More Moore in '07

Our last update on injured wide receiver Evan Moore conveyed the confidence from the Stanford doctors that there almost no chance of his developing avascular necrosis (AVN), the condition that ended Bo Jackon's career after his hip dislocation. A new MRI on Moore's hip this week confirms the absence of AVN for the 6'7" athlete. Walt Harris is excited for his receiver, and for what it means to Stanford in 2007.

Junior wide receiver Evan Moore has had two big questions hanging over him since his hip dislocation in Stanford's September 10 season opener at Navy:

1)  Will he play football again?
2)  If so, can he return to the field in 2005?

In October, Moore received good news on the first question, when an MRI gave the Stanford doctors confidence that the dislocation did not disrupt blood flow in injured area of the hip.  He was told by Dr. Gary Fanton at the time that there was "less than a one percent chance" of avascular necrosis (AVN), which would end Moore's football playing career.

Despite that assurance, there was still a small lingering concern of AVN developing.  A new MRI on Monday, expected to be the last for Moore in monitoring his hip's recovery, revealed no AVN.  We now can say with certainty that Evan Moore will play football again.

"It was a positive result," commented head coach Walt Harris today on the good news.  "We're pleased that he does not have the Bo Jackson [condition]."

The MRI did reveal some residual bruising of the cartilage, which may be enough of a reason to avoid a rushed return for Moore into playing action this month.  Harris has been a consistent advocate, for weeks now, of Moore taking the medical redshirt for 2005, saving two more full seasons of play for the dominant 6'7" receiving weapon.

"Even though he feels better, we're being cautious with him...  He can't do anything more than walk right now," Harris says.  "The bruising is deep, and he has to be real careful."

The "can't do anything more than walk" comment may be misleading, however.  Moore has been busy every day with rehabilitation and conditioning work.  He is not yet running, but he is regaining strength in the pool and in the weight room.  Recently, he has been squatting heavy weights.

Walt Harris maintains today that Evan Moore will not play football again on Saturdays in 2005, which would make the year a medical redshirt for the academic junior.  Moore has not taken a redshirt in any prior season at Stanford, which would still leave him with two more years of playing eligibility: 2006 and 2007.

Had he not been injured this year, Moore was on track to finish his eligibility and graduate after the 2006 season.  In fact, every scholarship receiver at Stanford is currently in their junior or senior eligibility, which would graduate them all away by the spring of 2007.  The Cardinal now can look ahead to the fall of 2007 and pencil at least one wide receiver on their football team in Moore.  That is, unless he has a dominant redshirt junior season in 2006 and jumps to the NFL as a high draft pick...

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