2005 Football BootPool Standings

Here are the FINAL standings for the 2005 BootPool. dannovi finished strong and won Week 12 and tied for first place with bl82 in the Bowl Pool. In the end, SannizaySteve topped the whole field and finished first in the cumulative standings. neeedle took 2nd place and Canuckcardbacker took 3rd. Thanks for a fun season!

As of January 10, 2006

BootPool Standings - Bowl Pool

FINAL Cumulative Standings

* Note: Total = sum of correct picks minus the lowest weekly score


Bowl BootPool Correct Picks:

BYU, Navy, Kansas, Central Florida, Memphis, Clemson, Rutgers, Boston College, Nebraska, Utah, Oklahoma, Virginia, UCLA, Missouri, LSU, NC State, Tulsa, Iowa State, Alabama, Florida, Virginia Tech, Wisconsin, Ohio State, West Virginia, Florida State, Texas

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