Practice Notes for Saturday April 6

I got a hall pass to go see Saturday's practice. I'll give you a run down on who made the great catches and who got flattened. Find out about our new FG kicker. Read post practice comments from Chris Lewis, Leigh Torrence, and coach Teevens.

Practice Notes for Saturday April 6,2002


General Observations


I seems like the team is doing a lot more hitting than they have in past years this early in practice. The players seemed to like it although I’m sure there are a lot of aches and pains. I really like this new staff. They seem to be very enthusiastic and spend a lot of time teaching. I also caught myself laughing several times after overhearing jokes from the staff. I heard comments from two different players to the effect of “Football is fun again”. My favorite line from a coach >>> “Practice making big plays” David Kelly. This was the first time watching practice where I watched the team take a break. It was only a couple of minutes but it was just weird watching the whole team stand around and grab some fluids.




The first thing I noticed was Sgroi kicking FG’s from 35 yards out. I don’t think I saw him miss. He moved back to 40 and made 4-5 and I think his only miss came on bad snap. He moved back to 47 yards out and made the only one he attempted. His leg is so much stronger than anyone we’ve had in years.


One on One Drill


This was a drill where you had an O blocker taking on a D tackler between to blocking bags and a ball carrier trying get through the bags and past the tackler. The drill had four sections that were broken up by position so you had WR vs. DB, RB vs. LB, T/TE vs. DE, and C/G vs. NT/NG. This seemed to be the most spirited drill all day.


Nice play by C. Bonifas to fight off the block of Casey Moore


Amon Gordon stood up Kwame to stuff the RB


Brian Head had several good turns. I also watched him in some other drills and he looks will be a player.


Jon Alston with very good play fighting off a FB


Carroll with a stand out play taking on Landry


B. Pierce put D. Caylor on his back.


Teyo flattened J. White (didn’t look like a fair fight)


E. O’Neil put Lovelady on his back. He looks much improved to me.


7 on 7 / Full Scrimmage


Great play by Brian Head putting C. Albrecht on his back.


M. Craven looks like the real deal. Has both the size and speed and just looks very athletic. I was also impressed with Alston’s speed. He made several plays on sweeps showing his speed.


Saw several nice plays by Atogwe. He seemed to be all over the field and broke up several passes.


A couple nice catches by McCullum. As BBMB said …… with he and Teyo on the field at the same time … teams are going to have match up problems.


David Bergeron put in best play by a LB. He took out Faust in the backfield for a 6-7 yard loss. Faust came back a few plays latter with a very strong 10 yard run. He hit the right side of the line very quickly and then bounced outside.


Matt Leonard looks great. He busted straight up the middle for what would have been an 8-yard sack.


One of the best pass plays came from Chris Lewis to Camarillo on a 20 yard out route with Camarillo making a leaping catch. The second was a 25-yard corner route by Teyo (wide open) and a great pass by Matter.


Teyo with an outstanding one handed catch down the middle for 15. ( ho hum. Did Barry hit another one?)


Matter looks a lot more comfortable this year. He also looks like he has improved his arm strength. He made a couple of nifty plays rolling away from pressure.



Chris Lewis


On this year vs. last year. >>> “There are slight differences. Basically the concepts are the same but the terminology is different. It’s sort of tough just throwing out all the old stuff and putting in new stuff. We’re picking up. We like the tempo of the practices it’s just a little different. Coach Teevens is always around getting us where we need to be and we’re always going 100%.


On what’s expected of him >>> "That last period he just told us to go out there and call whatever we need to call. It’s kind of tough especially when you don’t know the whole offense. He was trying to put us in these type of situations early so when we get to the games it’s second nature.”



Leigh Torrence


On the D this year vs. last year. >>> “ I just love it. The new coaching staff they’ve brought in a new aggressive style. It just been great to able to get up a little bit more and show my abilities a little more as far as my speed and quickness. It’s testing but I think it will be good for us as a team and me as a player.  The young guys we have on the team have a lot of quickness and that should play to our advantage.


On the new backfield >>> "It’s great. We’ve been in the pen waiting and now we have our chance and now it’s here. The guys are just chomping at the bit to get out there and it’s exciting. The class of 04 came in and now we get to produce on the field.”


Buddy Teevens

On the first few days >>> “There is a lot of enthusiasm . We ask them to work hard and show great effort on the field and they’ve answered. We’re overloading them mentally with offensive and defensive schemes. The terminology is all different and we are doing things they haven’t done before. There are kind of acclimating to the change. I told them today that sometimes there is a level of frustration because they are trying so hard and yet they don’t know all the things they’re supposed to do. It’s almost like two steps forward and one step back. Three days in we have a good portion of the offense in and to large extent we have the defense in as well. Three days with a new system is very, very aggressive. So it will get better as we go along. The big thing is that effort is there, they pay attention, they listen, they take coaching well and the thing I really like is they like each other. There is great comradery and they have received the new staff well. The personalities of the individual coaches seem to mesh. We all bring something different from different places but it’s all melded well. We’re off to a good start but we have a long, long way to go with an awful lot of work to do. The attitude has been tremendous and I expect it to continue.”


Trent Edwards


I had a chance to talk with Trent after practice. He is a really nice young man and we will try to set up an interview soon. I was talking with an ex-NFL player on Wednesday who has seen Trent play and he said that Chris Lewis better not get hurt or he may never get his job back.

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