BootPowerRatings - 2/27

The story isn't quite old yet, but once again the conference turned itself upside down in a crazy week. Stanford sees a an unprecedented drop by the BootComputer, while Cal makes a big recovery after last week's drop. Though less well publicized, a battle is going on in the Northwest for that 8th spot at Staples. Read on for the latest and greatest conference team ratings, and Tree Boy's priceless commentary.

Pac-10 BootPowerRatings

As of 2/26/02

Below are our exclusive BootPowerRatings™ of the Pac-10 conference. Each week during the basketball season, we will release our secret-formula rating of all teams of the Pac-10. The BootPowerRating™ (BPR) is calculated by utilizing a range of factors rumored to include: past results, statistics, common-opponent comparative results factor, strength-of-schedule, home-arena environment, cheerleader attitude and an unrevealed school spirit multiplier. The resulting rating score falls within a 1-100 scale, where 100 approximates a championship-bound team and a score of 1 is somewhere south of D-1.

1. Oregon
After taking care of business against Wazzu, the Ducks again struggled against U Dub but this time came away with a win. The Pillow Stuffers better figure out what their problem with the Pups is, as they are likely to draw them in the first round of the tournament. [eDuck Sports]
2. USC
Fresh off of sticking it to the Cardinal, David Bluthenthal lost his shooting touch and apparently infected the rest of the Trojans who all collapsed against the weenies. With first place still within reach, $C will look to avenge an early season loss to the Ducks.[]
3. Arizona
Surviving at home against the Diablos, the Kittens spent the rest of the week letting the other 9 catch up to them in conference games played. Ever since his lights out performance against Stanford, “Small” Frye has been on the steady decline and recently found himself on the bench. Will Lute roll the dice and give Channing the nod on Thursday night? []
4. California
It took them all season, but the Bears finally cracked the Top 25. It took the destruction of the LA schools to do it, but hey, when you lose badly to Washington the week before, you have to make up for it in a big way. Still within striking distance of first, kal will hop on the Nor Cal Charter one more time for a weekend in the desert. [CyberBears]
There are patterns, and then there are the Bruins. This two-faced squad looked awful against those other bears only to rebound a few days later to light up Maples for the third consecutive year. Yookla will tangle with the Oregon schools in a final tune up before the real fun begins. [Bruin Report Online]
6. Stanford
Ambushed by some hungry LA schools, the Card could not rise to the challenge, and find themselves jockeying for position in what promises to be a bloody (re)inaugural conference tournament. Now staggering, Stanford will look to regain their footing in the unfriendly confines of The McKale center. [The]
7. Arizona St.
48%. That is the appalling rate at which the Solar Satans did not convert their free throws in a close call in Tucson. This brain cramp prevented the chance to sweep the rival Cats, something ASU has not done since Lute took control 18 years ago. Locked into the 7th spot, the Scum Devils will test their skills against the boys from the bay this weekend. []
8. Washington
The Purple Pooches couldn't quite pull off a sweep of the league leading birds last week, but they did manage to smack the Rats to seize control of the final spot in the tourney. Now we get to see if UW can prove to be dichotomous if they drop their final game against WSU. []
9. Oregon St.
Amidst all of the distractions of player defections (and subsequent returns), the Pelted Ones put forth their best performance of the year in annihilating the Cougars. Ironically enough, in order for OSU to make the conference tourney, they need those same mountain lions to knock off UW, or they need to come up with a win of their own versus an El Lay opponent. The 8 ball says, “Outlook grim.” [Beaver Sports Central]
10. Washington St.
Last Saturday in Corvallis, the Cougs reached a startling new low. They surrendered 91, count ‘em, 91 points to the Beavs. That kind of defensive lapse begs the question; “Was the team looking past OSU to Centenary?” []

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