Scrimmage Quotes: Walt Harris

Saturday marked the second of Stanford's three full scrimmages this spring. Afterward head coach Walt Harris talked on the performances he saw as well as progress for the Cardinal through three weeks of spring ball. We have Harris' comments on his wide receivers, the improvement of the running game, a pleasant surprise in the kicking game, a big play from a young defensive player, and more.

Overall observations

"We came out healthy, which is the most important thing.  I think we got some work done.  I was glad to see our defense rise up on the last drive, which is really good.  They stopped both the one's and the two's - I thought that was good.  We have a lot of work to do, and hopefully we will continue to do better."

On wide receiver Evan Moore

"I think he is maybe an 80% better player than he was last spring.  Probably about 30% better than he was last fall.  But he still has some finishing touches he needs to put on his game, and that's why we practice.  But we couldn't be more excited about his effort and his intensity and his desire to improve his game."

On concern of depth at wide receiver

"It's huge.  That's why we are bringing so many in.  Hopefully they will be receivers and not not-receivers.  We'll probably have to play somebody, some young guy."

On the young/reserve wide receivers

"I think we're trying to find the next guy - the third best guy.  Yeah, we are seeing more rep's, so it does give them a little better chance.  I think the two young ones, Kelton [Lynn] and Mike Miller, are battling to try to be a player here at this level.  And Marcus [McCutcheon] has been nursing some health.  I think that some young guy might have a chance if he is more athletic and more consistent - then he might have a chance to move up.  We'll see."

On the productivity of the running backs

"Yeah, I thought we ran the ball at times well.  At other times, we didn't.  I like that I can see them trying to do some of the things that we ask them to do, running and catching.  And I think when the quarterback is dumping the ball, that means we're not getting sacked.  They do something with the catch, then it really builds his confidence as well."

On the surge by Jason Evans

"When he does all things that he is supposed to do, he gives us a spark.  He's a slashing kind of running back, and it was exciting to see him make a couple good moves.  He made a good move during the week.  Now he has to put his game together in all phases, so that he can be dependable."

On what Evans needs to put together

"The consistency phase.  It's all the game, some areas more than others.  He just needs to be way more consistent."

On Clinton Snyder's scrimmage-ending tackle

"That was big.  Yeah, I thought for the whole unit, that was great to see.  It was a good call from the backside.  He came down.  I think somebody on the offense didn't do their assignment, and he came in there and made the play.  It's great anytime you stop somebody on fourth down.  It's great for the defense and their enthusiasm.  We're younger there, so it's nice to see.  Now, on the other side of the coin, it's sad to see because somebody didn't do their assignment."

On the kicking game

"It's very nice to see the improvement in Aaron Zagory, our field goal kicker.  We're trying to audition and get some productivity and consistency out of that position.  That's a challenge.  He has made progress.  I would say he's ahead right now.  They both are getting enough work that they both have an opportunity.  We rotate them around.  Aaron Zagory has stepped up and been the most consistent so far."

On the next and final week of spring practices

"We have two more heavy-duty days, and then Friday a different kind of day because we will be getting ready for the spring game.  But we will work on Friday, too.  We can't just say we'll prepare for the spring game.  That's not what this is all about."

On the many things to still do this week

"You have to be careful that you don't do that.  You don't want to overload their system because this game is all about execution.  The more you do, the less you do well.  Also, the more you do, the more difficult it is to prepare for you.  Regardless of the side of the ball that you are on."

On the scale of the spring game

"About the same as today.  We're down to five receivers, and hopefully we'll be at six.  At some other positions, I know that we're really light.  We took a lot of rep's, so hopefully we did it intelligently."

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