Davis Post-Game Player Quotes

The locker room was a somber place to be Saturday night after Stanford's 20-17 loss at the hands of UC Davis. Representing the offense and defense were quarterback T.C. Ostrander and inside linebacker Kevin Schimmelmann. If you wonder what disgust, explanation and outlook the Cardinal players held in the wake of the dizzying defeat, read on...

UC Davis junior quarterback Jon Grant

"We were the only ones who believed.  No one else did."

On the final drive
"What better stage could we be on?  We're at Stanford Stadium, ready for a game-winning drive."

Stanford redshirt sophomore quarterback T.C. Ostrander

"My job as the number two quarterback is to get some experience.  As the number two guy, you never get as much as you'd like."

"We knew Davis would come to play hard, but we thought we had a good chance in this one.  What's there to say?  Obviously, it's a big disappointment, but I'm not surprised given how we played and how I played.  You can't play that way and expect to win against anybody."

On Davis' final drive
"Our defense played great all night.  There was never a point when people thought they would score.  Even when they put it in the end zone, we thought we had a chance.  There's always a chance until there are zeros on the clock."

On what the offense needs
"We need to do what coach is telling us to do.  We need to be really tight on our assignments."

On the timing of the bye week
"The two weeks will be great to put the loss into place and then forget about it.  We'll be able to get away from what happened.  We're going to be hungry to play."

On UC Davis
"We didn't expect them to be pushovers."

On the offensive playbook
"It is confusing at first, but after awhile it begins to make more sense.  Getting more experience is pretty valuable."

"You want to build on every week.  There ought to be some things to learn about, and tonight we learned about ourselves."

"It's hard to pinpoint one thing because a lot of things went wrong tonight.  Guys just didn't do what they were coached to do."

Fifth-year senior linebacker Kevin Schimmelmann

"I give them credit.  They wanted it, executed and finished the game.  They played hard.  It doesn't matter what's their talent level or division coming in."

On whether the defense was different than last week
"Definitely.  We didn't finish.  Last week, we had to make a stand and did.  They didn't get a yard I believe.  This week, on two fourth downs, we didn't stop them, and that's not finishing.  That's not good defense.  I have to blame myself and the rest of the defensive corps for this loss."

On the loss of Trent Edwards
"It hurts, but our backup is good too.  We're not a one-man offense.  We can't be that way.  T.C. has filled in before and done well."

On Davis' final drive
"I was excited for the chance to stop them.  Unfortunately that didn't happen because of a couple of key plays we didn't make.  First is obviously that interception.  But when I was out there on the field, I had no doubts we could stop them and would stop them.  That's just the way I play."

On defensive fatigue
"I felt stronger in the fourth quarter than in the second.  I might have been slow in some places, but I was energized throughout the fourth quarter.  I'll have to watch the film."

On the timing of the bye week
"We're going to have to make it a good thing.  The Pac-10 is the meat of our schedule.  We have to win the Pac-10.  We have to make a turnaround, and I think we will.  As a defensive leader, I'll do my best, but people need to step up."

On UC Davis
"You can't underestimate any opponent.  If it's a close game, you've got to finish.  You have to keep playing and desire it.  You can't hope the guy next to you or behind you will do it.  You have to take it upon your shoulders.  If everybody does that on all sides of the ball, good things happen."

On the feeling after a loss
"We have to turn it into a positive.  It's bad.  It hurts.  We've been through quite a few unfortunately in the past few years.  There's plenty of talent, so it's just a matter of getting better.  I hope this is the low point.  Me personally, I'm confident.  I think the rest of the defense is confident."

"If we execute, we'll be fine.  We measure up nicely against everyone in the Pac-10.  It's a matter of desire and execution."

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