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This holiday weekend, we have much for which we can be thankful here at The Bootleg.  The last 12 months have brought a bounty of goodness to Stanford Athletics.  Today, we give thanks for...

... Walt Harris, and the turnaround he has given Stanford Football.

... Trent Edwards, and his pin-point accuracy in the face of a bevy of beatings.

... Dan Grunfeld, and his complete ACL recovery, allowing his excitement to return to Maples Pavilion.

... The Lopez Twins, and the 14 feet of towering terror they are bringing to The Farm.

... Jayne Appel, and the "Fab Four" women's hoops recruiting class hailed as the best in Stanford history.

... the renovated Maples Pavilion, and its dramatic upgrade in fan and athlete experiences.

... the new Stanford Stadium, and the revolutionary changes that will bring to football on The Farm.

To help celebrate all this and more, we are bringing you a special Thanksgiving Weekend treat.  Sweeter than cranberries and more filling than a stuffed turkey.  We have turned on all of our premium content* on and all over the network for you to view - FOR FREE - through this Sunday.  All of our tantalizing premium stories and Hot News items have been released for four days to you.

If your tryptophan-induced reclining-chair coma does not dominate your holiday weekend, you will want to click like a crazed person to take advantage of this expansive opportunity.  We know that in particular, you have been teased mercilessly by all the Hot News items that dance daily atop our website - available exclusively to premium subscribers.  This is your BIG CHANCE to click through all the recruiting content that has been the backbone of The Bootleg and the Scout network.  We recommend you do your digging first by looking at the profile pages of Stanford's latest commits:

2006 Stanford Football commits
2006 Stanford Men's Basketball commits
2006 Stanford Women's Basketball commits

Click all around our recruiting databases, and find out all the recruit scoop you have been missing without your subscription to  We have so much to be thankful for, and we want to share out Boot-Bounty with you this wonderful holiday weekend.  Dig in, and don't be bashful about coming back for seconds!

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