David Beall is coming to Stanford!

Yet another Mountain View resident is coming to the Farm, though this Stanford man resides in Washington State. David Beall is the first to commit to Buddy Teevens at the all-important offensive line position, and he has the talent and drive to fill Stanford's needs right away. But what should really excite you is who this young man is. Read on for insight and scoop with our Q&A.

David Beall is 6'6" 300# offensive lineman who is among the most highly coveted on the West Coast. Greg Biggins and the folks at PacWestFootball have tabbed him as one of the top ten linemen in the Western region, and David just learned that he has been named a first team Best in the West by the coaches of Pac-10 - a high honor indeed. A quick glance at his list of offers impresses as well: Stanford, UCLA, Washington, Northwestern, Colorado, Oregon State and Clemson. And there were others like Washington State, Kansas, Notre Dame and the Ivies whom he dissuaded from persuing him, but gave him strong attention just the same.

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But more importantly, David Beall is an extremely well rounded and intelligent young man who bring a wealth of character and drive to Stanford University. His on the field achievements and talents are well documented, but his 1270 SAT and near-4.0 GPA hint at the academic profile that deserve every bit as much acclaim.

To help Cardinalmaniacs™ get to know David better, fresh off his official visit to Stanford and verbal commitment, we humbly present a Q&A with the young man. His answers help give a lot of insight as to this next great addition to the Stanford family.

The Bootleg: In your own words, what or who sold you on Stanford this weekend for your final decision?
David Beall: Nothing really sold me on the trip this weekend, as I had my decision made for quite a while. Though I must admit I was pretty impressed by the brunch with the faculty on Saturday.

The Bootleg: Can you comment on what comparisons or contrasts you made between Stanford and other schools you decided between?
David Beall: It seemed to me that most schools concentrated on facilities, there program (well duh), and depending on the school, the location at where they were located (UCLA). The UW did touch some basis about education, though it seemed like an afterthought. Most schools took about a 90/10 split between football and academics. Stanford on the other hand took an even 50/50. That truly impressed me. Also I was impressed at the support the faculty had for the football team.

The Bootleg: Can you remember back to when you first had a serious interest in Stanford for your college experience? Please elaborate on that time/instance, and how your view of Stanford changed and evolved between then and now.
David Beall: It started last May when coach Schuler visited the school. I really hadn't thought about the Stanford seriously until then. It seemed out of reach by me, not so much because of my ability to play football, but rather academically. I thought the only people that went to Stanford were extremely smart - people with 1600 SATs, 36 ACTs, and 4.0's. Now with this picture in my mind how could a 1270 and a 3.9 compete with that? It couldn't. But in the months to come the coaches at Stanford showed me that kids that went to Stanford were normal, they just had an extreme thirst for learning and knowledge. It was over this time period that my view on the school had changed drastically. After awhile I felt it was a good fit for me, but I chose not to commit. I thought I should wait it out, take my visits and see what the other schools had to offer. I didn't want to do anything irrational by committing earlier, though the pressure of recruiting did start to get to me. Well, the rest of course is history...

The Bootleg: You're a son of the state of Washington, where Stanford has had awful success in recent history. All three losses in 2001 came to schools from Washington or in the state. The Huskies have admittedly dominated the head-to-head series for quite some time. Taking that, and other social circumstances, into account, what would you describe as the perception of Stanford up there? If at all negative, was that a psychological barrier you had to overcome as you leaned toward Stanford for your final decision?
David Beall: There was no barrier for me to commit. I care about wins and losses, but you can't choose a school solely on that. Granted I felt pressure around here to go to the local school, but I chose to do what's right for me. Not many people understand what's like to be an athlete with an ability to think. It's awkward to be constantly surrounded by guys that have no urge to compete in the classroom as well as on the field.

The Bootleg: You had a great relationship with John McDonnell, who has left with Tyrone Willingham to South Bend. Understanding the importance of a line coach to someone at your position, what did you ask Stanford head coach Buddy Teevens about the coaching to come on the offensive line, and what did he tell you?
David Beall: I didn't ask too much. I just hope he hires somebody that he believes to be the best fit for the program. He discussed it with me for awhile, but to summarise it he said he would hire somebody that is positive and has the same energy and style as him.

