Ostrander Near a Decision

The quarterback of both greatest proximity and most press with Stanford recruiting this spring and summer has been Menlo-Atherton's TC Ostrander. Though he has been exploring schools in the West Coast and across the nation, he suddenly has the feeling that a decision is near. Read on for his thought process and Stanford's chances

The last time we checked in with quarterback TC Ostrander, offers were just mounting and his college horizons were broadening.  Though he grew up as a lifelong Stanford fan in the shadow of the Farm, there was a strong indication that he really wanted to explore new options.  Two of the looming threats to Stanford were Virginia and Cal.

Greg Biggins later checked in on TC and found that his growing list showed four leaders: Stanford, Oregon, Arizona State and Colorado.  He planned on making a fall decision after taking some official visits

Now Ostrander says that he has two real schools of interest, with one solid favorite and an imminent decision.

"I'm close to a decision.  I was looking at other programs to explore my options, but I am now being realistic about what those programs have to offer and who provides the best opportunities."

TC says that Stanford and Oregon are the two schools he is really focused on today, though Stanford feels like the school to which he will probably commit soon.  Still, Oregon has made a strong impression on him, and he has positive things to say about the Ducks.

"They just have a great program.  I like Coach Belotti a lot, and it could be a really good situation for me."

Though Oregon has already taken a verbal commitment from quarterback Johnny DuRocher, TC says Oregon has indicated that they would take a second QB if they liked that person enough.  They do feel that strongly about TC and are pursuing him in earnest.

TC says that Stanford is likely to take just one quarterback in this class, and even if they were to take a second, he feels confident from their communications that he is "their number one guy."

When asked if he has any outstanding questions or issues to have resolved with Stanford, he said no.  He would just like a little more time to make sure that his current feeling about a Stanford commitment feels right.  Unless things change, and few things are certain in the world of recruiting, TC says he sees himself making a Stanford commitment within the next month.

TC has come over to Stanford's campus a few times in recent days and weeks, including a chance to take a peek at the new weight room and locker room that are nearing completion.  Though not yet finished, he said he was impressed.

"I like what they are doing with their facilities in general.  I've seen them before and then again now, and things are really looking nice."

The recent movement of several quarterback commitments - Sam Keller, Ryan Gunderson, Johnny DuRocher and more - has weighed upon his thinking about this process.  TC recognizes that pieces are falling into place for many schools, and that creates a little pressure.  But for that very reason, he is at peace with a decision sooner rather than later.  He is looking forward to relieving the strain that goes along with this recruiting business.

For now, he has a couple of other items in front of him.  On July 24 he will head down the California coast to the Bob Johnson's Elite 11 quarterback camp.  TC says he is not only looking forward to the tutelage and competition, but also the chance to have a lot of fun.  He has been talking with some other quarterbacks you might know in Kyle Wright, Dennis Dixon and Michael Affleck, and he knows he'll have fun "just with the guys."

Additionally, TC is almost done with his Stanford admissions application, and figures to have that turned in within the next week.  A decision should come soon thereafter, and with his 4.0 GPA and 1460 SAT, he looks like a slam dunk to get through Old Union.

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