Eight Electrifying Questions

<b><A HREF=[PlayerNode:1568572]>Jessica Elway</A></b> is the daughter of John Elway, but she is also an independent and insightful Stanford freshman with her own identity and experiences. In this continuing series to bring you closer to the diverse and engaging ladies of Stanford Basketball, here is once again: Eight Electrifying Questions.

1. How did you spend your summer?

I actually just spent as much time as I could at home with my family because every summer I'd be traveling all over with my AAU team. I just wanted to spend time with my family before I went off to school. And then I spent a lot of time training, trying to get ready for this year. Playing a lot of basketball and working out.

Did you prepare at all for your speech [you gave to introduce your father at the NFL Hall of Fame]?

Yeah, I did. It took up a good amount of time. Once I got the speech down and decided what I wanted to say, the memorizing took up most of the time.

2. Which do you like watching better: the Summer or Winter Olympics?

I think I like the Summer Olympics. I really enjoy watching the swimming because of my mom and seeing that my mom was a swimmer, that was really cool. I really like gymnastics too. I don't know… that's really hard because I also like watching the figure skating and things like that too. I think I like the Summer better.

3. Do you think the dunk is good for women's basketball?

Yeah, I do. I don't think it'll end up taking it as far as men's basketball. Women's basketball has a lot more finesse and I think it'll continue to be that way even if there are dunks because I don't think that it will have as much of an effect as it has on the men's game.

But you still think it's good because it'll draw interest to the women's game?


4. If you could have one superpower, it would be…

To be able to fly.

Why is that?

I don't know, I've always wanted to… I always thought it would be a cool thing to be able to fly see the views from above and things like that.

Who would you take with you to see the views?

Probably my family, I guess! Travel around the world or something like that.

5. What is the worst movie you ever saw?

It's a hard question for me to answer because I end up liking all movies even if they are terrible. I'm known for liking terrible movies.

Alright, what's the movie that all your friends have teased you about liking?

Probably "Bring it On."

What aspects of the movie did you like?

I don't know. I just… I liked watching all the routines and stuff like that with the cheerleading.

Who's your favorite actor or actress?

I really like Sandra Bullock.

So I guess you're kind of a romantic comedy type of person?

Definitely! I like all the chick flicks.

6. You're about to go on a European backpacking trip for 3 months. What are three essential things you will need to survive?

Toothbrush, Bible… and… toothbrush, Bible, and some good tennis shoes?

7. What's the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to you?

Well, the most embarrassing was the most recent thing. I was in between Green Library and Myer Library and I had my hands full and I completely ate it. I fell on my face in front of a bunch of people.

Do you know why you tripped or…

I had a bunch of stuff and my pant leg got caught on my bike pedal wheel. I actually had hot chocolate in my hand. It wasn't the smartest thing! So I couldn't catch myself and ended up completely falling.

Not only did you fall hard, but you also got scalded by your hot chocolate?


8. Do you have any superstitions, either pre-game or in life?

I like to do a routine before each game, but it varies from year to year because my routine is always different. I haven't quite figured out yet what it is this year yet, but I like to do everything the same. I always like to get in a nap before the game.

What was your routine your senior year?

Well, I liked getting in a nap. I liked having a turkey sandwich before [the game] at the same place, just at the same place on the bleachers watching the J.V. game. Just putting my bag in the same place in the locker-room and things like that.

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