Lopez Twins Have a Favorite

<b>Brook</b> and <b>Robin Lopez</b>, twin 6-10 junior post players from Fresno (Calif.), will go to college together. Brook tells us that one school has a big lead in their recruitment...

Brook Lopez and Robin Lopez, 6-10 junior centers from Fresno (Calif.) San Joaquin Memorial, are two of the top post prospects in the country for 2006. While Brook appeared to be the better prospect back in July, we thought Robin was equally impressive last week at the Torrey Pines tournament in San Diego.

Brook is still the more skilled of the two, but Robin was very aggressive on the boards and did a good job of keeping the ball high for putbacks inside.

We spoke with Brook yesterday and asked him a number of questions.

ScoutHoops: First of all, is the plan still for you and Robin to go to school together?

Lopez: Yes, we're going together.

ScoutHoops: A lot of people have the impression that Stanford is a strong leader for you and your brother. Is that an accurate impression?

Lopez: Yes, Stanford is definitely the leader.

ScoutHoops: Do you have a timeframe for making your decision?

Lopez: Not really. But we probably have to get through the next two grading periods.

ScoutHoops: Stanford usually has to to wait a little longer before they can make an offer. Do you have a sense for when they'll be able to offer you?

Lopez: I think they'll be comfortable after they get the grades for the period we just finished.

ScoutHoops: You said you thought you'd have to get through two grading periods before making a decision. So maybe after your grades in June? Or do you want to wait until after the July evaluation period?

Lopez: No, probably before the July stuff.

ScoutHoops: Do you have a list of other schools you're interested in?

Lopez: Before, we were kind of interested in USC, Oregon, Washington, UConn and Wake Forest.

ScoutHoops: Given your feelings about Stanford, is there anything you can see happening that would make you choose another school?

Lopez: Not really.

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