QB Brett Weyman

You've heard some of the buzz about Brett Weyman, the raw and athletic quarterback from Connecticut, including how he caught my eye and others among a sea of elite West Coast quarterbacks at the Palo Alto Nike Camp. Well, here is the complete report on the young man's potential, reputation, recruiting progress and more.

QB Brett Weyman (profile)
Avon Old Farms (Avon, CT)
Ht: 6-2: Wt: 205
no forty; 4.12 shuttle
12 bench reps; 29.9" vertical


If you have read recruiting guru Max Emfinger at all this recruiting season, you've undoubtedly been caught up in all the buzz about Connecticut quarterback prospect Brett Weyman.  Emfinger has called Weyman "the next John Elway" and "recruiting discovery of the year."  The effusive language Emfinger has used is a little over the top, and his claims are almost staking his reputation on the young man from Avon, Connecticut by way of Charleston, South Carolina.  Max has Weyman as one of his top 6 QBs in this class in the country, and has called him the top quarterback in the East this year.

The catch here is that Weyman has played just one year of football, and he has borne a reputation with a bad throwing motion.  Weyman grew up primarily playing baseball, and only just made the switch to the gridiron in football.  Weyman threw for 1500+ yards and 13 scores his junior season with a 54% completion percentage.  That is the foundation for somebody to watch in his senior season, but it would seem a stretch to describe him with all the superlatives.  It is also interesting to note that Weyman has just one scholarship offer to date, and that came this week from local UConn.

I fortunately had the chance to see Brett Weyman with my own eyes at the recent Nike Camp on Stanford's campus, and formed my own opinions with my own eyes.  I came away with two observations: this kid doesn't show the throwing mechanics deficiencies I had heard about, and he has a rocket arm and overall strength and athleticism that grabbed my attention.  In short, I really liked the kid a lot.  Dennis Dixon of San Leandro had the reputation with the strongest arm out West, but Weyman threw stronger in my observations.  The tell-tale sign was the throwing drill where the quarterbacks stood with their bodies square and facing the target, both legs together on the ground.  Brett stood out above all other QBs at the camp with his upper body strength, whipping the ball much harder, with less effort and with more accuracy.  And he easily passes the eyeball test as a big kid, particularly among high school QBs.

You take a look at his numbers, with his speed very evident in his shuttle time envious of most other position players on the field, and it just reinforces his apparent athleticism.  Brett is still a raw prospect, but he showed better to me than many of the more 'established' names at the camp - and this was a loaded camp with a lot of 'name' quarterbacks.  He has arguably equivalent athletic upside with Dennis Dixon, but is less of a project in my eyes and far better footwork.  He threw at least at the level of the likes of Kyle Wright and Kyle DuRocher, though neither of them showed that well on that day.  He is not as polished in his skills as a TC Ostrander, but is clearly more athletic.

In talking with Brett after the camp, I was very impressed with his poise and the thoughtfulness of his answers.  I can pull out of conversations with these kids some of the more intelligent ones, and this is a very intelligent kid.  He has been reported with a 134 IQ, which I believe.  Though his academics are not clear for the Stanford admissions process, as indicated by a low-3 GPA and SAT he couldn't remember in our conversation.  Repeating the 11th grade is a possible red flag, though the circumstances of transferring between schools is an extenuating circumstance.  If I could see better evidence of his chances with Old Union, I'd place this kid as one of the serious national quarterback recruit candidates for this Stanford class.

As mentioned, I did have the chance to talk with Brett after the finish of the camp, and here is what he had to say...

The Bootleg:  Brett, you're a long way away from Connecticut.  What has brought you all the way out here to Palo Alto?
Brett Weyman: Well, I heard the best of the best would be out here, and I really wanted to see how I measured up.  I knew a lot of coaches were going to be here, and I wanted to get the exposure.  I've never seen Stanford - the last time I was in California I was six.  It was nice to come out here as vacation, the chance to compare myself with these athletes.  I saw a lot of great talent.  I think it was a great show we put on for the coaches.

The Bootleg:  This was one of the best assemblies of quarterbacks I've ever seen. What did you think of the other guys, and how do you think you stacked up?
Brett Weyman:  I think I stacked up pretty well.  Some of these guys, I've been reading about these kids.  I can't remember all their names right now, but I've been doing some homework on these guys - how did their seasons go and how are other people critiquing them.  Then comparing what people have said about them to what people are saying about me.  Now that I've had the chance to come out here and see these guys I've been reading about, it was a big help just to see how I play into things.

The Bootleg:  How do you think you specifically performed today?  What did you do well out there?
Brett Weyman:  I think I threw pretty well.  Speed - I wish I could have gotten my speed up a little bit more.  My vert jump was good.  I really didn't come out here to show off or try to impress, though; I came out here to learn.  This is a training camp.  I knew a lot of the coaches - the guy from the Patriots was going to be here, and being from Connecticut I was psyched.  School is in Connecticut, though I'm from Charleston.  I was psyched to see them win the Super Bowl, and I wanted to hear what he had to say.  Everybody who was out here stands out to us.  I want to take it all in and bring it back to Connecticut - want to keep doing what these guys are doing.  The quarterback drills we were doing, where he calls out directions for us to go - I've never done anything like that.  That was intense, and that is something I can bring back with me to work on.  I'm glad I learned a whole bunch of new stuff to work on.

The Bootleg:  Do you have any specific areas that you are targeting to work at?  Is it footwork, release, quickness?...
Brett Weyman:  I'm trying to target everything I can.  Specifically, my arm action.  I had a funky arm movement, where I would drop the ball and then bring it around.  I've been working on it lately, and today kept it up more.  It gives me a little more zip on my ball, a little more accuracy.  Footwork - I can always work on my footwork.  I need to work on my lateral movement.  My straight ahead speed is ok.  Arm action and lateral movement for me.

The Bootleg:  What would you then say are the strengths of your game that can make you an excellent quarterback?
Brett Weyman:  A lot of

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