BootPowerRatings - 2/5

In this week's BPRs, we once again see Arizona make a huge yo-yo move. They follow 2 bad losses with 2 huge wins, and jump 3 spots in the ratings. Oregon holds on to their #1 rank with their highest BPR yet. But Tree Boy has some challenges for Freddie Jones, Sam Clancy and more.

Pac-10 BootPowerRatings

As of 2/5/02

Below are our exclusive BootPowerRatings™ of the Pac-10 conference. Each week during the basketball season, we will release our secret-formula rating of all teams of the Pac-10. The BootPowerRating™ (BPR) is calculated by utilizing a range of factors rumored to include: past results, statistics, common-opponent comparative results factor, strength-of-schedule, home-arena environment, cheerleader attitude and an unrevealed school spirit multiplier. The resulting rating score falls within a 1-100 scale, where 100 approximates a championship-bound team and a score of 1 is somewhere south of D-1.

1. Oregon
Emerging as the go-to guy, Freddie Jones dropped 42 on the LA schools and vaulted the Ducks into sole possession of first place. If Jones really wants to become "The Man," he needs to put up the numbers on the road, and no better place to start than the upcoming trip to the Bay. [eDuck Sports]
2. USC
Poised to overtake Oregon, Brandon Granville inexplicably committed an intentional foul, and the Condoms never recovered. Note to opponents: try employing the "Hack-a-Sam" strategy at the end of games. Clancy is only connecting on 59% of his throws. A light schedule this week shows only a trip to Pauley. []
3. Arizona
After dropping consecutive games to ASU and UConn, Lute somehow managed to pull his young team together and came away with a sweep in NoCal. Perhaps more impressive than erasing a 15 point, second half deficit at Maples is the 15-foot jumper of Channing Frye. And you thought Luke Jackson's "leaner" was automatic? []
4. Stanford
After the ASU game, one was left to wonder what was larger; Casey's point total or Scum Devil PG Curtis Millage's head. Regardless, the Card couldn't finish off the other Arizona school, and saw their chance at a conference 4-peat slip away. No time to sulk, as the team that represents the biggest threat to dethrone Stanford comes flocking in on Thursday. [The]
You just knew that a year couldn't go by without the Ruins setting another futility record. This time, it was at the wings of the Ducks, who brushed aside Barnes and Kapono (combined for 6 points) and cruised to a 29-point win, the largest margin of victory ever for UO. Is it time to renew the Lavin Watch? [Bruin Report Online]
6. California
Further evidence that the weenies are envious of Stanford can be seen in the mirroring styles of play recently. Stanford splits a series, kal splits a series. Stanford sweeps a series, kal sweeps a series. I know the cubs are just trying to follow a model of success, but get your own identity! Good news for kal, as it appears their Shipp has finally come in. [CyberBears]
7. Arizona St.
Riding the momentum from beating Arizona, the Solar Satans crashed and burned last week. You can hardly fault them for having the misfortune of being Jacobsen's statement victim, but they needed to follow that tough loss up with a win against kal. Nothing doing, so now it's back to planning a strong run through the Pac-10 tournament. []
8. Oregon St.
So you're the Rodents. You can't beat anyone in conference except the Washington schools. You are going to get bounced in the first round, your best players will be gone in two years and you have no prospects for the future. In times like this, it helps to look at the name of your fight song for comfort; "Gnaw on you Beautiful Beavs." [Beaver Sports Central]
9. Washington St.
As promised, the Cougs were let out of the cellar for one week after they outlasted their arch rivals. Now that this landmark goal has been achieved, the march towards being mathematically eliminated from the conference tourney begins. []
10. Washington
After being fouled on a 3-point attempt with 0.4 seconds left, seldom used freshman Will Conroy needed only to sink 2 of 3 to send the game into overtime. But, Conroy pulled a Tyson Wheeler and chucked some bricks. Whoever has Bob Bender in the "First Coach to be Fired" pool has to be excited. []

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