Post-Scrimmage Player Quotes

Wednesday afternoon marked the first full scrimmage for Stanford during this 2006 training camp. The offense scored five touchdowns, including four by the first team that all came through the air. Afterward, we talked with quarterback Trent Edwards (four TDs) and wide receiver Evan Moore (three TDs) for the offense's reaction. Linebacker Mike Silva added a defensive perspective.

Fifth-year senior quarterback Trent Edwards

Connecting this scrimmage with Evan Moore and Mark Bradford

"That's really enjoyable for me - standing back there, being able to throw to those two guys and watching them make plays.  It's really for my job.  There were a couple passes that I made that weren't well above par, and they were making incredible catches.  That's pretty easy for me to do that.  If I can make below-average passes and they can catch them, then that's going to help my percentage and help our offense put points on the board.  I think in the previous scrimmages, we have toned it down a little bit.  We've been a little bit more run oriented, just to try and establish that because we need to be able to do that come September 2.  But we were able to air it out today and go up and make some plays on the ball."

Quick-whistle sacks

"[laughs]  I don't like complaining about the officiating, but there were a couple that...  I mean, the first play of the game, I play-actioned and threw the ball to Mark.  This is kind of complaining, but Pannel [Egboh] hits me right in the facemask.  That was the hardest hit I've taken all of camp.  There are officials out there and they don't even call it.  I was very surprised and I looked up.  He hit me in the facemask, and I fell back.  I still have the 'halo' and figured that the officials would be more concerned about that.  I don't really have my helmet on that tight.  I don't have my mouthpiece in.  I would like to see our defense do that to other quarterbacks, just not me.  He was [excited]; you could tell that.  Pannel is a dominant player, and I would love to see him do that against our 12 opponents this season.  I'm looking forward to seeing him play."

"There were only a couple of times.  There were a couple that I could avoid, and I kind of held onto a couple down near the goalline a little too long.  It's very difficult in this setting when you do have a halo around you, and there hopefully are some tackles that I can break.  I know I can.  But when they call you down, you can't really do that.  I just have to be smart with the ball when I can throw the ball away and save some negative yardage and some negative plays.  I need to be able to do that."

Holding onto the ball in 2005

"I don't know that I can give you a percentage, but there were times that I didn't recognize the coverage quick enough in order to get rid of the ball.  That's something that I'm trying to improve upon.  If I can recognize what the coverage is within the first couple of steps of my drop, I can know where my progression is and how fast I need to get rid of the ball.  That's something that I'm trying to improve upon with Coach [Walt] Harris, working on it every day."

"There is still a lot I need to work on.  In practice yesterday, I had a couple balls on the run that were really inaccurate.  There are a couple passes to Evan that I need to throw a lot higher.  In terms of my accuracy, there are still some times that I am not recognizing the coverage very well.  Coach Harris will be the first to admit that to you guys.  I need to be a little bit quicker on that and recognize things a little faster.  Hopefully I can do that by September 2."

Evan Moore's fade reception touchdown

"I was trying to throw it to the outside of him so that he could use his body to turn like this, but he's really adamant about doing what Coach Harris has told him to do and look over the other shoulder.  Fortunately he caught it.  I didn't really see it because I had a guy in my face, but that was nice to see."

Redshirt junior wide receiver Evan Moore

"Overall I thought we looked good - not great, but good - on offense.  We made some mistakes that got kind of frustrating.  We had some penalties.  You can't really tag that on one person; that's the whole team.  We can get better.  It was practice.  Even though it was a scrimmage, it's still an opportunity to get better.  Thank God we aren't playing Oregon yet because I don't think we are 100 percent ready.  But we're improving.  We're making plays on offense, and Trent looks really good.  I thought that the protection was good for the most part, overall, just from what I was seeing.  There are some things we can polish up a bit.  We have 16 days left to do that, so we need to take advantage of every one of those days."

