LB Marc Hull

If you have been following your recruiting diligently on PacWestFootball with Greg Biggins, then you know a guy Greg likes a lot in this West Coast linebacking class is Marc Hull. You also likely know that Marc has a big spot in his heart for Stanford. I got to catch up with Marc at the Palo Alto Nike Camp, and have more on his recruitment and prospects.

LB Marc Hull (profile)
Narbonne (Harbor City, CA)
Ht: 6-1.5  Wt: 181
scratched forty; 4.79 shuttle
19 bench reps; 31.6" vertical

Marc is an interesting case at linebacker.  He is new to the linebacking position, and has played just one year there at Narbonne after previously playing quarterback.  He is a well regarded athlete on the field, but with so little experience at his projected college position, Marc is not in as strong a recruiting position as some other kids you hear about this time of year.  In all truthfulness, Marc is someone who will likely need to impress schools at their team camps this summer, as well as in his senior season this coming fall.

It is also not surprising that Marc has his list of schools wide open at this time.  He wants to show a lot of love to a lot of schools while he is waiting for some in return.  When he tripped to UNLV with a teammate in April, John Robinson offered both, with the teammate giving his verbal commitment.  The Rebels are Marc's lone offer to date, and that logically puts them at the top of his list.  Though it has been a well-known fact that he has a love for Stanford that makes the Card his dream school.

Whether Marc stays involved with Stanford or not is tough to say.  He did not test all that well at the Nike Camp on Stanford's campus, which does not help him.  Stanford has a good corps of young LBs right now, including a projected starting lineup of all underclassmen this fall and three standout redshirt freshmen in the fold.  I do not see the Card offering a slew at this position in this class, so the evaluations by Tom Williams and crew will be careful and measured.  Should Marc wait it out and show himself well this fall, he might be in that equation.  But given his recruiting position today, I would not be surprised if he jumps on UNLV or another offer from anywhere in the Pac-10 (e.g. Cal).

I did get to catch up with Marc at the Nike Camp in Palo Alto, to talk with him about his day and his recruitment...

The Bootleg:  Marc, can you tell me how you feel about your numbers today?
Marc Hull:  My numbers were pretty good except for my forty.  I scratched it because I've had a little recurring injury - I strained my quad again.  It happened during baseball season.  It's not anything big - I'll recover easily from it.  And it only affected my forty time.  My bench and my vertical jump were good.

The Bootleg:  So what are you looking forward to today?  Are there any skills you are particularly trying to work, or get better?
Marc Hull:  I want to see where I am in coverage - covering running backs.  I know my run-stopping, I'm pretty good at that.  And I want to see how I am compared to the other linebackers in the area.

The Bootleg:  Are there any guys you know by reputation, who you'd like to watch and see how you stack up against them?
Marc Hull:  Yeah.  Actually a pretty good friend of mine is Marlin Simmons from (Long Beach) Poly.  I want to check him out, you know.  See how I match up against him.  I've run into him a few times.  I don't really know many other linebackers, but I'll look around and size people up.

The Bootleg:  Well, obviously there are a lot of coaches here as well.  Are there any coaches who you want to catch their eye - show 'em your stuff?
Marc Hull:  Mostly the Pac-10, like Washington, Stanford and Cal.  They've shown a lot of interest, so that's who I'd like to come out here and impress.  They've seen my tape, and they know what I can do in game time.  I'm hoping today will reinforce what my tape shows.

The Bootleg:  I know you have received the offer from UNLV.  Have there been any other updates in your recruitment?
Marc Hull:  I haven't seen any other offers.  But like I've said, Washington, Cal and Stanford have shown a lot more interest since that time.  I'm just waiting to see who offers.

The Bootleg:  Is there anyone outside those three who you would like to see more interest from?
Marc Hull:  Possibly USC, since that's the hometown.  Maybe Oregon.  And Nebraska was out our school - our recruiting coordinator told me he showed a lot of interest.  But I didn't get a chance to talk to him.  Right now, I'm pretty much going on hearsay from my recruiting coordinator, with what he hears.

The Bootleg:  What are your thoughts so far on Cal, Stanford, Washington and UNLV?  I guess would you call those your top four?
Marc Hull:  Yeah, those are my top four.  Definitely UNLV because they offered.  I loved the campus, loved everything about UNLV.  I came to Stanford, and there are a lot of good things about Stanford that I like.  I haven't been to Cal or Washington, but I plan to camp at both of those places.  I just want to check everything out.  I don't want to make any commitment until I'm sure that is where I want to be at.

The Bootleg:  I know you were at Stanford's spring game.  What were your impressions from that visit and being able to watch the game?
Marc Hull:  I talked to a lot of the players, and they were all really excited about Buddy Ball.  They seem like they are having a good time.  I can't say anything bad about it.

The Bootleg:  What are some of the top factors for you?  Assuming you got offers from all four of those schools, matching UNLV, how would you try to differentiate and compare the schools?
Marc Hull:  Academics plays a big part in it.  Stanford is way up there, and Cal is also good in academics.  And how many people do they have at my position - how many others are being recruited.  But also what kind of supporting cast - who else will be on the team.  I don't want to go somewhere that they have twenty people at my position, but I also don't want to go somewhere that they have nobody at other positions.

The Bootleg:  Does that mean you are going to look at the other parts of the recruiting classes of these schools?
Marc Hull:  Absolutely.  In the extreme situation, I don't want to be the only player in the recruiting class.  That's not going to happen, but I want to go somewhere that a good and solid program is being built.

The Bootleg:  If you were to write a little blurb to tell coaches about you, and what are the strongest parts of your game, what would you say are your strengths on the field that will make you a linebacker who can play in the Pac-10?
Marc Hull:  Very aggressive.  I catch on to any kind of program or defense well.  I'm quick to react - that's the thing about it.  Having been a safety before, I'm pretty versatile.  I can get into pass coverages and things like that.

The Bootleg:  What are the things you want to wo

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