Eight Electrifying Questions

She has missed a number of games in the last month with a hand injury and then a bad flu, but freshman guard <A HREF=[PlayerNode:1465678]>Cissy Pierce</A> is healthy for Stanford's fast-arriving NCAA Tournament adventure. Get to know her through this edition of Roland Hu's series of "Eight Electrifying Questions," which look at the Stanford women - beyond the basketball.

1. How did you spend your summer?

I spent my summer in a boot! I was supposed to try out for the Junior Olympic team, but I found out that I had a stress fracture in my tibia two days before I was supposed to tryout. So I had to withdraw from the Trials.

Oh, ok. I noticed your name was missing from the athlete's bio so I was wondering what happened to you.

Yeah, I made the first cut in June and the second cut was in July and I found out… the trials were on a Wednesday and I found out on a Monday.

How did that impact your summer?

It basically stopped it. All I could do was non-impact exercises, like ride the bike or swim. I could train upper body, but I couldn't really shoot or play.

Aside from trying to recover from your injury, did you do anything interesting over the summer?

Hmmm… no not really! Physical therapy three times a week and that's about it.

2. Which do you like watching better: the Summer or Winter Olympics?

Let's see… probably winter.

What about the Winter Olympics do you like?

I like the skiing and snowboarding. Snowboarding is so much fun to watch! Really, just those two.

So you are a snowboarder yourself?

I've actually lived in Colorado my whole life and I've never been snowboarding or skiing.

3. Do you think the dunk is good for women's basketball?

I do, yeah. I think it displays athleticism and I think women's basketball needs a little bit more athleticism. It's also exciting. I feel like the crowd mostly comes to see sweet dunks or something like that and fire up the crowd. So I do think it's a good thing.

You were there when Candace Parker won the McDonald's High School Dunk Contest.

Yeah, we're buddies. I like Candace a lot. That was great to see a girl win the Slam Dunk Contest over a bunch of guys.

I hear that you can touch the rim. Have you ever dunked before?

Yeah, I can dunk when I'm healthy and when I'm at the peak of being in-shape. I've thrown it down a few times.

You think Coach VanDerveer is going to let you do it in a game?

Ooh, I don't know! I don't really know her coaching style yet, but I hope so, if I'm able to do it!

4. So who would win in an all-out battle: Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Uma Thurman's character in "Kill Bill: Volume I"?

Oh man… let's see. I think Buffy the Vampire Slayer because she'll just have to bite the lady from "Kill Bill" and turn her into vampire… oh wait, Buffy's not a vampire.

I take it you're not a fan of the show.

No I'm not a fan of Buffy's… in that case, I'll have to go with "Kill Bill".

5. It's 3AM and you can't go to bed. What would you pop into your VCR or DVD player?

The Lord of the Rings.

Would you watch the whole 9 hours or…

Um, I have done that twice, but I think I'd just watch the first one. The first one is my favorite.

6. You're about to go on a European backpacking trip for 3 months. What are three essential things you will need to survive?

Hmmm… European backpacking trip… definitely a good book.

What's your favorite?

My favorite book is called "I Know This Much Is True" and I do like the Harry Potter series as well.

Second thing…

Let's see, that's a tough question…

Have you ever been to Europe?

No. I don't know… can we come back to this question? I gotta to think about it.

7. Do you have any superstitions, either pre-game or in life?

No, not really. My jersey number is #13 and everyone considers it an unlucky number. It's my lucky number so I consider that a reverse superstition.

8. Do you have a nickname that your friends or teammates call you?

No, just Cis. Everyone's always calling me Cis.

Do you have any nicknames for Candice Wiggins, Jessica Elway, or Christy Titchenal?

Candice call me Frodo because I like Lord of the Rings. They always make fun of me because of Lord of the Rings. And one time, I answered the phone and it was [Candice], and I said Kansas, as in the state. So she calls me Frodo and I call her Kansas.

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