DB Freddie Parish

Next to Reggie Bush, Freddie Parish has possibly been the most oft-discussed recruit this spring for Stanford recruiting. He made a splash with his comments to Greg Biggins in March, and now he has come to see Stanford yet again. For the complete lowdown on this blue chip defensive back and his recruitment, read on...

DB Freddie Parish (profile)
Long Beach Poly (Long Beach, CA)
Ht: 6-2*  Wt: 200*
4.49 forty*

* reported numbers, not Nike measured yet

Freddie is a somewhat rare bird in the recruiting world, making such a big splash on the national level without having yet made a big impact in high school games.  He has played for three schools his last three years, transferring from Redondo Union to South Torrance finally to Long Beach Poly for his junior year.  It was a gutsy move for Freddie to go into a program with so many stars, and indeed he labored behind the very best of the best this past fall in Darnell Bing.  Bing was an All-American and arguably the top safety in the entire country.  Though his reps on the field were limited, Parish showed enough to draw heavy attention and some early offers.  He is also renowned for his tough workouts and display of skilled fundamentals.  In Stanford's recruiting world, Freddie made a big splash when he talked with Greg Biggins after his unofficial visit to Stanford in early March.  The young man glowed in his comments about Stanford, causing quite a stir on The Bootleg's message board.  But as you can see from the interview I had with Freddie at the LA Nike Camp below, he has some work ahead of him to get his academics at a level where he can be admitted by Stanford admissions.  There is no question that the conditional offer on the table is indicative of Stanford's strong interest in Freddie Parish, but he has to go do the work in the classroom to make it happen.

The following comes from my chat with Freddie at the recent Nike Camp in LA.  He was too sick to participate, but did make a cameo appearance and was kind enough to talk with The Bootleg...

The Bootleg: Freddie, I had heard you came down sick this past week.  Is that why you are not able to participate?
Freddie Parish: Yes, sir. I haven't really been able to make a whole day of school this entire week.  Just half-days, and I missed two whole days.  Starting Monday, I came down with this flu.

The Bootleg: What are your other plans this spring and summer for camps and all that jazz?
Freddie Parish: I'll be going to the Palo Alto camp, that Nike camp up there.  That's about it.  I'm not going to any schools' camps.

The Bootleg: You don't want to do that, or you just haven't scheduled them yet?
Freddie Parish: Just not planning on that.

The Bootleg: What are you going to try and do during this off-season for conditioning?
Freddie Parish: Actually, just go to the Palo Alto camp and continue to work with Coach Charles Collins.  I've been working with him and will continue that.

The Bootleg: From all reports, you sound like you have received a wave of interest.  That has to feel pretty good.
Freddie Parish: Of course. It feels really nice to be recognized.

The Bootleg: Can you give me an update right now on which schools you're hearing from, and who has given offers thus far?
Freddie Parish: I hear from Stanford, Notre Dame, Washington - I hear a lot from UCLA and USC, but the real offers are Stanford, Notre Dame and Washington.

The Bootleg: Is there anybody out there you like who you'd like to hear more from, or receive an offer?
Freddie Parish: (Freddie grins) I think I know who you are talking about.  I like UCLA, and my dad went there.  It would be nice if they offered.  Not saying I would jump to commit, you know, but they would definitely be an option.

The Bootleg: I know you have been able to see a few of these schools now.  What is it that you specifically like about them?  If you could talk about them individually, what has impressed you?
Freddie Parish: Starting with Stanford, when I went up there for an unofficial visit, I just fell in love with the coaches.  The coaches are really nice just real.  The campus is beautiful and everything.  They also told me that I would have an opportunity to play as a freshman - you know as soon as possible.  That's what I really want.

The Bootleg: Would you mind sharing who were some of the coaches you met and enjoyed talking with?
Freddie Parish: Coach Teevens, the head coach.  Coach Banker, the DBs coach.  Coach Williams, another defensive coach.  And Matt Doyle, the recruiting coordinator.  He's a really nice guy, and my family likes him.  Notre Dame - I like the coaches.  I've talked with Coach Baer.  I've actually met with Coach Willingham when he came to the school a while ago.  But I'm going to talk to him again.  I haven't really met a lot of their coaches, since I haven't been to their campus before.  They're really nice - the coaches I have met.  Washington - I like the school.  They have a really good chance to be really good in the Pac-10.  I haven't spoken with any of their coaches, yet, though.  My dad speaks with a lot of the coaches, takes care of a lot of that.

The Bootleg: With all of this attention and the mounting offers, you are soon in a position where you will be able to have your pick of schools.  So what then are your top criteria you will use to differentiate and help decide where to go?
Freddie Parish: My mom wants me to say educate first.  But one of the things I want first is the opportunity to play as soon as possible.  I want to be able to play as a true freshman.  If they can tell me that if I am mentally and physically ready, they will give me that opportunity - that's what I want.

The Bootleg: How does location fit in for you?  You have some West Coast schools, but then also Notre Dame in the MidWest?
Freddie Parish: It really doesn't matter.  People always bring to my attention that my schools are all on the West Coast - except Notre Dame.  And what's up with that?  I like the weather here, but I have to go somewhere else - well, not if I have to go.  It wouldn't make that much difference to me.  The weather - it's nice.  But if it's cold, I'll just put a sweater on.

The Bootleg: Your Poly team obviously did so well as a team this past year, but can you talk about your individual season?
Freddie Parish: Junior year, it was kind of a tough year, since I didn't play as much as I should have.  It was a learning process, being my first year at Poly.  You've got to take your lumps.  I ended up getting the Coach's Award.  It was alright.  When I got in, I tried to do everything I could do to make something happen - especially in that championship game.  Same thing I'm going to do this year, but I'll have more time to do it.

The Bootleg: If you had to write up a scouting report on Freddie Parish, what would you say are the most attractive parts of your game?
Freddie Parish: Just likes to hit, and wants to g

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