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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  I prefer to do my shopping these days online.  Can I take advantage of this offer with a special online order code?

A:  No.  This is the first and only time we have been able to put together this offer.  It is so special and unique, and so short-lived, that it needs to be handled directly by a Sales Center specialist over the phone.  Please call 888-501-5752 before 4:30pm PT today and take advantage of this one-day-only bounty!

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A:  Absolutely.  When you call the Sales Center today and ask for the monthly "2-for-1" special, you will be started on a seven-day free trial.  Your credit card will be charged only at the end of that trial, after which time your $9.95 will net you two glorious months of!

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A:  Call the Sales Center at 888-501-5752 today before 4:30pm PT and upgrade to our annual subscription.  We will give you that free month AND a year of Sports Illustrated will be included at no additional cost to your order.  This is also available TODAY ONLY so call now!

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