Moore, Sherman San Jose State Post-Game

It was a tale of two different wide receivers after Saturday's loss at San Jose State. Veteran Evan Moore was completely devastated - almost unable to speak - after a fumble that ended Stanford's final offense drive to victory Freshman Richard Sherman had just been thrust into his first major college football duty, coming up with six receptions, 71 yards and his first touchdown as a Cardinal.

Redshirt junior wide receiver Evan Moore

Evan, how are you holding up?

"I'm a little... [lowers head]."

What was the overall flow of the game like?  The offense really clicked, and Trent found you in the first half.  Did you feel like you guys had really seized the game at that point?

"No.  You have to play all four quarters.  We knew they would fight.  We knew that they wanted it really bad.  We knew at halftime that they were only down two touchdowns.  It could have gone either way at that point.  Speaking for myself, I feel like I'm a player who should make plays that win games.  And I blew it."

Evan, was it just the impact of that hit?

"He just made a good hit and put his helmet on the ball - popped it loose."

In the hurry-up offense, when you catch the ball in that part of the field facing back the other direction, do you try to turn upfield?  Or is there any point you should go down to the ground?

"Unless I can get out of bounds, I have to fight for as many yards as I can.  I was in the middle of the field, trying to fight for yards.  I knew the hit was coming.  I was prepared for it.  I just didn't secure the ball like I'm coached to do."

Evan, what is it going to take to turn this around.  You all are 0-2 at this point...

"This team has been in this situation before.  We lost to UC Davis last year, and I think it's safe to say we bounced back from that pretty well.  We're going to do the same thing this year."

Trent Edwards is a very good friend.  I'm sure he wants to pick you up right now.  Did he have any words after the game to try and help you?

"No, we didn't say anything to each other after the game.  We know what happened, and we'll talk about it later."

Freshman wide receiver Richard Sherman

Richard, you guys get the ball back with 2:12 left.  What is going through your mind as an offensive player?

"Just trying to drive us as far down as we can get.  We're trying to score every play.  Just get a big play."

When Mark Bradford got hurt, you became a big part of this offense today.  Did anybody actually say that to you?

"Nobody actually said it to me, but once I got on the field and got to working the play, I started understanding that he wasn't coming back this game."

What do you think was the key play for you that built your confidence and got you into a rhythm?

"I think it was about the second or third play after I got into the game - the hook I caught coming back.  It got us a key first down.  Once I got that, I felt really comfortable the rest of the game."

What did it feel like catching your first college touchdown?

"Oh, it was very exciting.  Reading the defense and all the practice we have done, I really didn't expect to catch my first [touchdown] this soon.  It was very exciting for me."

Richard, I know that you came here early this summer.  You played a little last week.  Did you feel prepared when you were thrown into the fire today?

"Oh, yeah.  Coach [Tucker] Waugh and Coach [Walt] Harris prepare you, and every receiver, very well for this situation.  That's why I felt prepared for this game."

You had an up-and-down camp, and you had to miss a lot of time because of classes.  What was your confidence like at some of those points, and what rallied you?

"My confidence was always up.  Coach Waugh was always supportive of me, whether I was having a good practice or a bad practice.  He was always keeping me up, so I never was really down.  All of the receivers, and everybody, were supportive even when I had a bad day."

How difficult were those first two weeks of camp, though, with juggling both things?

"It was pretty hard, but my teachers were very understanding of the situation.  My coaches were, also, so they gave me study time.  It was pretty hard, but doable."

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