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The name alone holds our interest, but where does Patrick Egboh stand today in his Cardinal recruitment? The Mesquite (Tex.) defensive end has a Stanford admissions application in his hand but will officially visit a different campus this weekend. He talks with us about his current favorites and how things may play out in the coming weeks.

At the start of 2005, an intriguing subplot for the 2006 Cardinal recruiting class was the number of younger brothers of Stanford student-athletes on the board.  They covered a range of positions of need and hailed from a breadth of geographies.  Running back Evan Royster (brother of Brandon Royster); wide receiver Daniel Lofton (brother of David Lofton); offensive tackle Timi Oshinowo (brother of Babatunde Oshinowo) - the first two fell off the board due to their transcripts, while the third was dropped after the Cardinal coaches' evaluation.

The lone man standing today is defensive end Patrick Egboh, the 6'5" 230-pound brother of Pannel Egboh, currently the most exciting of the returning defensive lineman at Stanford.  The younger Egboh put together a solid senior season at North Mesquite High School, despite the team disappointment for the Stallions.

"I think I did well individually, but we came in at 3-7," he reports.  "That was not the season we wanted, but everyone worked hard."

Egboh recorded eight sacks and 85 tackles on the season from a defensive line position that differed from the defensive end he previously played.  North Mesquite moved to a 3-4 defense this year, which slotted Egboh head-up on the offensive tackle as a four-technique - the same position his older brother currently plays at Stanford.

"I felt it was a lot better this year," Egboh opines on his position.  "It actually helped me.  It gave me more space to get around the offensive tackle and let me get to the quarterback easier."

"My speed increased a lot more," he summarizes on his senior season.  "I think my strength actually increased as well.  Right now I'm doing power lifting to get ready for next season [in college].  I bench 250 and squat 350."

Both Egboh brothers will tell you that while Pannel was stronger at the same stage, Patrick is quicker.  The former was disadvantaged in his recruitment after his parents made him sit out his junior season of high school football, but he gained traction at the end of his senior campaign to net offers from Stanford, Arizona, Duke, Colorado State and others.  Patrick did transfer schools between his sophomore and junior seasons, which provided its own challenges, but his recruitment has been somewhat stagnant.

The younger Egboh held scholarship offers from Duke, Tulane and Mississippi State before he started his senior season, but the Bulldogs have since parted ways with the Mesquite (Tex.) man.  No new offers have been added in the last few months, leaving him with just four schools of any meaningful interest.

"I'm going to Duke for my official visit this Thursday - it starts Friday at noon.  Tulane wants me to visit in January.  Villanova just came here a few weeks back and they want me to visit," Egboh describes.  "If I get a high enough [SAT] score and fill out the application, there is a good chance I'll be offered by Stanford.  I really hope so.

Our last report on the Lone Star State student-athlete revealed his 1570 on the new SAT, which he hoped to elevate with a fall retake of the standardized test.  Egboh achieved a modest boost with a 1610 but doubled-down his efforts before a second retake this past Saturday.

"I took some timed tests and worked with some new SAT books to learn tricks to get the answers faster.  And I worked on writing better essays," he details.  "I hope I got a good enough score to get into Stanford.  They sent me an application two weeks ago.  I'm almost done.  It has to be in their office by December 15."

Egboh has not scheduled an official visit to Stanford as of yet, and he was hopeful to make an unofficial trip in late November when his parents flew to The Farm to see their older son.  But schoolwork kept him home.  The question of the day is where Patrick Egboh will call "home" the next four to five years.

"Stanford and Duke and Tulane are my favorites.  It will probably come down to Stanford and Duke," he allows.  "Both schools have good academics.  Stanford has a good football team, and my brother goes there.  Duke also is a good academic school, and they have a good medical program.  I've been in communication with their coach [Scott Brown] since the summer and feel real comfortable with him."

The Cardinal hold an edge with his parents' preference, but Duke is the school that has offered Egboh a scholarship.  As temperatures drop in Mesquite, this recruitment is warming toward a crescendo.  Stay tuned to see which direction this tale turns in the coming weeks.

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