The Bootleg: If Coach Teevens addressed the subject individually or to the group, what did he say about the new offense he plans on installing, and what unique responsibilities that will place on you and the offensive line?
David Beall: He plans to open up the field and pass A LOT, but that will allow us to open the running game. He gets very excited when talking about the new offense, and I can see why if all goes according to plan. As for the offensive line, we just have to be ready to pass block. Not a hassle for me since I come from a school that passes about 60%-65% of the time.

The Bootleg: Did Coach Teevens talk to you at all about your prospects for playing this fall? What are your own thoughts on the trade-off between redshirting and playing at your position?
David Beall: He did and he didn't. It came more from the players than the coaches. If I play, great. If I don't, it allows me time to get bigger, faster, stronger, and more knowledgeable about the program going into the next year.

The Bootleg: Based on your size, projected size and skill set, where do you see yourself playing on the line at Stanford? Any natural position? Better on the left or right? Do you feel confident in more than one position?
David Beall: Most likely I think I'll play guard, but I really don't know. It all depends. They might want me to be a tackle, guard, center, who knows. They recruited me as a utility guy since I've played about every position in high school except for right tackle. As for a preference on side, I could care less as long as I'm playing.

The Bootleg: To someone who has never met the man or heard him speak, how would you describe Coach Buddy Teevens? What characteristics or conversations impressed you or your fellow recruits most thus far?
David Beall: Coach Teevens is very energetic, and that transfers over to people he talks to. He's one who is able to get you very excited about playing. I just can't wait. If you ever had a chance to meet Coach Neu from the UW, they're along the same lines in that aspect.

The Bootleg: Now that you are coming to Stanford in your first year, with a head coach also coming to Stanford for his first year, does that set up a special situation? Do you feel a different role knowing that you are in Coach Teevens' first class?
David Beall: Eh, not really. Haven't even thought about it. If anything it puts more pressure on us since we are his first class. I really don't care if it's his first year or his tenth. Once you listen to him speak about the program, you can't help but want to hit the field and ball.

The Bootleg: Who was your host this weekend, and what did you most enjoy hanging out with him and the other guys on the team? Any standout or humorous events you care to share with us? (feel free to let this be a long answer, if you wish)
David Beall: Wow do I have some stories....but I won't elaborate too much. I could make a whole essay about some of the stuff. Greg Schindler was my host this weekend. I met him last summer on my unofficial to the school. There were just so many guys we hung out with off the team it'd take forever to list, but a few are Heit, Quaccia, Nacho, C-Lew, Carter, etc, etc... just a good bunch of guys. As for the events, there's a few that stands out in my mind. But one in particular is when Jon C. and I went down a big hill when your entering the stadium. We both decided to hop into the same golf cart, and drive down this hill. So we got a good amount of speed built up, and at the bottom I hit the brakes and we just went on skidding for about ten feet. Good fun! We did get some weird looks on that one though…

The Bootleg: Have you bonded at all with any of the other recruits through this process, including this past visit weekend? How would you describe some of the guys? Any special bond with others also who have given their verbal commitments? (make this as long as you want - we'd love to hear more about your fellow recruits)
David Beall: The guy I probably bonded the most was with Jon Cochran. He's just a great guy, and fun one to hang out with. He's from Iowa, and I was born there, so I talked to him about it back there and other stuff. We discussed the fact of both coming down early and rooming together if he did decide to commit. I just had an overall great time with Jon. The other recruits were good too, it's just that I spent most of my time hanging out with Jon so…

The Bootleg: Are you keeping in touch with any of the other recruits and/or commits? Are you going to take the role of spectator or recruitor to bring others to join you at Stanford this fall?
David Beall: Not really keeping in contact with anybody, though I wish I were. It'd be great to talk to my future teammates. Actually I was discussing the spring game with Hooper, so we might meet up then if I go down to see it. As for recruiting other guys, if I have the opportunity to give them a little shove, of course I will! Though on the same note I, wouldn't want to be so overbearing that it could push someone to decide not to go to school there.

The Bootleg: Can you tell us about how your Mountain View team fared this season, including some team and personal highlights? In addition, can you talk about any stats or descriptions of your play this senior season?
David Beall: My team took 3rd in state this year. Set school history, so that was pretty cool. SW Washington in general is not really a powerhouse, so most schools and players were like "Who's Mountain View?" As for stats, I really couldn't tell you because I'm not a big stat guy. I could care less. There's only one stat I care about and that's the W-L column.