Getting in the endzone

"That's always a good feeling, just making the plays that need to be made.  The first two series, I didn't really do much.  I told myself that I've got to make a play here.  I need to get myself going.  That happened.  I'm pretty happy about it, to be honest.  I haven't really done much in any scrimmage that we've had so far in camp.  It was pretty important that I did that."

"The first one was pretty much textbook, as far as we practice it - over the outside shoulder.  Even though it may have seemed like I was trying to adjust to it, that's the way it's supposed to be thrown.  The second one was just where a guy is on me and Trent has the faith to throw it up and just let me make a play.  That's what I need to do.  Even if there is a guy on me - if there is one guy - I want Trent to feel like he can throw it.  'Okay, if there is one guy, that's fine, I'll throw it.'  Maybe if there are two or three, maybe we will not throw it.  But if there is one, that should not deter him from throwing it.  I just have to make those plays to give him the confidence to do that.  I have to do that, period."

Standing and waiting in the back of the endzone on the rollout touchdown

"When I turned around, I was alone and saw Trent rolling out.  I was hoping he wouldn't pass the line of scrimmage and hoping that he would see me.  Sometimes you have to concentrate and not allow yourself to keep backing up.  You might do that unknowingly.  It takes awareness.  I wouldn't overplay it because I was just so alone, and all I had to do was just stand there.  At the same time, it does take a little bit of awareness and concentration."

Penalties and team focus

"I know that it matters how each unit is doing, but I would like to see how many the first unit had.  As far as illegal motions go and guys on-and-off the line, we have a lot of young guys who we are trying to get into the system.  As a receiver, we have a lot of sets on this team, and some of them might be struggling on whether to be on or off the line and exactly how we motion.  This was our first real scrimmage, so they might be a little bit nervous.  As far as the holding goes, that is just something we need to polish up.  Our offensive line is playing hard, and this was really the first live, live scrimmage that we have had.  It's to be expected, but at the same time we can't be happy about it.  So we need to make adjustments."

The running backs

"They look good.  Nick Frank is awesome.  I love watching that kid run.  He is such a beast because he can also juke people.  Anthony Kimble is tough to stop.  He looks good - really good.  I would have liked to see Toby [Gerhart] run today, too, but unfortunately he's out with that hamstring.  Jason Evans is out, too, so Xxavier [Carter] had to step in.  He also looked good.  They're running hard.  I think that Coach [Buzz] Preston is doing a great job.  They're running really hard, and they're hitting the holes.  Like I said, I love to watch Nick Frank run.  He looks good."

"[Gerhart] looks great.  We haven't done a full scrimmage like this with him yet, but he looks very good.  He's sturdy, runs low, looks tough and has great hands.  It will be interesting to see how much he continues to improve as camp goes on."

Trent Edwards' training camp to date

"He looks awesome.  A couple of the scrimmages we haven't so much put it together because we're trying some different things.  We're trying, which we should be doing, to run the ball a lot, so maybe you have not been able to see as much in the scrimmages.  We're taking what they are giving us.  When they back up the coverage, we have to run the ball.  He looks pretty good.  I'll leave it at that [laughs].  He looks good.  He looks really good."

Fifth-year senior inside linebacker Mike Silva

"My first impression was that we missed too many tackles.  That's the bad news.  The good news is that we had sort of a bend-but-not-break defense.  In the first couple of series we gave up some big plays, but we held them and that's the bottom line.  But we need to shore up our tackling."

"Obviously, Evan Moore is a tough guy to cover.  That was obvious.  Having him back this year will help us out a lot.  He was our missing link last year, not having him after the first game.  I think having him back will definitely help us out on offense.  As far as the defensive side, we just need to improve our tackling.  That's the biggest focus right now."

Pressuring the quarterback

"Yeah a little bit.  They had a quick whistle, but Coach [A.J.] Christoff likes to blitz a lot.  That's one of the things we definitely need to have as a defense.  If we're not doing that, our scheme is going to fall apart.  We were definitely blitzing a lot.  We had some guys get a lot of sacks.  But again, we need to tackle.  That's the biggest thing."

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