Day Two (4/5) Practice Report

With the second day of spring practice, YCF paid particular attention to special teams work and the passing game. Read on for the latest detailed report on Stanford spring football.

It was a dark and overcast afternoon on the farm but none of the notorious railbirds seemed to care.  For many, it was their first chance to check out the new coaching staff in action.  For everyone, it was a much needed break from everything else going on in the world.

Kerry Carter, Luke Powell, J.R. Lemon, Jason White, Evan Combs, Louis Hobson, and Mark Anderson were forced to don the yellow jerseys and had to limit their participation.  Darin Naatjes was in Tucson with the baseball team.  Chris Rudiger and Nick Sebes were not to be found.

The practice started with some half-speed 7 on 7 drills.  It appeared to me that the focus was going over the plays and audibles.

A plethora of players practiced receiving punts from the ball launching machine.  Justin Faust, Ryan Wells, Brandon Royster, Ken Tolon, Caleb Bowman, and Justin McCullum all spent time shagging balls from the sky.  Later, a few of the players (Powell, Combs, Torrence, and Wells) caught some balls punted by Eric Johnson.  Drew Caylor (who worked with the defensive ends when he wasn’t doing special teams) and Scott Giles alternated as the long snapper.             
While the most of the wide outs were going over receiving punts, Teyo Johnson did some hands work with Alex Smith and Brett Pierce.

During the PAT drill, Brian Head took over the snapping duties.  One thing that caught my eye was that Ryan Eklund served as the holder until he left to work with the other quarterbacks.  After his departure, Eric Johnson filled in for him.  I certainly hope that a regular quarterback will be in for all of our field goals and conversions.

The linebackers, secondary, receivers, running backs, tight ends, and quarterbacks ran some plays for about thirty minutes.  The offense used several sets (from center, from shotgun, with running backs, or with an empty backfield) while the defense worked on its nickel formation.  It was rare that any of the quarterbacks went deep, with several of the passes went to the backs. Due to the long layoff, all of the quarterbacks experienced timing problems.  I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt due to the time off and playbook changes.

The team eventually did some work 11 on 11.  Brian Head played center at first before moving to the guard spot.  After that, Tom Kolich played as center until I left around 6:20.  I can easily see Kwame Harris and Kirk Chambers at the tackle positions, Schindler and Head at guard, and Kolich at center.

Hands were a concern at the receiver spot for many of the players, but let’s give them a few practices to get in the flow of things again.  Once again, Caleb Bowman’s raw speed is impressive.  Perhaps Coach Kelly will be able to cure his hands history.

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