Meet Jason Haas - Part III

In this final edition of our interview with the incoming point guard, we take a look at the lighter side of Jason Haas. Some funny tidbits on embarrassing moments, a John Denver CD, team impersonations and more. Read on and enjoy getting to know the more personal aspects of this young man.

The Bootleg: Are you particularly looking forward to the NIT this coming preseason, with the chance to play closer to home possibly in Madison Square Garden? Will you and Rob have a higher motivation to get through the first two games and get to NYC?
Jason Haas: Yes, I am looking forward to having the chance to come back east and play in front of some of my family and friends. That would be a great opportunity. As far as higher motivation goes, I am sure Rob and I will be excited if we could make the trek back east to play. But I am sure we will go out and play as hard as we can, just as we will do as in any other game.

The Bootleg: If Coach Montgomery comes to you and asks your suggestion for non-conference scheduling, what teams would you offer up to play? Who do you most want to see on the schedule for home-and-home series?
Jason Haas: Some teams that I would offer up to play would be Duke, Florida, North Carolina, and Maryland. The team that I would most want to see on the schedule for a home-and-home series would be Duke. Nothing would be more exciting than playing the Blue Devils at home, then traveling to Durham, North Carolina.

The Bootleg: Do you have any friends playing in D-I programs who you would love to face during your Stanford career?
Jason Haas: My former AAU teammate, Ernest Turner, currently plays for UNLV. He and I were back court teammates for two years. Fortunately, we are playing UNLV this year, so it should be fun getting to play against him again. I will soon have two more friends in other D-I programs in my former Blair teammates, Luol Deng and Charlie Villanueva. Hopefully, I will get the chance to play them again someday.

The Bootleg: One of your junior teammates, Luol Deng, has been often talked about as a probable recruit for Duke's next class.  You mentioned that likelihood earlier. Given the attention and probability, along with your commitment this past year to Stanford, has there been any friendly Stanford/Duke rivalry between you guys? Have you given him any jabs with Stanford's 2-0 record the past few years against the Devils? Any talk of future match-ups between Stanford and Duke?
Jason Haas: Yes, as soon as I committed this past fall, Luol and I started the little rivalry. He doesn't like Casey very much, so I make fun of Mike Dunleavy. Both of us joking of course. But I always get to him when I say, "Who won the last two times they played each other?" Luol and I have played together for the past two years, so it would be ironic to play against him in college. But yeah, we have talked about playing each other in the next few years.

The Bootleg: Have you had the chance to build up any feelings of Stanford's rivalries yet? Who are the teams in the Pac-10 conference who you are most looking forward to playing?
Jason Haas: I have not had the chance to build up any feelings of Stanford's rivalries yet. However, I do look forward to playing Arizona, UCLA, and Oregon. Those are the teams that I have watched the most, and anticipate playing against.

The Bootleg: Imagine you are called up to the microphone on stage at a team talent-variety show in September. Guys are juggling/rapping - all kinds of stuff. You, Dan, and Matt are asked to deliver "comedic interpretations." I don't know how many of the guys you got to spend time with during your visit this past year, but what teammate or coach would you choose for you impersonation? Who has the voice and mannerisms you think you have a handle on?
Jason Haas: If I were up on stage, I would impersonate the two guys in the program I have had the most communication with: Coach Fuller and Julius Barnes. Whenever I talk to Julius on the phone or in person, he always sounds like he just woke up or he is half asleep. And I think I could handle impersonating Coach Fuller. I think I've got his mannerisms down.

The Bootleg: Nick Robinson came to Stanford as an older freshman because of his Mormon mission. Now you aren't quite that far ahead of your classmates, but are you ready for any ribbing as the "old man" of the class? Or will you dish any out to Matt and Dan as the "youngsters?"
Jason Haas: In terms of high school playing experience, I am the old man of the class considering I have played five years of high school varsity basketball. I am not sure if I am older or younger than Dan or Matt. I was a 17-year-old senior at Penns Valley, and an 18-year-old in my prep year at Blair. I will be turning 19 this November. On the court I may be the old man of the three, but off the court I am a young freshman like they are.

The Bootleg: And that is also why Nick has carried the nickname of "Pops" the last couple of years. Do you have any nicknames of note you care to share?
Jason Haas: I have no significant nicknames, but all of my friends and coaches call me "J" for short.

The Bootleg: Any nicknames you don't particularly want to carry with you to Stanford?
Jason Haas: No, there are no nicknames that people call me that I don't mind coming with me out West.

The Bootleg: Alright, let's talk about some real embarrassment! What CD or tape in your collection would you absolutely destroy before you let the guys on the team see it in your collection?
Jason Haas: Last season at Penns Valley, my high school team wanted to warm up to John Denver's "Thank God I'm a Country Boy." Being the team captain, I was forced to go out and buy the CD for the warm-up tape. I have yet to destroy it, but believe me, it will be gone when I come out West.

The Bootleg: How about embarrassing moments in games. What are some of the biggest gaffes you've had in high school or AAU games? How about in practices?
Jason Haas: Honestly, I can't think of any embarrassing moments in high school games or practices. However, I do remember one game the first year I started playing basketball in elementary school where I shot the ball into the wrong basket and scored points for the opposing team. A kid then came up to me and started laughing in my face, so I threw him on the ground and started punching him. They had to stop the game. My dad ejected me from the game, and took me home. I do not think it can get any more embarrassing than that.

The Bootleg: Just to be fair, how about sharing some of your biggest single plays or moments in high school or AAU games? You talked earlier about your 40-point and 20-assist games, but what are the most memorable single plays or moments?
Jason Haas: In one all-star game, I stole the ball and on the fast-break I threw an alley-oop that was dunked by two different guys at the same time. I will always remember that one. Another memorable moment would not be in an official game but in a recent pickup game in New Jersey. Jay Williams came to play, and I hit a fadeaway jumper on him to win the game. It is always nice hitting a shot over a future NBA star.

The Bootleg: In your dreams, playing for Stanford in the Final Four, would your biggest play be: 1) driving and making a dish for the game-changing or winning basket; 2) making a stop or defensive steal to protect the 1-point lead against the opposing star point guard to end the game; 3) hitting a game-winning shot at the buzzer; or 4) hitting three free t

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