Scrimmage Quotes: Evan Moore & Trent Edwards

There is a visible difference through the first three weeks of this spring and the same period last spring in the execution of the passing game under Walt Harris. After Saturday's extended scrimmage, we talked with the top playmakers for the Cardinal's passing attack: Trent Edwards and Evan Moore. They commented on their day, missing a key teammate, the overall progress of the offense, and what still remains this spring.

Redshirt junior wide receiver Evan Moore

On his (hip) health status

"It's as healthy as it was last September.  I'm not at risk at all, so there's no need to worry about that.  Yeah, you think about it a little, like when you catch a ball and turn up the field sometimes.  This is my second full-speed scrimmage since September.  It's going alright."

On the mental component of the injury return

"Today I felt better than last week.  Last week was the first real game-type situation, and I wasn't apprehensive at all.  It's just that when you haven't done it in a long time, you get out here and tend to be one step slower because you're thinking a little bit more.  Today I felt a little bit better.  It will start to feel more natural probably next week.  Physically I feel great though.  I feel very good."

On the 30-yard touchdown reception

"It was just a 'go'.  Something happened with the coverage, I think, because Tim Sims came up like in a soft 'cover two' just tried to bump me at 10 yards, but he didn't have any help behind him.  You just make a move and go around him with no one there.  Trent [Edwards] just had to put it up.  That's as easy as it gets, for a fade."

On feeling completely changed from last spring to this spring

"Yeah, I do.  With Coach [Walt] Harris, you always feel like there is something you can improve.  That's why he is such a great coach.  There will never be a time while I am here, where I can sit back and say, 'There is nothing I can get better at.'  The feeling that I have to fix this and fix that will be here, no matter how good I become here.  No matter how good a receiver I become at this school.  That's a very good thing because it will be with me the rest of my life - not just here, but everywhere."

"This spring, you definitely notice that you have been here for a year.  Last spring, your head was spinning and you're kind of confused about what [Harris] wants.  I understand what he wants.  He knows I understand what he wants.  It's a different story this year.  It's more of trying to get better as an offense rather than trying to battle with Coach and coming out here all frustrated."

On the unique dynamic and urgency of just him and Mark Bradford with receiver experience

"I guess you could say that.  It's not so much just getting back.  It's only April right now.  When we start camp in August, there is no doubt that Mark and I need to be in a position where we can be on the field for every single snap and not get tired.  My conditioning this September will be the best it has been since I have been at Stanford, by far.  Just because of our role this year, and I realize where my body needs to be at.  Also, because there are no excuses this year for me and Mark.  If we come in any less than in the best shape possible and ready to have a great season, then we're letting everybody else down.  Because we're some of the two oldest and most experienced offensive guys.  They need to rely on us.  We want them to think that any play they need to go to us, they can - me or Mark."

On physical flexibility

"I'll be continuing yoga all the way through the summer.  There will be more of an emphasis on flexibility and conditioning as a receiver.  I mean, weight lifting is important, but it's not number one on the agenda in the off-season.  Let's put it that way."

On his weight

"Well, I got sick last week, so I dropped.  Prior to the illness, I was 233 [pounds].  Then I got down to like 222 after I got sick.  I had a 24-hour flu.  I won't even tell you what that was like.  Right now, I'm right about 229 or 230.  I'll come into camp about 229 but more conditioned.  I don't want to be over 233.  It's just unnecessary, especially at receiver in Coach Harris' offense and the way he likes guys to play.  It's just not necessary.  I feel kind of lucky, though.  I can really fluctuate my weight a lot if I want.  I could come in 220, if I wanted.  If you told me you wanted me at 240, I could easily do that, too.  I don't necessarily really have to watch what I eat, either.  It just kind of happens."

On the offense through three of the four weeks of spring ball

"It didn't help today that Mark wasn't playing.  No knock against anybody else, but Mark is a big part of this offense, like I was just saying.  I think we're running the ball well.  From what I have seen, and I haven't watched the film yet, Trent is getting pretty good protection.  And Trent looks good.  As receivers we have to realize how much of the weight is on us.  Again, it doesn't help that Mark is not playing.  I think Marcus [McCutcheon] is doing a great job.  Mike Miller is doing a good job.  Overall, if 100% is where we want to be post-spring, I would say right now we are about 70%.  65% maybe.  We still have a long way to go, and obviously we are not going to be at our best at the end of spring.  But this offense has to be able to put points on the board.  I'm not saying that because our defense isn't good.  I'm saying that our goal should be to score in the 30s or 40s for every game.  That should be a goal for us."

Fifth-year senior quarterback Trent Edwards

On the different goals of this scrimmage versus last week's

"Last week's scrimmage, I didn't think we did - like Coach Harris says - everything that we're coached to do on a consistent basis.  We had a couple guys who got tired pretty week in last week's scrimmage.  We cut down the number of plays and rep's this week.  It looked a little bit cleaner.  I thought we had a good week of practice.  We called some good plays today.  Everything is starting to get into a little more momentum, too.  That helped."

On Evan Moore

"I think he's back to his normal self.  He's real competitive all the time.  He doesn't like being looked off.  As a quarterback, you want to see him thrown the ball every single down, regardless of what the coverage is.  He was over there yelling at me today, which I love out of a receiver.  I love that out of players.  Usually I'm the one that is doing the yelling, and when guys are yelling at me, I would much rather have that.  I feel like I do a lot of the talking on this team.  It's nice to have players that compete at a high level, like Evan, all the time.  I feel like he's getting back to where he needs to be."

On the 30-yard touchdown to Moore

"It was just a good playcall.  They were bringing a lot of guys into the strength of our protection, and they were leaving Evan one-on-one coverage - what is called a 'cover five' - with Tim Sims one-on-one with Evan.  He should win that every time.  It was a 'double-go' play, and he got a good release.  It was pretty much just throwing it up and let him go get it."

On the passing offense improvement

"We're doing a lot better job up front.  It felt like there was a lot of time to throw the ball.  We're seeing things a lot better.  Even in my progression, I'm starting to understand the offense more and more each time we run new plays.  It's nice; you can recognize the coverages a little bit faster.  The running backs are getting out a lot better, and we can dink and dunk to them when you're not on par with available receivers."

On the difference between this spring and last spring

"Now in meetings, installation is not as long.  We're watching more film instead of sitting in front of our playbooks looking over plays to put into that particular practice.  There are plays we've run in previous practices that we don't need to sit down and talk in meetings for, so it's nice as a quarterback to have that luxury and that comfort level."

On the impact for him with so little wide receiver experience

"Each receiver, regardless of whether he is experienced or not, has strengths and weaknesses.  You have to recognize that and recognize what guys are running - what routes versus what defensive players.  It's nice to put it on the quarterback to recognize those routes because it doesn't matter regardless of experience who is running them."

On the status of the running game

"I was very surprised - pleasantly surprised - by Jason Evans' running today.  Anthony Kimble and Ray Jones are both solid running backs, so we can get those three guys going.  I know we have a couple freshmen coming in, so that is only going to help us to have a new guy coming in every set of downs.  That's going to help our running game out a lot."

On the coming final week of spring practices

"Just continue to learn from our previous practices.  We need to put a high emphasis on just executing plays and executing what we're coached to do.  [Harris] is putting a lot on our plate, but I think we need to emphasize executing that in this last week."

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