The Bootleg: What are your greatest strengths and assets currently? What are your areas where you need the greatest improvement?
David Beall: Your asking the wrong hombre…I suppose I'm too modest to answer the question. To tell you the truth on game film I see so much room for improvement in myself and so much potential there it's just a matter of putting in the hard work to bring it out. As for areas of improvement, all areas. I won't be happy with my play until I'm in the Hall of Fame. Even then I'll still want to improve. You can never be too good.

The Bootleg: What are your plans for training and preparation before you arrive for the freshman practices in August?
David Beall: I plan on coming down a week or so after I graduate. I graduate on the 12th of June (I think), so I'd be down right after Stanford gets out of school.

The Bootleg: What do you enjoy doing off the football field? i.e. What's a typical afternoon or evening when you don't have football on your slate?
David Beall: Typical afternoon is usually working out, running, etc. Evenings include homework about 98% of the time, and if I'm not doing that I'm hanging out with my girlfriend, messing with my computer, or playing video games (helps keep the sanity). On weekends if I have the time and money, I just love to tinker with my car, mostly the audio aspect of it really. I actually wrote my extended essay for my application on car audio….

The Bootleg: How would you describe yourself, the person? Can include (bad) habits, music, humor, movies, etc.
David Beall: Hmmm….ask my mom, dad, friends, anybody but me. That's a really tough question for me. As for some of the other ones…. Music-Listen to anything, mainly rock and rap. Though I'm really into System of a Down, POD, Incubus, and Slipknot right now. Humor – A great sense of humor is a wonderful thing. I like to think of myself as a humorous guy. I'm pretty easy going, and don't get offended that often. Movies – Absolutely love the Matrix! Great movie. Also Braveheart, that's just a classic for me….tough to beat.

The Bootleg: Do you have any nickname you'd like to carry with you to Stanford? Perhaps a nickname you'd like to have to kickoff your Stanford career?
David Beall: All my friends just call me Beall. Original, huh? When I first meet people they're always like, "So your Beall? What's your first name then?" I always get a kick out of that.

The Bootleg: Any thoughts yet on what you want to study at Stanford? Did you have the chance to talk with any faculty in that area/department during your visit?
David Beall: I would like to study Electrical Engineering, but there's also so much else that I'm interested in. Acoustic, Mechanical, Computer, Hardware….list goes on. Yeah I did. I met the head of the Engineering Department, and another professor. Both really interesting guys. I wish I could remember their names, but they seem to have evaded me for now. Matt Doyle had to literally pull me away from the professors so I could make it on the golf cart tour. Glad he did though, that was a blast as I have previously mentioned.

The Bootleg: What are the reactions of your family and friends to your decision? Any friends headed to other Pac-10 schools, with future rivalries heating up already?
David Beall: My family's just absolutely pumped. They wanted me to go here for awhile so, they were pretty excited when they found out I wanted to commit. If my friends decide to play football they will end up at smaller schools, but if they decide not to…we'll see.

The Bootleg: Do you have any ties to Stanford or the Bay Area? Will we see you and/or any of the Beall clan down at the Farm during spring practices or the Cardinal & White Game?
David Beall: No ties. We plan on coming down during the spring game, so you should see us.

The Bootleg: What would you say to a prospective recruit on the fence right now?
David Beall: If you visit, you can't possibly turn this place down. Best - absolutely, positively thee best.

The Bootleg: Any final message or words you'd like to give to the Stanford community?
David Beall: Can't tell you how good it feels to be a Cardinal!

As one final side note, there was a storm of debate and controversy surrounding the contact and offer made by John McDonnell to David after he followed Tyrone Willingham to Notre Dame. David and the Beall family are avid BootBoard readers and did not enjoy the caustic reactions toward Coach McDonnell, in what they saw as a very benign situation. To that end, David had this to share:

Coach McDonnell did want to know if I wanted to go to Notre Dame, but I think he meant as a passing comment more then anything else.  We did have a pretty good relationship, so I think he did this more out of kindness then anything.  I wasn't too pleased seeing his ethics being raped on the BootBoard though, and for the people that stood up for him I applaud them.  I still highly respect the guy, becuase I happen to know what was going on when all this went down, unlike many people.  After I told him, "No," he told me he was glad I said so, and that I should attend Stanford and not the UW.

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