Samson Szakacsy Campus Tour Recap

Samson Szakacsy (6-5, 195, 4.69) is one of the top quarterback prospects on the West Coast. Last season he completed 184 of 254 attempts for 2,038 yards and 24 touchdowns. His 72.4% completion percentage broke an 18-year old county record. On Saturday he finished up a tour of six college campuses in seven days. Here is his day-by-day report of the whirlwind week.

Samson Szakacsy (6-5, 195, 4.69) from Camarillo, CA spent his spring break traveling across the country touring college campuses. During the trip he visited Tennessee, Purdue, Illinois, Notre Dame, Washington and Stanford.

The talented quarterback provided some of the highlights from each visit.

DAY ONE:"We flew into Atlanta and stayed the night there, then we drove up to Tennessee," Szakacsy said. "There were a lot of other juniors there, so I think it was kind of like a Junior Day. They had their spring game that day.

"David Cutcliffe (Offensive coordinator) came up to me, and I have a lot of respect for him, and he hadn't seen my film, but I guess he approached me based on my size, because I don't think he knew who I was. I gave him a copy of my film and that was what I had intended to do.

"I was then sent to spend the day with Rick and Katie Clausen, Jimmy's brother and sister, who are both students, and Rick's a graduate assistant. They gave me a tour of the campus and I hung out with them the whole day. They are real cool people and were real nice to me.

"They also wanted me to meet Cody Pope, who signed with them, and I hung out with him and took some pictures for the Tennessee web site. The whole experience was really great."

DAY TWO/THREE:"We then went to Chicago, stayed overnight, and drove to Purdue the next day," Szakacsy said. "I got there and Coach (Chris) Clopton said they had some good news for me.

"I went to their quarterback meeting and that was really great. I think I surprised them with how much I knew about chalk talk and board work. I met with Coach (Ed) Zaunbrecher (quarterbacks/co-offensive coordinator) who was at Illinois as of about two weeks ago, and one of the main reasons I was offered by Illinois. He probably had a lot to do with Purdue offering.

"After that I went to watch their practice and hung out with Coach Tiller and Coach Zaunbrecher the whole time. At one point Coach Tiller pulled me aside and asked, ‘you got your scholarship offer in the mail, right?' I said, ‘No I didn't', and he said, ‘Well, you have one from Purdue, congratulations', and he shook my hand.

"Coach Tiller probably paid me the biggest compliment on the trip when he said my feet and accuracy were amazing. He also said it was impressive that I transferred from St. Bonaventure to Camarillo without missing a beat."

DAY FOUR:"We then drove to Illinois the next day and it was great, Szakacsy said, "Coach Zook had a lot of energy and reminded me a little of Pete Carroll. He was impressed that I visited even though Coach Zaunbrecher was now at Purdue. He must have thought I lost some interest in them because Coach Zaunbrecher left, but I didn't.

"Coach (Mike) Locksley is the new quarterbacks coach and he's real convincing with his determination to make me his first big quarterback. He didn't have to say much because he was at Florida and had one of the highest producing offenses in the SEC."

DAY FIVE:"After Illinois we went to Notre dame and on the way I was getting a lot of text messages from Coach (Scot) Loeffler (quarterbacks) and Coach (Ron) English (defensive coordinator) from Michigan," Szakacsy said. "They were telling me that Michigan was only a four hour diversion from where I was going, and that they were more than serious about recruiting me. Coach Loeffler told me to call him and said he has plans to be at Camarillo (High) the Saturday before the Stanford (Nike) Combine. I would have loved to visit Michigan, but we were dead tired and it would have been eight hours of driving.

"Everyone told me Notre Dame was awesome, and it really was as awesome as they said. They were practicing indoors that day because the weather wasn't that good, and they had an intense scrimmage, so that was cool to see. It was also real cool watching Brady Quinn and he approaches each play like it's the game is on the line.

DAY SIX:"After Notre Dame, we flew to Washington. It was kind of a last minute decision to visit because Washington was a school I recently started looking at," Szakacsy said. "My dad wanted me to have a chance to meet Coach Willingham, and I now know why, he's awesome—he's such a great guy.

"When we got there we talked to the recruiting coordinator for a little bit and then he took me into Coach Willingham's office. He spent about an hour with us and even pushed back a press conference he was having. He talked about being a great leader, situational down and distances and he was right on the money with everything he said. I found myself nodding my head yes to a lot of the stuff he was saying. He will definitely be a great head coach for Washington. I believe he will make that program so much better. It will be interesting to see what happens and I think Washington will be good this year.

"I didn't expect Coach (Chris) Tormey (linebackers/recruiting coordinator) and all the other people at Washington to be as embracing as they were, but they were really cool."

DAY SEVEN:"We flew down to Stanford from Washington and we were so jet-lagged, I called Coach (Nate) Nelson (recruiting coordinator) and said I'd be there the next day," Szakacsy said.

"We got to Stanford, met with Coach Nelson and watched practice, and spent a lot of time with Coach (Walt) Harris. He came up to me and asked how I was doing, and told me to stay with him the whole time. He was telling me what happens on each play, so that was cool.

"After the spring game we went in and had lunch, and I was talking with the quarterbacks. Trent (Edwards) and T.C. (Ostrander) were real cool guys, and after talking with them I felt like we were already friends, and I had only been talking to them for 15 minutes.

"They told me I need to get my classes squared away and I need to take four core classes my senior year, because with Stanford, you can't slack off as a senior—you need to ascend as a senior. So, I need to get my classes squared away and score 60 points higher on my SAT verbal. I took it last year as a sophomore and scored 1750, so I think I can improve 60 points when I take it this year.

"Stanford told me if I take care of all of the academic stuff they require, I have a scholarship offer."

"Szakacsy said Ole Miss is another school he hopes to unofficially visit during the summer.

"I was talking to my sister and she told me Ole Miss sent 33 hand written letters to everyone in my family," Szakacsy said. "How great is that? I've talked to Coach Werner a couple of times and I definitely would like to set something up with Ole Miss—maybe a summer camp."

Next on Szakacsy busy schedule is the All-American Combine in Los Angeles on May 7.

Szakacsy's schools of interest are USC, Washington, Stanford, Purdue, Illinois, Tennessee, Ole Miss and Notre Dame.

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