Dan Grunfeld Update - Part IV

After three long sections of this interview that probed Dan pretty deeply on serious hoops topics, we wrap up this session with a look at some more off-color topics. Get a glimpse at the lighter side of incoming frosh SF Dan Grunfeld, including rivalry feelings, a dirty secret, Stanford heros and a CD he'd rather not own up to...

The Bootleg: A Stanford tradition is for the frosh to carry bags on road trips.  Whose bag do you think will be the heaviest to carry next year, and why?
Dan Grunfeld: Next year, I think either that Julius Barnes or Teyo Johnson will have the heaviest bags.  They are both pretty smooth dudes, and I'd imagine they bring a lot of gear and stuff on the road.

The Bootleg: What course or area of study are you most looking forward to in your freshman year?  How about least looking forward to?
Dan Grunfeld: I'm most looking forward to studying anything interesting.  I love dealing with people, so any class that incorporates dealing with people with something interesting is a class I'll be into.  My sister is a senior at Emory, and she is taking  a course about history and music.  It looks really cool; I like stuff like that. I also like English classes.  I'm least looking forward to any hard math class, like calculus or something like that.

The Bootleg: Is there any other sport you love to play?  If you couldn't play basketball at Stanford, what position on another team would you play?
Dan Grunfeld: Well, I wouldn't mind playing on the baseball team because I like baseball - the Yankees. But in reality I am terrible at baseball, so that really isn't such a realistic scenario.  I like to swim, just for fun, but it would be cool to be on the swim team.  I'm not a great swimmer, but it'd be fun.  I wouldn't shave my legs, though, just for the record.  I really have no tremendous interest in any sport besides basketball, though if I had to I'd probably do one of those.  Maybe football also.

The Bootleg: Who is your all-time favorite Stanford athlete?
Dan Grunfeld: My all-time favorite Stanford athlete is probably either Tiger Woods or Mark Madsen.  Tiger is the man, needless to say, and Madsen plays with so much heart and fire.  I'll never forget watching that Rhode Island game when he dunked that ball and went nuts; that was so awesome.  And I also feel bad that everyone disses his dancing.  I thought he was pretty good.

The Bootleg: Have you built up any feelings of rivalry for Stanford's rivals?  Who are you most looking forward to playing this next year?
Dan Grunfeld: I have definitely built up some feelings towards the rivals.  This is the time of year when people hear from colleges, and my friend at school was talking about Cal and I was like, "Yeah, whatever."  For some reason you just adopt a sort of feeling about your future school's rivals, especially since I've watched the team play against all these teams and I've rooted so much for Stanford.  I'm looking forward to playing UCLA next year, for no particular reason.  Being from the Midwest and East as a kid, I haven't been around the West coast scene all that much, so I'm excited about playing in a new environment against the other teams.

The Bootleg: What dark and dirty secret does nobody at Stanford know about you yet?
Dan Grunfeld: I think that a dark secret that people don't know about me is that I am a big New York Yankees fan.  I call that a dark secret because people seem to resent the Yankees because of their big check book, but growing up in Northern New Jersey it was hard not to like such a good team with such tradition. I was at game 6 in '96 when the Yanks beat the Braves to win the World Series - it was so amazing.  I have a lot of great Yankee memories. I'm not a crazy whacko fan, but I like the Yankees a lot.

The Bootleg: If you were to start up a company with fellow Stanford students, what would you do?
Dan Grunfeld: If I had to start a company it would be to sell high quality bobble head dolls of college athletes.  I really like bobble heads and I think it'd be cool to have some good bobble heads from college athletes. Not the cheap rubber ones, though - the legit ones that they give out at NBA games. Those are sweet.  I mean, let's be serious, who wouldn't want a Casey Jacobsen bobble head?

The Bootleg: If you could change one rule in college basketball, what would it be?
Dan Grunfeld: Since I haven't played in a college game yet, there is not one rule that I would like to change.  When I get into the flow, come back to me, and I'm sure I'll have plenty of suggestions.  I like the idea of a shot clock, though.  That'll be a little something to adjust to.

The Bootleg: What number would you love to have at Stanford?  Why?
Dan Grunfeld: One number Id love to have at Stanford would be 22 because I've worn 22 since 4th grade.  I don't mean I wore it in 4th grade than again in high school; I mean 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, ... 11th, 12th - every year.  My dad wore 22 in college and it's just something I've worn for a while.  Since Justin wears it at school, I can't wear it, but it's ok.  Even though I'd like to wear it, I don't think it will make or break my career.  If I had to chose though from any number, it'd be 22.

The Bootleg: What tape or CD do you own that you think the guys on the team would give you the most grief?
Dan Grunfeld: Man, probably an N'Sync CD, but my friend's mom got it for me, so I don't know if it counts.  I'll be like Chandler from Friends when Monica found an embarrassing CD of his - I think it was the CD from the play Annie or something like that.  He said, "they were giving them away at the store", then he turned and said under his breath, "in exchange for money".  Chandler's delivery is pretty superb.

The Bootleg: What food do you most hate, that you fear you'll be served in the dorm at Stanford?
Dan Grunfeld: The two foods I hate most are cucumbers and onions.  I cant deal with them.  They scare me sometimes because people just stick them in foods in a hidden kind of way.  I have to be very meticulous while searching for them.

The Bootleg: If you wanted to really kiss up to one of your future teammates, which would you call your "idol" on the current roster?
Dan Grunfeld: I like everyone on the team.  I have to give Joe Kirchofer props for his sideburns, though.  Joe is cool; we had a good time when I visited.  He's a real nice guy.

The Bootleg: What's your favorite Stanford basketball site on the Web?
Dan Grunfeld: Gostanford.com. Just kidding. The Bootleg by far!

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