A Conversation with Sherrod Harris

No Cardinal recruit in the 2006 class has had as much written about him thus far this year than Texas quarterback Sherrod Harris. The Cardinal are going head-to-head against the in-state Longhorns, and Mack Brown is currently ahead in the race. To explore what is happening in this Stanford-Texas battle, we talked with Harris about his latest.

The Bootleg:  Sherrod, it seems like I read a story on you every other day.  Have you been bombarded with phone calls?
Sherrod Harris:  Just a little, but you know I don't mind.

TB:  Has the scrutiny cost you the fun of this process?
SH:  Not at all.  I love it.  I am just really blessed to be in this situation.

TB:  So we've seen a lot lately where you have given some edge to Texas.  They're doing a good job with you?
SH:  Yeah, they are taking care of me.  I just continue to hear that I am scare of Mitch Mustain.  It's cool.  It doesn't bother me at all.  I like it, and it is doing nothing but helping me.

TB:  With Texas in the lead, and your mom favoring the Longhorns, is that probably how things will end up?
SH:  I really don't know.  My dad really likes that I could go to Stanford, so I am going to take an unofficial visit there if I get the chance to go to the Elite 11 camp this summer.  Then I can see how I feel about it.

TB:  You don't know yet if you'll get Elite 11?
SH:  I really don't know.  People said I did 'ok' at the regional, but at the Scout.com Combine in Waco, they said I did amazing.  So I really couldn't tell you if I wanted to.

TB:  Implicitly, if you don't get Elite 11, then you wouldn't necessarily take an unofficial visit to Stanford this summer?
SH:  No sir.  I am not sure how I would be able to get there unless I made it.

TB:  What has Texas done better than Stanford thus far with you, if you don't mind?
SH:  Well, it is not actually what they have done, but instead what my parents and I have realized.  We came to a conclusion that they want to be able to come to my games, and location is a factor in my decision.

TB:  That sounds like trouble for Walt Harris...
SH:  Well, I talk to Greg McElroy every once in a while, and he seems really interested in going to Stanford, so I don't think they will miss out on much.

TB:  So let me ask you this.  If you and your parents have become more focused on the distance factor, then what could Stanford achieve if you took an unofficial visit there this summer?  They can't change the map; distance is distance.
SH:  It would give me a reason to take location out of the equation.  If they show me something just amazing about the school, then that might be where I end up.

TB:  Has Stanford still not extended a scholarship offer?
SH:  Nope, but I can't remember the last time they offered a quarterback.

TB:  Does that weigh on your mind at all - that Stanford has not yet offered you?
SH:  Not really.

TB:  What do they say about their offer status when you talk with them?
SH:  That they will soon, though never giving me a timetable.  That doesn't bother me one bit.

TB:  What is their current recruiting message they are delivering to you?
SH:  We love you as a student as a player, and we hope you visit.

TB:  I imagine the absence of an offer has to hurt their standing because it's difficult to deliver a powerful message to a recruit like you without an making an offer...
SH:  I don't know about everybody else, but it doesn't hurt their chances with me.  I don't mind.

TB:  You said earlier that your dad was a little more pro-Stanford than your mom.  Does he prefer Stanford over Texas, or are his feelings about Stanford merely stronger than your mom's, relatively speaking?
SH:  I think he likes the thought of me graduating from Stanford, but you know, I can't really tell you if his feelings are stronger for Stanford or Texas.

TB:  If you are invited to the Elite 11 Quarterback Camp, would either or both parents come with you to see Stanford?
SH:  My father would come with me.  I don't think my mother would be there, but it could change, though.

TB:  Final question, Sherrod.  Can you share your updated and current offer list?
SH:  Off the top of my head, no.  But I can remember most of them.  Texas, Baylor, Central Florida, North Carolina, Nebraska, Kansas, Kansas State, Iowa, Iowa State, Wisconsin, Syracuse, Minnesota, Utah, Oklahoma State, LSU, TCU, SMU, Houston, Duke, Colorado, Colorado State, Missouri and Georgia Tech.

TB:  That's a solid list, Sherrod.  Congratulations.  Did quite a few of those offers come as schools saw you during this evaluation period?
SH:  Yes sir, and I think that is somewhere close to ending.

TB:  Kudos for showing well during the period.  I know it has to feel good to see the fruits of your hard work.
SH:  Yes sir.  It feels great.  Thank you so much.

TB:  Well, I thank you very much for your time, Sherrod.  I know you're a busy young man.
SH:  I appreciate you chatting with me.  I hope to hear from you soon.

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