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Another week with lots to discuss on our boards and the posts were outstanding. This time we recognized five posts. Not surprisingly, Hulk had two of them. The others were authored by cmp, RoyalFellow, and postmasterbuddah. Excellent work gentlemen!®
Posts of the Week

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Below are the posts that made this week's list:


Poster: cmp
football banquet
Date: 01/13/02

A few comments from tonight's football banquet
1. Wire received the award for most outstanding player; Teyo for freshman, Harris for sophomore, Carter for junior. Top scout players were Mason and Craven.
2. Assistant coaches were emotional in their comments--seemed like many of them would have loved to stay-much talk about what a great senior class this was and how supportive the Stanford community had always been. Travis Pfeiffer gave the speech on behalf of the senior class, challenged the non-seniors to build on the progress they had made, talked about how you could not use Stanford and National Championship in the same sentence when he arrived 5 years ago
3. In talking to a few players beforehand, a few comments--Crochet is very fast, WRs are excited about the new coach, FBs are a little wary. Royster likes it at WR, I did not get the feeling that he would be pushing to move to DB. One defensive player commented that we left our cornerbacks without support too often last year. It really makes you proud to support Stanford football; Alston, Gordon, Lemon, Powell and Lewis are all so articulate and well spoken.
4. TW was very complimentary in his comments about Stanford; listening to his closing comments made you wonder why he ever left. He talked about how he challenged last year's team to think why couldn't Stanford play in this year's Rose Bowl; he challenged next year's to play to the utmost of their capabilities. Many of the coaches, including TW, told the players that they were there to help them anytime, for any reason, just pick up the phone and call. Interestingly, Schuler talked about how things are different at Stanford, you never worry about those 4:00 a.m. calls.
5. Teevens has told the players that he will meet with each of them individually in the coming weeks
6. In case you wondered if Julian Jenkins was an athlete, he weighs 240 pounds and used to run the high hurdles on his high school track team.


Poster: Hulk01
I actually started laughing when I read your heading
Date: 01/16/02

I knew it was a setup for a killer punch line, but couldn't guess what it was.

Given "Toledo Signs Contract Extension," logical next headlines we might expect:

Pamela Lee Anderson Wins Best Actress Oscar

Trent Edwards Changes Mind, Verbals to Reed College

Inmates Appointed to Run Asylum

Irish Fans Excited Over 8-3 Season

Bin Laden Says Attack Was "Just Big Practical Joke."


Poster: RoyalFellow
Why Stanford?
Date: 01/17/02

One year ago today, (#96) committed to Stanford on CLTV (Chicagoland TV) with Rob Goldman as the host. Chris Pool and J.R. Zwierzynski (Joliet Catholic-2002 recruit) were also guests on the show. Here are some of the excerpts from the show, I think it might help some undecided recruits:

Rob: Why Stanford? What did it come down to?

O.J: I've been visiting schools, I went to Georgia Tech (GT) and Northwestern (NW) and all the programs were really good. I spent a lot of time on the phone with people from the schools, especially the Electrical Engineering departments and everything pointed to Stanford

Rob: Was this decision totally up to you?

O.J: My parents have done a really good job by just giving me a lot of information and by taking me around visiting all schools. They help me see everything along with my coach, but they left the decision up to me.

Rob: What are you going to study?

O.J: Electrical and Computer Engineering

Rob: Did the program at Stanford play a major role in your decision?

O.J: Yes. All the three schools are good in Electrical Engineering. GT is ranked high in EE and NW has a good program, but Stanford is a really good school in just about everything.

Rob: You can also have warm weather

O.J: That would be nice, it wouldn't hurt.

Rob: Did the people at Stanford give you any idea of where you will play? Offensive or defensive line?

O.J: Interior defensive lineman

Ade (O.J's sister called in to the show from the University of Illinois): Hi bro. What was the ultimate factor in your decision?

O.J: The ultimate factor is how good a school Stanford is, along with their program as I saw it while I was there. I like their program a lot, it is very respectable. They are ready to bring on a bunch of quality people on both sides. They are ready to take off.

Rob: Any concern on your part about Tyrone Willingham? You hear his name a lot anytime there is a coaching vacancy coming up.

O.J: We talked to him [TW] about that. We were actually on the NW visit when we heard about his name on the radio about being interviewed for the Ohio State (OSU) job. He said every time there is an opening people throw his name there whether he likes it or not. He also said that the AD at OSU used to work at Stanford and that his name was the first name to be mentioned. The coaching job is really a hostile job.
So I was thinking, I didn't tell my parents this, what if the coach left and took all coaches with him, what will be left for you? I like what will be left at Stanford.

Rob: Who is Stanford opening up with?

O.J: Boston College

Rob: What was the craziest recruiting pitch you ever got?

O.J: Back in May, this one school called and said "We only have one scholarship left and we need to know by May 1st whether you are coming or not." We called him up an said no, but then in September they called and said they have 14 scholarships left.

Poster: postmasterbuddah
Subject: What has ever happened to the 6th man club?
Date: 01/18/02

This has to be the biggest joke of a 6th man club. The loudest they got last night was when they were trying to help a guy at halftime win a copy of American Pie 2 on DVD. It is just sad, the only time they provided any kind of noise in the game was when Barnes had his big dunk. I haven't heard a clever statement of a player on the opposition all year. All the excuses are gone now: The Pac-10 season has now started, and school is back in session.

What ever happened to the real 6th man members back in 1998 who brought joints when two UCLA players were busted for smoking. What happened to the days when the 6th man was actually intimidating and got into a few players heads. Now, the 6th man is probably the worst, maybe 2nd worst student section in the Pac-10. Even the Oregon State student section, who cheers on

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