Stanford Powers Up caught up with San Mateo (Calif.) Serra Head Coach Patrick Walsh, who talked about one of his players - defensive end <b>Will Powers</b> - verbally committing to Stanford Friday morning. Powers won't have far to travel for college, and that's just one of the things that appealed to him, according to Walsh. But it wasn't the biggest reason.

"He chose Stanford pretty much because of the weight of a Stanford degree," said Walsh. "A Cal degree is not chopped liver by any means. But a Stanford degree is arguably the best in the country. In terms of class size, campus environment and how will is personality-wise, he just felt like Stanford was the best fit for him."

Because of both players coming from the Bay Area, how does Will's game compare to that of USC's Jeff Schweiger? "I would say Schweiger is more of an edge rusher, whereas Will is more of an end that would play across from the tight end," said Walsh. "He's a guy that might weigh 250-260 someday that might come off the edge in certain situations. He's a good enough athlete that can drop back in coverage. He's also a guy that can take on a double-team.

"I see Schweiger as a true red-blooded pass rusher. I wouldn't say that about Will, although he did rush the passer well for us. What he does best is setting a tight edge and forcing the run back inside and spilling things outside when need be, like on counter-trays. He's a guy that can dominate the end on run situations. He can do many things, he's not a one-dimensional guy.

"They are getting a phenomenal person. He's a great kid that understand the value of an impeccable work ethic - on and off the field. That's rare these days."

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