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There has been much handwringing lately with Stanford's guard recruits, but the Top 100 prospect who officially visited The Farm this spring is combo forward Daniel Deane. The four-star Salt Lake City standout has taken official trips to three of his five favorites this spring and will unofficially visit a fourth this week. The 6'7" forward made a big splash - literally - while at The Farm.

He averaged 18.8 points and 14 rebounds per game his junior year in leading Salt Lake City (Utah) Judge Memorial Catholic to a #5 finish in the state this past winter, shooting 52% from the field and 49% from behind the three-point arc.  He plays with a high motor, running the floor and crashing the boards.  He's a leader, an athlete and a skilled basketball player.

Ready to learn a little more about Daniel Deane?

Judge Memorial is one of the consistent powers in Utah high school basketball, though this past season should have been an exception.  With a gaping hole in their senior class, the Bulldogs ought to have experienced a down year.

"We had a sophomore point guard and started two sophomores, along with three juniors, this year," Deane begins.  "We ended up fifth in the state and we were young, but I think we had the talent to win it all.  We had some problems in the backcourt - some sophomore mistakes."

"My strength for the team this year was getting my team to calm down a little bit.  Help them not rush too much," he continues.  "My position was playing center.  In high school, I focus a little more under the basket.  We have excellent shooters outside, so I help more on defense and rebound a lot.  We can shoot the ball, but we have to have a presence in the post for that to work.  I was that presence."

If you have watched's video of Deane, you have seen his rebounding prowess in the paint, but in that AAU environment also witnessed his perimeter skills.  The 6'7" forward has a nice stroke from deep and can put the ball on the floor to attack the basket.

"When I take my time, I'm unstoppable," he opines.  "I just have to get my head up and look at the rim.  I've improved my shot lately.  I work with the gun a lot."

"Stanford sees me as a [combo] three-four," Deane adds.  'They love my toughness and my will to win."

The Salt Lake City star has known about the Cardinal for some time, with the connection between his school and Stanford.  Tony Giovacchini hails from Judge Memorial, where his two younger brothers have also played and his father still is an assistant coach.

"I played with the youngest brother, Michael, my freshman and sophomore seasons," Deane says.  "Tony said he had an excellent experience at Stanford.  He would have liked to play earlier, but it is an awesome place."

Despite the secondhand reports, Deane came to The Farm last month for his first official visit with an open mind.

"I didn't know what to expect on the visit because I had never been there before," he begins.  "It was awesome.  I liked everything I saw.  The guys seem very compatible.  Sometimes a big program like that has big egos.  I also really enjoyed the coaching staff.  The campus was awesome.  The professors were enlightening."

"I looked at how the players acted both ways.  What was the atmosphere like between each other - are they bumping heads?  And how they fit my personality," Deane describes.  "They passed both with flying colors."

The Utah forward enjoyed playing some pickup basketball with the Stanford players both days, but he says that maybe his favorite memory came during the barbeque with the team on the final day of his visit.

"We asked the coach of the diving team if it was okay, and some of us went off the 10-meter high dive platform in the swimming stadium," Deane shares.  "It was me, Peter, Coach Hepp and Coach Donny.  Pretty crazy."

Peter Prowitt hosted the official visitor the first day and went to dinner with him that night.  Taj Finger and Jason Haas took the controls on the second day, with Matt Haryasz also joining in for lunch.  The final morning at the end of Deane's 48 hours, he had breakfast with Tim Morris.

"Stanford is definitely up there," he says of the Cardinal's chances after a strong visit weekend.  "I was very impressed.  I can definitely see myself there.  The general picture looks good for them."

"But I have to get in first," notes the student-athlete, who holds a 3.8 GPA and scored a 1220 last June on the SAT.  "My application is finished, but there was a mistake made with the recommendations I sent in.  One has to be from your 11th grade year, so I'm having to get a new one.  He is working on it and should have it sent to Stanford by the end of this week - I hope."

Deane is adamant that all five of his favorites on his list are even at this time.  Since his weekend on The Farm, he has taken additional official visits to Gonzaga and Kansas.  Later this week, he will unofficially visit Utah.  His fifth school, UCLA, did not bring him in for a spring visit, but he could visit them in the fall if he has not yet made his college commitment.

Here are Deane's comments comparing the three schools he has officially visited, including what he perceives as their strengths and drawbacks:


  • "I really had no idea what Kansas would be like, other than what I see of them on TV a bunch.  I hadn't seen the school or researched them much."
  • strength: "The competition."
  • drawback: "They have three McDonald's All-Americans coming in next year.  But they say I'm the person who could fit in with them, so we'll see."


  • "All the guys got along very well.  It seemed like a close-knit place."
  • strength: "The success the coaches have had without a lot of talent."
  • drawback: "Not knowing exactly where I would fit in with them - where I would play and when I would play."


  • strength: "Probably their academics and their recent success.  Also the people I'd be playing with in my class and the class above me.  They have some pretty good players coming in.  We could have a great team."
  • drawback: "Whether I get in or not.  And playing time."

While the above trio can feel good about hosting Deane on official visits, it has been our opinion for a while that the team to beat is the in-state Utes.  When asked, Deane denies as much.  "No team has been crossed off.  They're all in there still.  All five schools are even," he maintains.  He does admit, however, that there are some advantages Utah holds.

"I've talked to them many times," Deane says of the Utah coaches.  "My whole life I've gone to every game at home.  My dad played there.  And the school is just two blocks from my [Judge Memorial] campus."

"Even though I'm from Utah, it's not like that is the only place in the world," he counters.  "I would have no problem going out-of-state.  I never really thought about going to Utah growing up.  I just went to games.  There is the obvious advantage being close to home, and my family went there.  But that doesn't lock me in."

The Salt Lake City rising senior says he will make the short trip to the Utah campus later this week, though not to meet with the coaches.  He will play some pickup basketball with the incoming freshman Ute class, who he has not previously had a chance to know.

Having just finished his junior year final exams, Deane says he has honestly not yet had the chance to have a sit-down with his parents to discuss his three official visits.  That family roundtable may come after this week's time spent at the "U of U".  A report earlier this week on another recruiting service suggested that a college commitment could come at that time, which would be a death knell for the Cardinal - given the holdup on completing his admissions packet.  However, Deane says the quote in that report was fabricated.  He would be quite surprised to have any commitment so soon.

"There's almost no chance I could make a commitment this week," Deane declares.  "I missed over 100 classes, with basketball and trips, and have been spending all my time with school and exams.  This is my first week of the summer.  I can't have any thoughts on schools until I sit down with my parents and have some good discussion."

Could he make a commitment before the busy July period begins?

"Probably not," he answers.  "If I do, it would probably be between the NBA Camp and the adidas Superstars camp."

"It'll be before November - that's all I can say," he laughs.  "I'm pretty sure I won't have a commitment until after the Best of Summer at the end of July."

We will check back later this month to get a report on Deane's experience at the NBA Players Association Camp, his admissions update and how that family roundtable evaluates his final five schools.  Stay tuned.

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