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Poster: Treetop
This Year and Next
Date: 03/17/02

I was obviously disappointed tonight (ok, well I was p*****), but I think that there is too much overreaction at the loss. I certainly felt that we had a shot at beating Kansas, but truthfully, most of the people with a basketball brain didn't think that we had much of a chance with or without Hinrich. Yet, our guys gave their best and played hard to the end.
At the time, I too questioned Montgomery's failure to call TOs, but in hindsight it didn't really matter. KU clearly decided to step up the pressure, play a little helter skelter like sc did agst us - and it worked and it would have worked even if Montgomery had called a TO. We aren't ready to handle that agst teams that can do that so well, particularly if those teams are hyped up for us. I also (I know that this will be hard to believe) wanted Montgomery to sub for Tony; mostly because his shot was way off and he looked too hesitant. His TOs weren't good, but other guys were doing the same. As some may know, I had hoped that JB would get most minutes at pg in anticipation of next year. But ME-97's post below possibly explains that it wasn't to be even if MM agreed, because JB was hurting. So perhaps we just did the best we could. Regardless, the real story was that KU was more aggressive than us and we shot poorly. Until this group of players works on its shooting, we are subject to lapses. We missed too many open shots - can't make a serious run without being able to make some threes.
HOWEVER, hey folks, we did go 20-10; made it to the NCAAs and won a tough first round game. Not bad for losing 4 starters and having to try and blend a whole bunch of new guys together. A whole bunch of other teams would have been very happy for our season even if they had returned all their starters. Only Az showed better despite losing as many, and we did match up with them this year. So let's not be so quick to criticize. This is all part of a learning curve. Younger teams or teams with less experience have to go through some tough times and learn to develop some consistency. We forget the lumps that we had to take along the way to become an elite team over the past several years. This wasn't a rebuilding year, nor did we really just reload - it was something in between.

As for next year, I am optimistic. I don't think that we can guess what CJ and CB will do. I think the same as I did after sitting next to the scouts at the MSU game; CB will be higher rated than CJ, CB just has too much potential and his size makes him almost automatic. Yet there are many compelling reasons for CB to stay. It was different with Jason last year since Jason had 4 years at Stanford and with Jarron leaving, he may just have felt his time was to move on. CB has quite a different situation. CJ may be tempted to leave, but I'm not sure that his draft status will be good enough for him to leave. His shot really was not that good this year. One big reason for the NBA to take him would be because of his 3 pt range and accuracy. He may need to prove that again by playing next year in college. The good thing is that Casey did do so many other good things and he took a beating from opponents. If he comes back and one of the pgs and Josh really step forward and improve to become dangerous threats, life will be much easier for CJ next year. Plus he will have already improved upon the other aspects of his game so he won't have to work so hard at them.
As much as I have become more impressed with Chris over the year and feeling comfortable with him leading the team, I still would go with JB starting at the point. We need to keep Casey at the two and get Josh at the 3 along with Teyo. We can't keep using Teyo at the 4, and I think that he could blossom at the 3.
If guys build some strength over the summer and really work hard to improve upon their weaknesses, next year could go very far and be a real threat for the NC if JC and CB come back.
So let's be glad that we the team did as well as it did do and look forward to next year. We should be able to make much greater strides than most all our competition - our upside is very high.
Go Stanford!


Poster: Jeff83
Final nail in the "Monty is a great coach" coffin
Date: 03/17/02

Do those of you who insisted that Monty is one of the top 3 coaches in America a couple weeks ago finally admit you were wrong ?

Waiting patiently for this year's excuses - Kansas has a bunch of future NBA all-stars, no one could have beaten them the way they played, this was a rebuilding year, etc.

Monty is a good coach who raised Cardinal hoops from the dead, BUT...

Since his first appearance in a Cardinal uniform it was OBVIOUS to anyone with one good eye that Tony would NEVER be an effective PG for a major Div I team. Monty's stubborness in designating Tony the starting point guard is bordering on sickness. Is there a rule that the media guide cover guarantees playing time ?

And PLEASE don't bring up his supposed domination of practices. If I read one more glowing report of Tony's team winning every scrimmage and him burying 10 straight 3s in practice I'm gonna puke.

Monty's choice gave his team it's best chance to have a winning season but it's WORST chance at any tournament success. Obvious to most of us here since day 1. And speaking of stubborn...

Not calling a timeout as the score mounted to an eventual 15-0 is simply incredible. What exactly is he trying to prove ? Great message to send the players - you are on your own kids, you got into this mess now get yourselves out of it. Dork.

All in all a humiliating end to a season and I blame our infallible coach. And I repeat my post of 2 days ago - our big win over W Kentucky was as much a freak result of Tony getting into foul trouble and their coach moronically leaving their star on the bench forever as anything we did.


Poster: : edgarquilala
some things i want to see out of the 2002-2003 season
Date: 03/17/02

1) an upgraded preseason schedule (if it's out already, i apologize)

2) no pg controversy - imho, i hope hernandez starts from day one

3) childress having a breakout year - take the reigns off him, let him play through his mistakes, ultilize all his abilities, and help build him with a star player's confidence.

4) an injury and foul free year for justin davis

5) the return of an "inside banger-enforcer" for the cardinal - (kirchofer or little??)

6) julius barnes taking the ball to the hole more

7) when the guys

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