Porras Back from Whirlwind Tour

One of the new names to pop onto our radar in the last month-plus of combine and camp activity is Arizona safety Tyler Porras. He has just concluded a busy schedule of college camps, including time last weekend on The Farm. Read on for his comments on all six camps, including his latest update with the Cardinal.

The Cal camp was the first camp Tyler went to, and it didn't get the tour off on the best foot. "My Dad (Tom) is good friends with Jeff Tedford because they played in the CFL together," he said. "But they didn't teach me as much as I would have liked and it seems like their interest in me isn't that much right now, but I'm not too worried."

Next was Arizona, and it was there where Porras caught the attention of Bob and Mark Stoops. "It was a breakout day for me," Tyler said. "I ran a 4.51 on grass twice in front of the Stoops brothers. I also ran a 4.09 pro agility test. I also picked off Erik Archuleta, the QB from North they are looking at.

"Mark Stoops said that he's coming to one of my games this fall and if he likes what he sees they'll probably offer me."

Next it was up to Fort Collins, Colorado and a camp at Colorado State. Rarely has a prolific season at one position actually hurt a player's recruitment, but in the case of Porras it seemed like the CSU coaches weren't sold on his hitting ability.

"Because I did so well on offense last year, defense was sometimes a place where I could get a little bit of a breather," said Tyler. "I guess the coaches there thought I was a little shaky on my hitting, but after a couple of days they saw I could hit and they seemed impressed with my athletic ability too."

A trip to the Bay Area was next, a trip Tyler was looking forward to. At Stanford, the Cardinal coaches tried Porras out a little at cornerback, a move that could bode well for the future.

"All the coaches seemed impressed," he said. "I'm most likely a free safety at the next level, but Stanford tried me at corner and I thought I did well. Coach Harris said that they want my SAT in the mid 1100's (it's at 1070 right now) and that if I could get that done they would probably offer me. They all seemed to love my ability."

Porras added that Stanford is probably his best bet right now for his first official visit when those are extended.

The last two camps were at Oregon and Washington, respectively. "I was at Oregon's Elite Day," said Porras. "I hadn't run on astroturf in a while, so I ran a 4.6. But in the individual drills, Coach (Mike Bellotti) knew I was a player. He pulled me and Alfred Rowe III aside and told us that he really liked us but that they are really limited this year. He said they have only enough room to take one safety and two cornerbacks. So Oregon's a little shaky with me right now because of that, but we're definitely still keeping in touch."

The final camp was at his father's alma mater, and Porras seemed to enjoy his time in Seattle. "Coach (Tyrone) Willingham and Coach (Steven) Wilks both told me how impressed they were with me," Tyler said. "At Washington it was more of a fundamentals camp, but in the 1-1's and 7-7's they could see that I can play at the next level. It didn't hurt that I had a lot of picks too. I had a nice little run there."

Despite the frequent flyer miles racked up, not one scholarship offer was tendered. But Porras' play definitely will keep him fresh in the minds of those six teams as the season approaches.

"I'm done traveling for right now," said Tyler. "We're sending out tapes to some of the more mid-major D1 teams - like UTEP, San Diego State, UNLV, NAU (Northern Arizona) - as fallback options."

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