Meet Tim Mattran

You may think you've gotten your arms around the all-important incoming offensive linemen with this recent recruiting class (well, figuratively at least), but chances are you don't know a thing about big Tim Mattran from Chaska, Minnesota. He is walking on to the team as a freshman this fall to further bolster a very needy position unit on the Farm. So here is a good look at Tim's recruitment, self-evaluation and personality to get you more familiar with this fine young man.

OL Tim Mattran
Chaska (Chaska, MN)
6'5"  292#

I have dubbed this incoming offensive line class for Stanford the Magnificent Seven, though you may look back at Chad's recruiting reports and count just six OL coming this fall.  The one that flew below your radar was Tim Mattran from Chaska High School in Minnesota.  Tim is an awfully big kid from a school that has not had a lot of success in its high school league.  Chaska joined the mighty Lake Conference, arguably the toughest league in the state, just a few years ago, and Tim's class won just two games in their varsity career.  Still, Tim pushed his individual abilities and work ethic to the maximum and earned recruiting attention both regionally and nationally.  His unweighted 4.0 (he finished first in his graduating class) GPA added the interest of Ivies to the mix, but his decision to come to Stanford was clear.  To help put his recruitment from his school in perspective, he was the first Division I recruit in over a decade from Chaska High.

You may have met or seen Tim when he came out for Stanford's spring game in April, but I hope this interview will help you get to know him much better...

The Bootleg:  Tim, to come from a school with such little Division I recruiting exposure, and a school that didn't have much success on the field, how did you help yourself get exposure?
Tim Mattran:  My coach was extremely helpful throughout the whole process.  He was actually responsible for getting the wheels turning at Stanford, as he set up an appointment for me with Matt Doyle when I was visiting schools out west for spring break last year.  After that, I just tried to keep up with Matt and make sure he saw my name attached to an e-mail every once and a while.  I think my academic record also helped a lot, as several coaches told me throughout recruiting that it's tough to find big guys that are also at the top of their class.

The Bootleg:  Can you talk about how the recruiting process went for you?  Who were some of the schools you were involved with?
Tim Mattran:  Recruiting was one of those things that I loved and hated at the same time - I loved getting the attention from all of the schools, but I hated knowing that I could only tell one team that I'd be there in the fall.  Some of the other schools I was involved with were Minnesota, Dartmouth, Columbia, North Dakota State, Wisconsin, Carleton, and North Dakota - to name a few.

The Bootleg:  Specifically, can you give a timeline for how and when Stanford got involved with your recruitment?  How did the coaching change to the new Teevens staff affect the process, if at all?
Tim Mattran:  Like I said earlier, Coach Snaza let Matt Doyle know that I was going to be in the area and set up an appointment for me.  From there, I made another trip out for the line camp last summer, and another in the fall for the game against ND.  About then, I was told that there was the walk-on spot for me, but I still didn't have a decision from the admissions office.  When Coach Teevens came in, it took less than a week before I was out on my visit and I found out I was admitted.  That pretty much made up my mind for me.

The Bootleg:  When you made your final decision for Stanford, who were you deciding against?
Tim Mattran:  The other schools that I was still seriously considering before I made my decision were North Dakota State (scholarship offer), Minnesota (walk-on), and Columbia.

The Bootleg:  What ultimately sold you about the University and/or the football program to seal the final decision on Stanford?
Tim Mattran:  Besides the fact that I've wanted to attend Stanford since I've been able to grasp the concept of college, the opportunity to play in what will be the nation's best college football program while earning the country's best education was very appealing.

The Bootleg:  Was there anything Coach Teevens, another coach, or a player said to you that really stuck with you and made you want to come to Stanford?
Tim Mattran:  There isn't anything specifically that stuck with me, but I was just so impressed by everybody in the program and their passion for football, which is something I really wanted to be a part of.

The Bootleg:  How was your official visit to Stanford in January different from other visits you took?  Was there any activity or something about the atmosphere that was unique?
Tim Mattran:  By far the best experience I had on any visit was at Stanford, which was the breakfast on Saturday with the professors.  Like my dad says, "I don't know how a parent could go to that and not send their kid here!"  It was awesome to meet some of the faculty and get a feeling for what it's like to be at Stanford and not just study from a textbook, but also to go out and apply your knowledge in the real world.  I also felt more like 'one of the guys' at Stanford when compared with some of the other schools I visited.  Oh, and I can't forget to mention the golf carts, which always seem to be a memorable part of everybody's visit!

The Bootleg:  When you came out last weekend for the Friday practice and spring game on Saturday, you got to meet some of your fellow classmates coming in this next year.  I know you chatted at length with David Beall and Jon Cochran in particular.  What were your impressions of those guys and others?
Tim Mattran:  It was definitely a good time hanging out with David and Jon.  We've all got quite a bit in common and very similar personalities.  I also got a chance to talk with Jeff Edwards, Trent Edwards, Julian Jenkins, Matt Traverso, Trevor Hooper, and Mike Silva.

The Bootleg:  The only current player from Minnesota in the program is linebacker Jared Newberry.  Did you talk with him at all about how he has felt about the Stanford experience thus far?  Did that impact your decision at all?
Tim Mattran:  To tell you the truth, I've never actually met Jared in the five times I've been out to visit in the past year.

The Bootleg:  As you surely know, the depth is pretty thin on the offensive line at Stanford right now.  And your class coming in, with the Magnificent Seven, is going to go a long way toward the future on the line.  Was that part of the attraction of the opportunity to walk-on at Stanford?  Did you talk with Jon, David or Jeff Edwards this past weekend about the impact your group will have?
Tim Mattran:  That immediate need for linemen was definitely an attractive factor, especially when I looked at Minnesota, where it looks to me like most of their scholarship O-linemen will be holding bags longer then they would like.  At Stanford, I think I will have the chance to get reps in and be able to prove myself earlier in my career than with another team, which will ultimately make me into a better football player.  From our conversations during the spring game, I got the impression that Jon, David, and Jeff felt the same way.  Basically, I think that when it's this class' turn to get the job done up front, either sooner

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