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Poster: redhot
your foreign correspondent from Hobartyy
Date: 01/20/02

It must have felt like the heavens and the moon were in their proper alignment for Alex after the first two days. I was able to completely watch both matches. Alex was ranked as 234 before the tournament, not bad for a player on the circuit for about six months. His first opponent was Davide Sanguinetti who has been a pro for quite some time. Alex lost the first set by 3-6 but had set up the manner in which the remaining three sets were played. For those of you how have watched Alex before, he plays like the Energizer Bunny, a lot of movement over the court with you having to beat him. In the second set, his style was getting to Sanguinetti. By the end of the second set, a 6-2 win for Alex, he was really talking to himself (in Italian so as not to be penalized). Alex kept returning the ball one more time than D.S. and was running him all over the court. The third set went to Alex by 6-3 and D.S. was loudly talking to his fans in the stands. Even though the fourth and final set looked close at 6-4 for Alex, in truth all had the feeling that it was a done deal. Alex had a few fans on the other side of the court. I was able to congratuate him as he left.

The match against Kafelnikov was played on Fodaphone Court which would be considered number one as Rod Laver is considered center. Fodaphone is the newer of the two. I remember Jim Plunkett after the Rose Bowl victory saying that Ohio State might beat us 8 out of 10 times but that day we won. This is similar to what Alex did. Kafelnikov is a great player but very tempermental. When Alex won the first set by using his best skills of running K. all over, you had a feeling that he might have a chance. The guttiest performance was that of the second set which Alex won by 7-5. Then K. had the same attitude as Sanguinetti in the previous match. The stands pulled behind Alex (as underdog). Alex must have felt it because once he had the break of serve, he did not run as much or prolong the points on K.s serve. He must have felt that he could serve through to victory, and he did.

He lost the next time to another qualifier in the third round but kudos to our only male singles player in the main draw. And remember he had to go through three qualifing rounds to get there. Both Paul Goldstein (who still may have some injuries) and Bob Bryan did not make it through qualifing.

I'll try to get on tomorrow to bring you some thoughts on the first four days of Play. I'm over in Hobart but will return for the final four days of play. We are doing pretty well in doubles.

Bootie...aren't you proud of how the hacker is coming through.


Poster: bl82
Four suggestions
Date: 01/23/02

At the risk of sounding too much like a moderator, some of the recent threads have caused me to wonder if the contributors here always keep the broad audience in mind when they post and realize that they can exercise a great deal of control of trolls and unwanted threads.

With that in mind, and with apologies in advance for using this soapbox, I offer four suggestions:

1) Strive to maintain a board that recruits and their parents can gain feel welcome on and gain valuable information from...and do your best to respect their dignity and unspoken wishes (OU issues, academic difficulties, extracurricular difficulties, etc.) in the process. As others have noted, walk-on candidates can be particularly delicate matters.

2) I would hope that fellow alums would be of the of the character to wish well those recruits, coaches, fans, etc. who choose to pursue their dreams away from Palo Alto. I would not want to be affiliated with a university that helped to mold their students/alums into fair weather friends.

3) Stay above the fray! Do not encourage or go out of your way to antagonize posters with outside affiliations; instead, let their posts scroll silently off this board. Notre Dame is a fine school. Debating at length that Stanford is better will only detract from the reality.

4) By the same token, we have had some superb visiting posters here from places like GT, ND, UCLA, UW and WSU. Let's give them the benefit of the doubt and do our best to make them feel welcome. Their perspectives and information are often enlightening.

Thanks for your help in maintaining this excellent board.


Poster: Boston Card
Subject: Re: Quick dart for the farm

Date: 01/24/02

I am always amused when other posters come onto a STANFORD board to accuse us of obsession about other people's schools. What, in heaven's name are you doing here in the first place?

With regards to some of the specifics of what you bring up... I don't know why you have a problem with parents speaking out on their opinions of Stanford. I would imagine that Notre Dame parents are by and large proud to have their kids there, and if offered the opportunity would say something along similar lines. I think it is great to hear from the athletes and their parents; I am sorry if you disagree.

Hulk has been composing odes for recruits longer than this board has been around. Personally, I find them clever and amusing. I'm sorry if you disagree, but he will continue to compose them long after you've returned to NDNation. It's a little bit of a tradition on this board. Being from Notre Dame, surely you would appreciate tradition.

For better or for worse, the NCAA uses very liberal rules for defining who is a booster, and Lemming probably fits under the definition. He posted some analysis that supports his position that Lemming is abusing his position as a recruiting guru... Others have countered that every recruiting analyst has some bias (true by definition), or that Lemming is motivated by increasing sales and the like rather than an inherent bias for Notre Dame. Frankly, there is no way to establish his motivations, nor is there any way to establish his intent. Is he deliberately trying to influence recruits or is he trying to be neutral and get the best players for his All Star Game? I don't know the answer, but Hulk's post sure ignited debate.

You're right, we were shocked to see our coach leave. I think many are disappointed that the school isn't willing to spend whatever money it takes to be competitive in the coaching marketplace. My personal opinion is that you can't buy wins in the NCAA, and that while a high profile coach helps in recruiting, and a good strategist may help win close games, and a good motivator will help get the most out of his players, ultimately it is up to the players and chance to win football games.

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