WR Quintin Daniels

Yet another recruiting battle is shaping up between Stanford and UCLA in the 2003 class, and WR Quintin Daniels looks worthy for the fight. He put up a strong receiving numbers this past year, accounting for 39% of Loyola's receiving yards and over 50% of the aerial TDs. In a true passing offense, he could have put up monster numbers...

WR Quintin Daniels (profile)
Loyola (Los Angeles, CA)
Ht: 5-11.5  Wt: 180
no runs timed at Nike camp
no bench; 32" vertical

Quintin caught 32 balls for 563 yards and 7 scores as a junior on a team that throws only 34% of the time on offense, and his knack for the big play helped earn him a spot on Cal-Hi Sports' All-State Underclass Team.  If his high school, Loyola, is sending low voltages to the part of your brain allocated to Cardinal recruiting, that's because the all-important junior hoopster Omar Wilkes also hails from Loyola.  In fact, the two are buddies, which is interesting when you consider that both are giving hard looks to Stanford and UCLA.  Daniels is an impressive athlete with speed to burn, but he was unable to run at the Nike Camp in LA.  Look for him to head up to Palo Alto in a couple weeks to show his stuff at that Nike Camp.  UCLA has given an offer to this talented WR, and he could have the academics to get accepted to Stanford and earn a scholarship offer to the Farm.  Though Quintin Daniels is well known as a receiver, he has also shown as a standout safety at Loyola.

Quintin with his QB, Adam Gonzalez

Quintin wasn't actively participating in the recent Nike Camp in LA, but I did get the chance to talk to him...

The Bootleg:  Quintin, do you have an injury going on?  Why aren't you working out?
Quintin Daniels:  Yeah, I pulled my hamstring in track a couple weeks back

The Bootleg:  What's your recovery timeline for when you can start running again?
Quintin Daniels:  I started practice last week with jogging on the track team.  I should be back fully in about a week and a half.

The Bootleg:  What events do you run in track, if you don't mind my asking?
Quintin Daniels:  I run the 100, 4x100 relay, long jump and sometimes either the 200 or 300 hurdles

The Bootleg:  What is your best non-wind-aided 100 time, if I may ask?
Quintin Daniels:  My best 100 time is 10.7 hand timed, or low 10.9's automatic time.

The Bootleg:  Can you talk a little bit about your recruitment, now that you're heading toward your senior year with thing heating up for you?
Quintin Daniels:  Some of the schools are UCLA, USC, Berkeley, Stanford, Washington, Washington State, Colorado, Colorado State, Arizona, Arizona State, Oregon, Texas A&M, Wisconsin, Notre Dame and some other schools.

The Bootleg:  If you had to give a top five that are giving you the most serious attention, from calls, letters or those who have come to see you play, who would those be?
Quintin Daniels:  Right now it would be UCLA.  Then there's Stanford.  Then USC, Oregon and probably Oregon State.

The Bootleg:  You have some West Coast schools, as well as in the MidWest you listed.  Do you have a preference to stay out West if you could, or would you like to go somewhere away from home?
Quintin Daniels:  Right now, I'd like to stay West because of the weather.  But maybe, who knows?  And I'd like to give my friends a chance to come see me play.

The Bootleg:  From those schools you mentioned, is there anybody you'd say is your leader right now?
Quintin Daniels:  Right now it's UCLA and Stanford.

The Bootleg:  Can you tell me what you like about UCLA?
Quintin Daniels:  UCLA - my mentor, Matt Ware is there.  He's a guy who guides me through everything.  And Kevin Harbour just signed, so I'll know a lot of people there and feel comfortable.  And Stanford, you know Stanford - their reputation is unbelievable.  I'd like to go there for the academic portion and the sports portion. 

The Bootleg:  Matt just finished his freshman year.  What did he tell you about the good and the bad about UCLA?  Has he given you the skinny yet?
Quintin Daniels:  Yeah, he said it was really intense.  Everybody is a lot stronger.  It's just faster.  The game is totally different.

The Bootleg:  Is there anybody you'd like to hear more from right now?
Quintin Daniels:  Right now, I'd like to hear more from maybe Miami.  Some of the Florida schools maybe.

The Bootleg:  Have you taken any unofficial visits to any of these schools yet?
Quintin Daniels:  Unofficially, yes.  UCLA.  Does Junior Day count?  Yeah.

The Bootleg:  Do you have any official visits yet that you've planned for the summer?
Quintin Daniels:  Not yet.

The Bootleg:  What are you looking for in a school, Quintin?  What are the characteristics of UCLA and Stanford that have them at the top of your list?
Quintin Daniels:  UCLA and Stanford are both very high academically-wise.  Good sports - excellent sports programs.  And the weather is nice.  Because I don't want to be somewhere that it's snowing all the time.

The Bootleg:  Is there anything else with your recruitment that you're trying to get figured out?
Quintin Daniels:  Not really, no.  Everything is going really well.

The Bootleg:  When you are healthy, what would you say are the strengths of your game?
Quintin Daniels:   The strengths of my game are my speed, my field awareness and I'm hard to bring down.

The Bootleg:   I know you've played well on defense.  Are schools recruiting you at all at DB, or pretty much at wide receiver?
Quintin Daniels:  Right now the schools are recruiting me for receiver.  I wouldn't mind playing DB, but I like receiver better.

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