Eight Electrifying Questions

Tonight is not only the second round of the NCAA Tournament for Stanford. It is also anticipated to be the return of <A HREF=[PlayerNode:1568809]>T'Nae Thiel</A> to the court after a February fracture in her left foot. Get to know her through this edition of Roland Hu's series of "Eight Electrifying Questions," which look at the Stanford Women - beyond the basketball.

1. How did you spend your summer?

I went back home and just worked in Weatherford, where I am from. That's pretty much it.

What did you do while you were back there?

I just spent time with family and friends.

Did you go on any type of vacation with your family or friends?

We were all kind of busy working and my mom was working. We just kind of hung out.

What job did you hold?

I was actually working for a Texas collegiate baseball league. They have a team in Weatherford so I was just working for the team. It was fun.

2. You are about to go on a European backpacking trip for three months. What are three essential things you will need to survive?

I don't know. I don't need much! Things I would need… I guess if you are backpacking, it is hard to bring some of these things! My cell phone, so I can talk to my friends and family, maybe? My portable DVD player and my subscription to US Weekly.

3. What's the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?

This might not have been the most embarrassing thing, but at the California game [on January 13], when the announcer was saying the starting line-up, they switched the order and I went out first. When they started announcing, I couldn't hear because everyone was clapping and so I just ran out because I'm usually first. It was way before they actually announced my name, so I was standing out there for a minute or two before they actually announced my name. That was pretty embarrassing.

4. If you could have one last meal to eat, what would it be?

It would probably be The Cheesecake Factory.

Would you be going for the dinner or the desert?


What's your favorite cheesecake?

I like the Peanut Buttercup one and I also like the Vanilla Bean Cheesecake.

5. It's 3 A.M. and you can't go to bed. What would you pop into your DVD player?

Let's see… I just got Bridget Jones Diary for Christmas, so I'll say that.

The first or the second one?

The first one. It was a Christmas present so I haven't had it for that long so that's why I would watch it.

So you enjoy romantic movies or any other certain type of genres?

I like them all, but I don't have a favorite. I like romantic comedies, dramas, suspense… just anything. I'm not too picky.

6. Do you have any nicknames?

Everyone on the team just calls me "T."

Is that mainly a Stanford thing or have your previous teammates called you that?

It's kind of just a Stanford thing.

7. What hidden talents do you have that no one really knows about?

I like to draw.

What kinds of things do you draw?

I draw portraits of people. Not landscapes or anything, but people.

8. What would your dream job be?

That's hard to answer because I don't really know what I want to do yet.

Do you think there is a certain field that you are interested in right now, but you're just not sure…

Well, I'm kind of interested in going into law, so maybe law school. But that's not even for sure. So I really don't know what my dream job would be for me.

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