Spring Game 2002 Recap

This was not the spring game you have become accustomed to at Stanford, with the offense pitted against the defense rather than the Cardinal versus White teams. A new scoring system was in place, but all eyes were on the new offensive and defensive schemes in place. The O passed and ran the ball, while the defense attacked from all positions. Big plays were made on both sides of the ball in the high scoring affair.

Spring Game 2002

It was raining Saturday morning and I assumed that would make for a light turnout for spring game. I was pleasantly surprised to find a large crowd to watch the Cardinal wrap up its spring practice. This year the format was different with the offense going against the defense. Points were given based on the results of the drive. The defense could earn points for stopping a drive, 3 and out, fumbles, INT's, and sacks. The offense got points for first downs and scoring.

1st Half

After the big build up about Buddy Ball the offense opened up the spring game with four straight running plays with Casey Moore ripping off a 12 yard run.

Chris Lewis (12 of 18 for 176 yards) capped the drive with a 38 yard TD pass to (guess who) ... a wide open Teyo (6 catches for 83 yards & 2 TDs). Chris had two pass rushers in face with strong pressure up the middle. Sgroi kicked the extra point.

The second series opened up with the 2nd team O vs. 2nd team D. Kyle Matter lead the second team O. The second string O opened up with two straight running plays. The first play was a 5 yard run by Faust. Faust tried again on second down only to be stuffed in the backfield by O.J. Oshinowo for a 6 yard loss.

Will Svitek got the first sack of the day for a 6-7 yard loss forcing the first punt of the game. It was great to see Luke Powell out on the field. It was the only action Luke saw all day.

Chris Lewis was back in for the third series and got sacked by Scott Scharff on a three step drop play where the receiver wasn't open. Chris got constant pressure on the next two plays from Gordon and Lovelady and the O was forced to punt again.

Ryan Eklund opened up the 4th series that started with a 9 yard run by Tolon. Ryan completed a 13 yard pass to Camarillo. It looked like Eklund saw something he liked with the D and called an audible. With pressure from Amon Gordon, Eklund threw an INT to Leigh Torrence who made a great return to the 12. This was a strange part of the scoring system. The O now got to get the ball at the 12 because of a great play by the D. Casey Moore scored the TD.

Matter made a very nice pass to Bowman for 25 yards. Matter sacked two plays in a row. The first by Atogwe and Capp Culver. The second by Lovelady, Leonard, and Freeman. Lovelady looked good all day. Most of his sacks and pressure came against the second team Oline but he looked very quick off the corner all day. Matter looked very quick on a couple of scrambles.

On a 3rd and 1 Lewis made a great pass to Wells down the sideline for 35 yards. Lewis capped the drive with a TD toss to (wanna guess?) ........ Teyo.

Some D notes >>> Timi Wusu made a couple of nice plays including a sack. Leonard was putting a lot of pressure up the middle. O.J. Oshinowo spent a lot of time in the backfield and looked very impressive.

Halftime score O 31 ... D 22 (Don't ask me to explain)

2nd Half

J.R. Lemon opened up the second half with a nifty move after a 8 yard catch to turn it into a 12 yard play. Matt Leonard was again applying pressure. Lemon ripped off a 9 yard run but was stripped by Atogwe and Amon recovered.

Jon Alston made one of the better plays of the day when he stuffed Faust in the backfield for a 6 yard loss.

Wells caught a 10 yard pass from Lewis and gained another 8 with a great move after the catch. Wells followed that up with a 13 yard end of round for a TD.

Eklund hooked up with Pierce for a 10 yard catch. It looked to me as if the TE and the FB will have a place in our new O. The TE was thrown to about 5 times and Moore had several carries and a TD.

The D came up with two great plays with Stanley Wilson breaking up a pass with perfect timing and Brian Brant making a play on a swing pass.

Ryan Eklund made one of the better passes of the day on a 22 yard strike to Alex Smith for a TD.

Craven and Scharff provided a lot of pressure on the next series of downs. David Bergeron made a nice play deflecting a pass to Pierce.

The fourth quarter was cut short to the length of the game.

Final Score O 54 ... D 33


Recruits at the game

QB Eric Vose - Westlake, CA (Westlake)

OL/DL Chad Macklin - Visalia, CA (Visalia)

DB Freddie Parish - Long Beach, CA (LB Poly)

WR/TE Kyle Salter - Agoura, CA (Oaks Christian)

TE/LB Derek Rasp - Camarillo, CA (Camarillo)

OL/DL Brandon Spivack - San Diego, CA (Rancho Bernardo)

QB Billy Yeo - Chicago, IL (Rich Smith)

OL Greg Van Hoesen - Saratoga, CA (Saratoga)

DB Marc Hull - Harbor City, CA (Narbonne)

OL Tim Reader - Salinas, CA

QB TC Ostrander - Menlo Park, CA (Menlo-Atherton)


The incoming frosh I spotted:

Trent Edwards

Trevor Hooper (+ his Mountain View posse)

Matt Traverso

Mike Silva

Julian Jenkins

Jeff Edwards

David Beall

Jon Cochran

Tim Mattran

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