RB Josh Sayles

This small speedster from Rancho Cucamonga probably isn't on your recruiting radar right now, and his name won't flash around the recruiting sites this summer like the other big name backs. But Josh Sayles has speed to burn on the football field, and that makes him an undersized underdog worth watching. Oh, and he favors the Farm heavily.

RB Josh Sayles
Rancho Cucamonga (Rancho Cucamonga, CA)
Ht: 5-8  Wt: 162
4.41 forty; 4.12 shuttle
33.5" vertical; 6 bench reps

Josh is frankly as much of an unknown as I am reporting from the LA Nike Camp, but I am filing this report because of his speed that caught my eye.  I was standing there watching kids run the shuttle, when Josh jumped out at me with his lightning speed.  Indeed his shuttle time of 4.12 was #5 of the entire camp, which also happened to be the largest Nike Camp attended to date.  Josh's run in the forty just barely missed the top 5 by two-hundredths of a second, and his vertical jump was a half-inch off the top 5 at the camp.  This kid has speed to burn, and he logged several 100-yard games for Rancho Cucamong to aid them in their league title this past fall.  The obvious concern is the small size that Josh presents, which will make his effort to get recruited by top schools a battle.  But as is clear from my conversation at the camp with Josh, he absolutely loves Stanford.  Stanford still has more evaluation to do on the diminutive speedster, which makes him a sleeper to watch this coming fall.

The Bootleg:  Josh, that was a really nice shuttle run there.  How have you been running today?
Josh Sayles:  The shuttle was pretty good, but I think I got a little bit better time in the forty.  I was looking to get in the 4.3 range, but it's alright.

The Bootleg:  What did you run in the forty, if you don't mind my asking?
Josh Sayles:  4.41.

The Bootleg:  What position do you want to focus on when you hit the drills later today?
Josh Sayles:  I'm going to focus on tailback here today.

The Bootleg:  Is that where you want to try to play in college, and is that where coaches tell you they would like to see you?
Josh Sayles:  Yeah, basically tailback.

The Bootleg:  Do you mind sharing who are some of the people you have been hearing from?
Josh Sayles:  I've been getting letters from Stanford.  I'm looking at Stanford a lot.  Colorado, Oregon.  Boise State seems interested.  Northern Arizona, San Jose State.

The Bootleg:  Is there someone you'd like to hear more from?  Anyone you'd like to shout out to?
Josh Sayles:  Yeah, I like Stanford.  I really like Stanford.  That's where I want to go.

The Bootleg:  What is it that you like so much about Stanford?
Josh Sayles:  Stanford - the academics.  If something happens to go wrong, I still want to be able to fall back on my academics.  I like the program.  I like the way they play.  I like their offense.  I like a lot of things about them.  And most tailbacks there seem like small tailbacks.  A lot of colleges don't want this size, but Stanford seems to like it alright.

The Bootleg:  What are they telling you that they like about you?
Josh Sayles:  Basically they are just talking about how Stanford is a great school in there letters.  But really I haven't gotten any phone calls yet.  That's basically it - what they can offer a recruit.

The Bootleg:  Are you taking any unofficial visit up there, or are you going to camp at Stanford?
Josh Sayles:  I haven't planned anything like that, but it might come out that I end up going to something like that.  I'm open to it, though.  I'd like to go to their camp.

The Bootleg:  You talked about academics.  Is that at the top of your list, as you look at schools, or are there other factors that you're looking at?
Josh Sayles:  Yeah, academics, and then location, the name of the school and how it's done on the field.  But yeah, academics are up there.

The Bootleg:  When you talk about location, do you want to stay on the West Coast, or specifically California?
Josh Sayles:  I'd like to stay on the West Coast, but if I get a good offer from a school back East somewhere, then I'm open to it.

The Bootleg:  If you were to write a quick paragraph telling coaches about the best parts of your game, why they should be taking a look at you, what would you say are your strengths?
Josh Sayles:  Oh, I think one of my strengths is my speed and quickness right now.  I try to get the ball upfield as fast as I can.  I can catch the ball on the perimeter - when I get isolated with the linebacker in the open field, I can make something happen with my quickness and speed.  That's a big part of my game.

The Bootleg:  What are the parts of your game you need to improve upon this summer and your senior year?
Josh Sayles:  My power because I'm a little small back.  I need to improve my leg strength, along with speed.  I mean, you can't ever have too much speed.  Keep working on quickness, but the main thing is power.

The Bootleg:  Are you trying to hit the weights this summer?  What else are you doing toward conditioning?
Josh Sayles: I'm hitting the weights really heavy.  Right now I'm working out with track for my speed and quickness. 

The Bootleg:  Do you mind sharing what events you run in track?
Josh Sayles:  I run the 100, 200 and 4x100.

The Bootleg:  Can you share some of your best non-wind-aided times?
Josh Sayles:  I've been out with a knee strain, but my best 100 meter time is 11-flat.  But I'm working to get it down to 10.7 or 10.8.  For the 200 I've been hitting 22.3's and 22.4's - around there.

The Bootleg:  Do you have a timeline for when you'd like to start taking your visits and narrowing down your list?
Josh Sayles:  No, not really.  I haven't been thinking too much about that.  We'll see what happens.

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