Trent Edwards San Jose State Post-Game

Trent Edwards was sitting pretty in the first half, hitting 70.6% of his passes and tossing four touchdowns. The fifth-year senior could not lead the offense to any scores after halftime, however, with three drives ending on turnovers. That included a bad pass from the 10-yardline that was intercepted in the endzone. Edwards took the blame afterward for the offense's second-half swoon.

Those turnovers in the second half were just too much?

"Yeah, anytime you have a team that runs the ball that well, you can't turn the ball over and give the momentum back to them.  I thought their quarterback handled their offense really well, and I thought they converted on a couple critical third downs that kind of took the momentum away from us."

How did the flow of this game feel to you?

"Again, the sport of football is played with momentum.  We had it in the first half.  Unfortunately we couldn't get it back in the second half.  A lot of that is due to the way that the offense has performed, and we need to look at it on tape for where we went wrong.  I thought that the defense did a much better job in the second half in giving us the ball back.  We just need to put some points on the board."

The momentum started to shift just before halftime - is that your sense?

"Yeah, a little bit.  I think they scored right before we headed into halftime.  I think anytime a team scores like that, pretty convincingly, they are going to pick up a lot of momentum going into the second half.  I know that they scored pretty quickly coming out of the gate, and due to the turnovers, we weren't able to come back."

What happened with that interception in the endzone?

"It was a great playcall.  I was just too far behind the receiver.  I need to know that it's third-and-goal and I can't put the ball in man coverage behind the receiver.  Unfortunately the DB made a great play on it, and I definitely would have liked to had that one back."

What do you guys need to improve upon overall right now?  General execution?  How about the offense?

"I think we just need to get a break, man.  To be honest, I feel like we're pounding the ball.  We're doing all the things right at the right time, but it's not going right at certain times for us."

You feel this team is a little snake-bit?

"I feel like that's a bad excuse.  That's just me being frustrated right now.  You have to give a lot of credit to San Jose State.  They're very well coached, and I have a lot of respect for their coaching staff and their players.  I think the better team won today."

What was going right in the first half that wasn't going right in the second half?

"We were getting some turnovers.  They were turning the ball over, and we were able to put some points really quickly on the board.  We had some big plays that we weren't able to put together in the second half."

With 2:12 on the clock for that final drive, did you feel like you guys were going to go down and score?

"Sure.  Going into that drive, I was feeling very confident.  I thought we had a great gameplan.  We have practiced those two-minute desperation situations.  We practice them on Sundays and on Thursdays every week, so that's nothing that our offense hasn't faced before.  Their coverages weren't anything major, and their defense wasn't anything we haven't seen before.  I had all the confidence in the world.  It just didn't work out."

We asked you last week how you felt.  You said that wasn't how you wanted to start your senior season.  Now with this game coupled with that game, what is your mood?

"Again, frustrated and disappointed.  For me to be in the situation that I am and to lose a game like that, it doesn't say a lot about the type of player that I am.  I'm not thinking very highly about the way I performed today.  Especially, being a fifth-year senior - a game like that needs to be won by a fifth-year senior quarterback, and I wasn't able to do that today."

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