Clearing Up a Rumor

Word is spreading about an imminent commitment from Harrison Schaen to Stanford, thanks to an Arizona report. For the true scoop on what is going down with Mater Dei's talented forward, read on...

The word from Mater Dei power forward and longstanding Stanford recruit-of-interest Harrison Schaen has been that his decision will come before or during the Nike Camp next weekend in Indianapolis (July 5-10).  The preparations certainly were in order, as Harrison got ahead of the game with spring official visits to his three top schools: Stanford, Arizona and USC.  Additionally, Harrison had an unofficial visit of sorts to Berkeley when he traveled with Mater Dei to the Cal team camp this past weekend.  Though he was on campus with dozens of other recruits, it gave him the opportunity to see the campus and facilities, as well as some interactions with the coaching staff.

The intent was to gather all the information he needed to inform an early decision.  Indeed, as recently as last week Harrison told Greg Hicks at PrepWestHoops that he still was on target for a decision at the Nike Camp in July.

So the decision is nigh, yes?


One immediate stumbling block is that Harrison has just turned in his admissions application to Stanford, and is expecting an answer in the next couple of weeks.  And while the admissions process is a key component of Stanford's recruitment, it does not necessarily precede an offer.  When asked if he has been told that an offer would come after a favorable admissions decision, Harrison said there are "no guarantees."

There has not yet been any reported scholarship offers for Harrison from his favored four in the Pac-10, which might only leave him with the chance to commit in July to one of the Ivy League schools breathing down his neck.  Yale, Princeton and Penn are the most ardent suitors from that bunch.

Nonetheless, CatTracks has reported that Harrison Schaen is about to commit to Stanford "in the very near future."  With no promise of an offer at this time, Harrison denied that rumor.  In fact, he said he can now see his recruitment pushing to the end of July or even into late summer/early fall.  While he has long been on the West Coast and national radar because of his early demonstrations of talent in his freshman and sophomore years, his recruiting stock has fallen steadily since.  That puts the onus back on the gifted young man to play his way back into favor with these schools.  July is an evaluation period, and he will be closely watched against high level competition.  If he can bounce back with a strong July, he might land the offer that lets him commit.

Until then, this is a watch and wait.  And The Bootleg will of course work to keep you updated with the very latest on Harrison Schaen.  Truth be told, I'm pulling for this kid.  He's a winner in every way.

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