Malcolm Lee Among the Best in 2008

The point guard position appears to be a strength on the West Coast in the 2008 class. Some of the names hotly discussed in the "best point guard out West" debate have been Jerime Anderson, Brandon Jennings and Larry Drew Jr. A name that most definitely belongs in that discussion is Malcolm Lee from Riverside (Calif.) North, after what we saw from the 6'3" student-athlete this past weekend.

I watched 2008 point guard Malcolm Lee, the 6-3 prospect from Riverside (Calif.) North, play a couple games this weekend at the Watts Summer Games.

While there has been a lot of attention focused on Jerime Anderson from Anaheim Canyon and Larry Drew from Woodland Hills Taft (the talented Brandon Jennings is transferring from Compton Dominguez to Oak Hill Academy in Virginia and thus not part of the west coast sophomore point guard discussion anymore), Lee was very good this past April and he moved himself into the race as one of the elite point guards in the west for 2008.

Lee has some physical attributes that give him an edge over most point guards. He's a legit 6-3, with a long, wiry frame, and very good quickness. He's a very good athlete, with the ability to grab a rebound, start a fastbreak and then either finish himself at the rim or find a teammate in transition.

Athletic sophomore guard Malcolm Lee.
Lee was extremely impressive this past weekend. He knocked down jumpers off the catch or the dribble. He's not a great shooter yet, but he has the best stroke of the 2008 point guards. He's become very good at creating his own shot, with the ability to shake his defender off the dribble and then step back for a three. There aren't a lot of kids at his age who have the quickness and strength to make the plays he was making.

While his ability to score was impressive, I was more intrigued by the number of good decisions he made. He consistently gave up the ball in situations that called for it -- often times when he could have just as easily tried to make a play for himself. He's had a propensity for being a little too flashy in the past, but he's cut down on those plays and, more often, he made the correct, simple play. He's still got some fundamental things he needs to clean up, but he's got good vision and a solid feel for the game.

Lee's versatility is a big plus in his favor and one of the things that makes him such an appealing prospect. He's got the size, and scoring ability, to play the two at the next level. But there's no question that he's going to also play the one. Most "combo" guards are usually stronger in one position than the other and you're giving something up when they're at their weaker position. I think Lee will be one of the few guys who can be very strong at both spots.

I want to watch him over the summer, but Lee is definitely a possibility for the top spot in our point guard rankings for 2008. will have recent video of Lee coming this week.

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