QB Kyle Wright

Though Stanford landed Trent Edwards in this most recent class, the 2003 class will likely have a signal-caller come to the Farm as well. And once again there is a bevy of high talents at the position in California, including nationally recruited Kyle Wright from Danville. Read on for his list of schools, junior stats, numbers from the LA Nike Camp and more.

QB Kyle Wright (profile)
Monte Vista (Danville, CA)
Ht: 6-3.5  Wt: 185
4.67 40; 4.25 shuttle
no bench; 27.3" vertical

After a banner year of Northern California quarterbacks, the 2003 class looks to provide some stars in its own right.  Sam Keller, JC Lewis, Dennis Dixon and Kyle Wright provide quite a group, and Danville's Wright might be the best prospect of them all.  He is receiving blanket interest from the Pac-10, as well as top programs back East.  He can throw the ball downfield, but it's his overall athletic ability and mobility that has wowed scouts, coaches and recruiters.  Watching him throw at the LA Nike Camp, he still has a lot to improve with his motion and footwork, but he has a lot of potential.  6'6" blue chip QB Tommy Grady was also at the camp, and I thought Kyle looked like the better thrower.  Though neither of them measure up at this stage to what Trent Edwards and Ben Olson showed last year to my eyes.

After the camp, I got a chance to catch up with Kyle and talk to him about his abilities, stats, schools and priorities...

The Bootleg: Kyle, how do you think today went for you?
Kyle Wright: I was really pleased with my 40 time, and all the stuff we did beforehand.  Throwing routes - I was looking forward to that all day.  I think I did really well and had a lot of fun.

The Bootleg: Was there anything the coaches were able to help you out with today?  Anything you picked up or learned?
Kyle Wright: You know, we did some quarterback drills I had never done before, so I'm going to take those home and work on them.

The Bootleg: Would you mind sharing some of your times and numbers from today?
Kyle Wright: Sure, no problem.  I ran a 4.6 in the 40.  I ran a 4.2 in the shuttle.  Had a 30" vert.  Didn't bench, though, so I could save my arm.

The Bootleg: If you were to write up a quick profile on yourself, what would you say are the strong parts of your game?
Kyle Wright: Footwork and arm strength.  Just knowing overall what is going on on the field - who's doing what. Just field general and leadership.  All those things.

The Bootleg: What are the areas you need to work on right now?
Kyle Wright: You know, I want to try to work on everything - improve every part of my game for the next level.  Every day in the summer, I do a hundred dropbacks.  Just need to get in the weight room more and start lifting.  I want to get faster.  Just bigger and stronger.

The Bootleg: Can you talk a little about your summer plans?  Camps?
Kyle Wright: I was just talking with Bob Johnson, and he approached me about Elite Eleven.  I'd like to go to USC and maybe back East somewhere.  You know, I have several offers back East, and I'd like to maybe go back there.  Don't know yet.

The Bootleg: Who are the schools you've heard the most from?
Kyle Wright: USC, UCLA, Cal, Stanford, Notre Dame, Miami, Florida, Tennessee and LSU.  Heard from pretty much everywhere, but those are the schools I've heard the most from.

The Bootleg: Who actually has given offers so far?
Kyle Wright: Cal, Stanford, UCLA, SC, LSU and Tennessee.

The Bootleg: Do you have any location preference?  You have some West Schools, but also several throughout the East.
Kyle Wright: I'm comfortable around home and in California.  But I want to go out East and check it out.  I don't want to rule it out.  Selfishly, my parents would like me to stay close to home, but whatever is best for me.  Whatever is best both during college and after college for me.

The Bootleg: Have you been able to take any unofficial visits to the schools here in the West?
Kyle Wright: Yeah, I've been to USC several times, UCLA, Cal, Stanford and Washington.

The Bootleg: Have you had a chance to meet with any of the coaching staffs - had a chance to get impressions of them yet?
Kyle Wright: Yeah, I've been talking to the USC and UCLA coaching staffs a lot.  I know them pretty well, and every one of them is just awesome.  Cal is so close to me, just right over the hill.  I went over there to check out spring practice.  Those are the schools where I know the coaches the most - UCLA and USC.

The Bootleg: As you start to compare all these schools, what are the most important criteria for in this process?
Kyle Wright: Academics.  I'm carrying about a 3.4 right now, and I'd like a school with strong academics.  Along with rich and strong football program.  Also the atmosphere.  You have to be there for the next four years.  Have to like the coaches.  Those are the top three things I'm looking for.

The Bootleg: With your hearing from so many schools, when are you going to try and narrow that list down?
Kyle Wright: I'm not quite sure.  I'm just taking it all in stride and having fun with it.  I wouldn't mind maybe verbally committing a little bit early, just to take off some added pressure from myself my senior season next year.  But you know, I'm just having fun right now.

The Bootleg: What were some of your junior season stats and achievements you could share with us?
Kyle Wright: I threw for just shy of 3100 yards.  29 touchdowns.  8 rushing touchdowns.  All-league, all-state underclassman and junior all-American.

The Bootleg: What do you hope to achieve in your senior season?  What are your goals?
Kyle Wright: Well, we won the championship up there.  So first of all, to defend our championship.  We have to go out there and have some pride and just play this year.  I'd like to throw for 3000 yards and 30 touchdowns - my personal goals.  But those are down on the list right now.  The championship and what my team is doing are first for me.

The Bootleg: Is there anybody you are going through this process with, or anybody you go to talk to?
Kyle Wright: My best friend right over here, Sam DeSa, is a receiver at my school.  He's getting recruited pretty heavily as well. He has an offer from LSU.  He and I talk to each other about it.  My coach went to Arizona and then Santa Clara, then tried out for the NFL.  So he's been down that road.  I ask my parents, though, since they're really close to me.  I go to them for advice.

The Bootleg: Have they given any indication of their preferences?
Kyle Wright: Like I said earlier, I think they'd like

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