WR Mark Bradford

One of the biggest stories of the Nike Camp on Stanford's campus in May was the performance of WR Mark Bradford from Fremont in Los Angeles. His recruitment since then has become hot and heavy, but Stanford is right there in the thick of it. Read on for what Mark said at that camp, and how things have changed for him since.

WR Mark Bradford (profile)
Fremont (Los Angeles, CA)
Ht: 6-1: Wt: 185
4.41 forty; 4.13 shuttle
10 bench reps; 34.6" vertical

When you think of the new offense that Stanford is installing for BuddyBall, and when you think of the impact and influence that coach David Kelly is creating with the receivers on this team, you surely look toward the next generation of elite receivers Stanford wants and needs to recruit.  While Stanford has produced some very prolific and talented receivers over the last several years, such as Troy Walters, DeRonnie Pitts and Teyo Johnson, only Luke Powell stands out as an elite nationally-recruited receiver that has come to the Farm.  Walters was a diamond deeply buried in the rough; Pitts was an overachiever who far exceeded expectations; and Teyo came with the promise as a QB, TE or DE - but little thought as a receiver.  Times are changing quickly, with a handful of elite national and West Coast receiver talents being targeted and intensely recruited by Buddy Teevens and his staff, and Mark Bradford stands out today as the top receiver target out West for Stanford.

ladder drill at Nike Camp

Bradford was named by CalHi Sports as the lone second-team all-state underclass receiver this past season (75 catches for 1104 yards and 10 TDs), which ostensibly rates him as the 3rd best performing wideout in his class in the state.  Indeed, Greg Biggins has just come out with his receiver rankings for this class throughout the entire West Coast, and has tabbed Mark #3 on that list of prospects.  Overall, the brand new Insiders recruit rankings place the young man as the #11 receiver in the country in this class.  In short - he is certainly an elite recruit.

Though it is not surprising, it is still notable that Mark put together a truly elite performance at the Nike Camp in Palo Alto last month.  The 4.41 forty he ran was the fifth fastest at the camp, which was the largest and arguably most talented Nike Camp held anywhere in any year.  His vertical jump was the 11th best at the camp, and you will read below how disappointed he was with that result.  But his mark was truly made in the receiver drills that day, where he displayed his quickness, athleticism, brilliants routes and instinctive catching abilities.  Mark stood out above all other receivers that day, and in fact was named the MVP of the entire camp by the staff on-hand.

leaping on display

Coming into the camp, coaches and recruitniks already knew Mark was very good, but his performance in front of many watching eyes bumped him to nationally elite status.  His recruitment has now blanketed the entire West Coast, and is pushing nationally.

While his famous camp was in progress, I had the chance to catch Mark while he had a quick break.  Here is what he had to say before he 'blew up' with his receiving performances later that day...

The Bootleg:  Mark, how has your day been so far today?  Are you done with the running, times and measurements?
Mark Bradford: It's been alright.  Maybe disappointing - I could have done better.  Overall it has been good.

The Bootleg:  Would you mind sharing any of the numbers?
Mark Bradford: I ran 4.41 in the forty, bench pressed 185 pounds 10 times, jumped 34 inches and ran a 4.1 shuttle

The Bootleg:  Well, 4.1 in the shuttle and 4.41 in the forty - those are awfully good numbers to me.  Yet you say you were a little disappointed.  You think you can run faster than that?
Mark Bradford:  I wasn't disappointed with my forty.  It was more with my bench press and my vertical.

The Bootleg:  Is this your first time at a Nike Camp, or did you do this last year?
Mark Bradford:  This is my second time - I came here last year.

The Bootleg:  Well given that you are a veteran, what are you specifically looking to get out of this camp?  What are your goals here today?
Mark Bradford:  Basically just to come here and do good - to be seen.

The Bootleg:  Are there any skills you want to particularly work on with the coaches and position groups?
Mark Bradford:  Basically I just want to work on quickness drills and work on the routes.

The Bootleg:  You said that you want to be seen, and obviously there are a lot of coaches out here from all over the country.  Who are the coaches or who are the programs who you are trying to catch their attention today?
Mark Bradford:  Nobody in particular.  Just in general.

The Bootleg:  If you wouldn't mind talking about your recruitment a little bit, who are the schools who are highest on your list right now?
Mark Bradford:  USC, Colorado, Stanford, Notre Dame, Washington, Oregon, Illinois, LSU and that's about it.

The Bootleg:  That's a pretty sizable list.  Do you have any offers from those schools at this time?
Mark Bradford:  Colorado has offered me, but that is about it right now.

The Bootleg:  With a big list like that, when are you hoping to narrow it down as you go through the recruiting process?
Mark Bradford:  Probably a lot during the season.  I'll get to see how teams play, and then see how it goes.

The Bootleg:  Out of that group, is there anybody who has stood out to you?  Anybody who you feel particularly good about right now?
Mark Bradford:  I'm trying not to have a favorite until I get to know the coaches, the staff and see how the team is.

The Bootleg:  What are you looking for in a school and program?  What are the top two or three items on your list?
Mark Bradford:  Nice coaching attitude, nice environment and academics.

The Bootleg:  Well, you mentioned academics, and would you mind sharing what your GPA and SAT look like thus far?
Mark Bradford:  I got a 960 on the SAT, but I'll take it again.  And I have a 3.5.

The Bootleg:  You grimaced on the 960, so what are you shooting for?
Mark Bradford: I want to at least get over a thousand.

The Bootleg:  Do you know when you are taking it again?
Mark Bradford: No, not yet.  I still have to prep.

I have now talked with Mark Bradford to check up on his summer plans and to get a finer degree of detail on just how his recruitment picked up after that MVP Nike Camp performance.&n

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