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Here are the stories we published during the last week. Make sure you did not miss anything! Week in Review

(Week ending 02/03/02)


Last Monday, released their Top 25 Recruiting Classes. There are still 10 days until signing day so there could be some movement in these rankings. Stanford was #24.

On Tuesday, Tree Boy produced his weekly BootPowerRatings. The Ducks are still fooling the BootComputer but give them a few more weeks.

CJ's Corner, a weekly feature, looked at the away games in Los Angeles - Who were those masked men?

JJ was back at it with a preview of the season-opening home series with Cal State Fullerton.

Stan4Hoops previewed the ASU Solar Satans - High Octane.

An unbelievable performance by Casey Jacobsen (49 points!) was recapped by Simon Sez - Casey Serves Devils Sunny Side Up.

Once again, there were many worthy nominees for Posts of the Week. The winners were written by Hulk01, Roscoe Maples, scorecard and Mike McLaughlin.

Tree Boy made another contribution when he gave us an Arizona Mildcat Preview.

JJ was at Sunken Diamond for the opener as the top-ranked Cardinal began their 2002 campaign with a victory - Guthrie Tanks Titans.

Simon Sez drew rhe unfortunate assignment of doing the AZ loss recap - Lute, Luke Outlast Stanford in OT.

Back to Sunken Diamond where on Saturday Stanford handed Cal State Fullerton its worst loss ever, 17-1! Here's JJ's report.

Finally, we wrote a story on how our loyal followers can help support - Help Us Help You!

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