Trent Edwards Makes His Decision

It took longer than some expected, but Los Gatos (Calif.) quarterback Trent Edwards, 6-4, 185 pounds has made his college choice. Would it be long time favorite Stanford or will he head to Westwood and play for UCLA?

"I called Coach Teevens earlier today and committed to Stanford," Edwards said. "I had been leaning there for about the past month and then after meeting the new offensive coordinator Mike Sanford, I knew for sure I wanted to play there. I've heard so many good things about him and so it became a little easier decision  for me than I thought it would be.

"UCLA is a great school and it was tough to call Coach Pierce because I liked him a lot but Stanford is where I feel I belong and the best place for me. Last night, I talked things over with my  dad and my coach and decided Stanford was it for me."

So how you feeling now?

"Actually, it really hasn't hit me yet," Edwards said. "I am relieved it's over but I haven't had a chance to take a step back yet and exhale. I'm still doing basketball but I am happy to know where I'll be going to school now and when people ask me where I'm going all the time, I'll finally have an answer for them."

We have Edwards as the top quarterback in the country and his quick release and accuracy are as good as we've seen in awhile. Trent Edwards profile
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