Meet Jeff Edwards - Part I

If there was a position of almost scary need in this past football recruiting class, it was the offensive line. One of the blue chippers now coming to the Farm to help fill that need is Jeff Edwards from Atlanta. But Stanford fans don't know all that much about the splendid young man, so here is a closer look in this Bootleg interview.

OL Jeff Edwards
Marist School (Atlanta, GA)
6'7"  285#

Jeff Edwards is one of the more high profile members of the vaunted incoming offensive line class for Stanford - the Magnificent Seven.  Jeff also adds to the growing list of Atlantans/Georgians coming on a mysterious pipeline to the Farm.  In particular, he has attended the Marist School, which should ring a bell for Cardinalmaniacs™ - the school that produced current standout cornerback Leigh Torrence, as well as one-time notable recruit Brandon Russell.  Jeff was a leader on a talented offensive line that keyed a 9-2 season for Marist, pushing them into the state playoffs for the 19th straight season.  The offensive line produced three Division I athletes, including Jeff in this class, who as a whole did not allow a single sack in this past season.  Jeff Edwards also has the distinction of having not given up a sack in his three-year varsity high school career.  He also graded out between 87 and 89 percent his senior year.

Jeff was ranked as the #46 offensive lineman in the country by The Insiders, and has innumerable awards he has gathered.  All-State as a junior.  Twice named All-County.  Offensive player of the month by the DeKalb Touchdown Club.  Sprint Factory All-American and PrepStar All-American.  Named All-American in the Who's Who in High School Sports and was a National Scholar Athlete.

Jeff was recruited by schools all over the map, but we'll hit his recruitment in Part II of this interview.  Here we have focused on Jeff the player and person...

The Bootleg:  No sacks throughout your varsity career, eh?  That's an incredible stat.  Can you talk about how you were able to achieve that through so many games?  And how much does that stat mean to you personally?
Jeff Edwards:  Yes, I am quite pleased with the fact that I gave up no sacks. Sometimes it loses a bit of its luster because we are primarily a wishbone team and run 75% of the time. However, that also means we do not work on pass technique, so I feel it is an accomplishment for not only myself but my teammates to have had such careers. Of course, that passing percentage fluctuated and was in fact higher in earlier years.

The Bootleg:  Any close calls you can talk about that you remember, where someone almost beat you and got to the QB?
Jeff Edwards:  Of course there were a few close calls, especially in the playoffs where the competition is much higher. Our QBs do a lot of moving, so usually they created the problem by moving to much toward the block.

The Bootleg:  Where did you play on the line for the most part this year - guard or tackle?  Where do you project that you'll play in college, and have you discussed this with Coach Morton yet?
Jeff Edwards:  I played two years at right tackle and last year at left guard. I project myself, along with the coaching, as a tackle.

The Bootleg:  You also played quite a bit of defense your senior year, right?  Do you have more fun playing there or on the offensive side of the ball?
Jeff Edwards:  Yes I did play some d-end, but for some reason I have always liked offense. I believe it is the cohesion that is formed on that side of the ball. On defense everyone is looking for stats, but for the most part on offense it is all about the unit and its success.

The Bootleg:  As you concentrate on the O-line for your Stanford career, what did you learn or gain from your experiences on defense?
Jeff Edwards:  Basically I picked up on some of the mind games and schemes that coaches and players could throw at you.

The Bootleg:  Did you have any battles against other notable players headed to D-I schools?  How did you fare in those encounters?
Jeff Edwards:  To tell you the truth I cannot remember too many names, but Channing Crowder (LB), and I am sure at least a few of those south Georgia linebackers are going somewhere. I tended to play well in big games. I really enjoy the challenge of possibly getting beat the next play, but you always have a chance to redeem yourself.

The Bootleg:  If you can be immodest for a moment, what would you say are the strengths of your game and technique?  Better pass-blocker or run-blocker?
Jeff Edwards:  I believe some of my strengths would be: speed, agility, flexibility, the mental standpoint of the game. By trade I am a four point stance "bone" line man so I'd have to say run blocking, but I take great pride in my pass set capabilities.

The Bootleg:  On the other side of the coin, where do you know you need the most work right now?  In what areas do you know you need the most work?
Jeff Edwards:  I'd have to say strength and size. You can never have enough of that in college. Fla- out adjusting to the differences between the high school and college game. Plus one can never have good enough footwork. Those are some of my focal points.

The Bootleg:   To my eyes, you look like you have a lot more meat and weight you can carry on that frame.  Would you hazard a guess for what weight you think you can get to, or would like to get to?
Jeff Edwards:  To be truthful I really don't know what I can carry on my frame - maybe a bit over 300. But whatever gives me the best chance to succeed is where I'll get myself to.

The Bootleg:  To that end, are you working in this off-season to eat and work out - to start adding weight?
Jeff Edwards:  Yes, I have been working now for almost three months on weights and actual weight, and I have already put on about 20 to 25 pounds. And for the most part, it's very productive weight.

The Bootleg:  More generally, what are you trying to do in the way of conditioning before you arrive in August?
Jeff Edwards:  From what I have been told, I really need to focus on explosiveness, but I want to up my agility drill times and my forty. Personally, I want to also be able to have great stamina, so I can continue to go hard.

The Bootleg:  You've been out to Stanford twice in the past month, if I'm not mistaken: Admit Weekend and then the Spring Game.  Without all the recruiting activities and pressure on you, what did you experience and enjoy at Stanford these visits?
Jeff Edwards:  It was great to see all the guys again and to meet new ones. Plus it was so interesting to see other sides of campus other than football. I feel as though I have a jump on other students by seeing these areas for myself, instead of through a book.

The Bootleg:  Will you be back out again before freshmen report in August?
Jeff Edwards:  Maybe, but I doubt it.

The Bootleg:  What do you enjoy doing outside of football, Jeff?
Jeff Edwards:  I love basketball and anything else about sports. I can be up for any sport at anytime. Also just chillin' in nature, especially with friends or loved ones is cool, too. Anything related to girls is tight as well.

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