

19 -- 2G -- 17:15 2nd half
Not what you expect, Tony gets the rebound and runs the break with Casey and Julius on either side. Forehan-Kelly should have Julius, but moves to the hoop to protect against a running Justin. Tony puts one leg forward as if to feed Justin, but then pulls the ball back and dishes laterally it to a wide-open Julius. Easy trey for the 42-33 lead, now the largest margin of the game.

22 -- 2G -- 14:07 2nd half
First basket where Julius actually scores on his own on the break, which is how many envision him scoring. Tony gets the board after a Shipp brick and gets it to JB. With 2 on 4, Julius slashes toward the hoop like lightning, and Legans tries to stop him slapping at the ball. He gets Julius' arm, allowing for another old-time 3-point play, but also takes a JB knee to his leg. That takes Julius' legs out from under him, but he manages to control his body enough to get the ball up and in. Hits the FT for a 47-40 lead.

25 -- 1G -- 11:44 2nd half
More inside-out, though Teyo is the one to feed Curtis this time. Like flies to a kal co-ed, all five kal "defenders" collapse on C-Bo, which leaves Julius wide, wide open by the Pac-10 logo on the top-left corner with his arm raised. Pass, catch, shoot. Stanford leads 53-44 and is taking all the momentum after a small kal run.

27 -- 1G -- 7:44 2nd half
The highlight of the game, and a fitting end to JB's career night. Tamir tries to put the ball on the floor against C-Bo, but JB is there to pick his pocket. Julius accelerates the other way, with Legans and Shipp to beat. Julius lets the ball get away from his body at the top of the key, and Webster swipes at it. Julius crosses over, but finds Shipp on his left hip. He's still 8 feet from the hoop, but has to pick up the ball and spin away from Shipp. That leads to an improv 360° lay-in. Should have been "and one" with the foul. The 69-48 lead is the largest of the game. Bumble Braun scratches himself in bewilderment and calls a futile timeout.

Julius left after that bit of magic, with the game well in hand, and Chris Hernandez getting a shot at the point.

JB's final line on this career night:
27 points, 31 minutes, 8/12 FG, 4/7 3FG, 7/8 FT, 2 boards, 5 assists, 3 steals, 2 TOs

For the record, he scored 9 points from the point guard position and 18 from the shooting guard spot.

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