View from the Press Box: Navy

It was a night of horrendous disappointment on defense, offense and special teams in Stanford's 37-9 defeat. As expected, the new Stanford Stadium is an absolute marvel, but the product on the field could not have been a more stark contrast. The Cardinal collapsed with turnovers and field position throughout the night, which enabled an awful result on the scoreboard. Here is how it unfolded.

7:05pm - Well, what do you know.  Stanford wins the coin toss and elects to receive the ball with the opening kickoff.  That is a first since Walt Harris arrived on The Farm.  The Cardinal are opening their new home, an electric and emotional event.  It looks like Harris wants to seize the moment.

7:07 - We look first to the wedge position on the kickoff return team where Nick Frank used to play.  Redshirt freshman fullback Ben Ladner is in his position...  Confusion from the return men lets the ball hit the ground.  Redshirt sophomore Anthony Kimble grabs it and gets only to the 13-yard line before being tackled by a swarm of Navy tacklers.

7:09 - The first play from scrimmage in the new Stanford Stadium is a hand-off to Anthony Kimble for a pick-up of eight yards.  The crowd likes it!

7:10 - We note that the offense has no real changes in the starting lineup, other than redshirt junior Emeka Nnoli in place of Frank at fullback and freshman Richard Sherman continuing to play for injured senior Mark Bradford at wide receiver...  Fifth-year senior quarterback Trent Edwards drops back for his first pass after a first down running the ball by Kimble.  He missed redshirt freshman tight end James Dray with a ball that sails high.

7:12 - On third down, Edwards looks to Dray after loads of time in the pocket and again throws high.  The Cardinal will punt from their own 31.  A deflating start.

7:14 - Navy moves the chains for the first time on a quarterback run in their option offense.  More importantly, senior cornerback Brandon Harrison is down on the ground... and has to leave the field.  He is replaced by redshirt junior Tim Sims, who had a difficult time tackling San Jose State ballcarriers last week.

7:15 - After a timeout, Navy runs the quarterback again and appears to grab a bunch of green on the left side of the field, but an obvious hold of redshirt freshman outside linebacker Clinton Snyder in pursuit calls it back.  Even better, Harrison just ran back onto the field after that play.

7:17 - We almost sniffed the first turnover of the day.  Snyder stripped the ball from a Navy ballcarrier, but the Mids hopped on it.  The play still netted an impressive eight yards.

7:18 - Big play by the unsung veteran of Stanford's young defensive line.  Redshirt junior defensive end Chris Horn blew into the backfield and just made a tackle for loss (one yard) of the quarterback before he could pitch...  On 3rd & 12, the Cardinal have great coverage as Navy (gasp!) looks to pass the ball.  Pressure forces a throw that lands incomplete.  Navy threw only 13 passes in their first two games and completed only three - that is dead last in Division I-A.

7:19 - Navy punts and redshirt freshman cornerback Chris Hobbs waves for the fair catch on his 15-yardline.  Hobbs also returned punts last week but never touched the ball (SJSU seldom punted, and those that did go off were never caught).  Hobbs does lunge to the ground as he feels himself bobbling the ball, but kudos on his first time touching the ball in college.

7:22 - He saw the field last series, but freshman running back Toby Gerhart is in the backfield to start this second series.  He carries right away on first down and picks up five yards.  I said it last week but will say it again: that is not flashy, but 2nd & 5 is a place Stanford has been far too little in recent years...  Gerhart then runs on second down and moves the chains with a seven-yard pick-up between the tackles.

7:23 - Gerhart has his number called the next play, this time receiving out of the backfield, but he gets turned around and bobbles the ball up into the air.  Incomplete.

7:24 - Stanford has 3rd & 11 - an obvious passing down.  Edwards drops back and (again) has great protection and plenty of time.  He throws a strike to redshirt junior wide receiver Mike Miller 21 yards down the field.  The walk-on drops the ball, hitting both hands just above his helmet.  Ouch.  That was the biggest moment of his four-year college career, and a chance to strike a huge blow for the offense.  Miller starts this game as Stanford's third wide receiver, operating in the slot in three-wide formations.  He has to deliver.  Miller is valued for his blocking and hard work but has shown inconsistency catching the ball in practices.  Missing that play is inexcusable and unacceptable for a team and offense that has no margin for failure and needs every ounce of success.  A losing ball team misses those plays.

7:27 - Navy shows that they are ready and anxious to test Stanford's secondary, despite the titanic mismatch on the ground.  They throw deep down the field to Jason Tomlinson (a one-time Cardinal recruit who was ultimately not offered).  He is behind the coverage, dives and appears to make a spectacular catch.  The back judge rules that the ball hit the ground, however.  Incomplete.  The Cardinal crowd catches their breath.

7:29 - Navy is undeterred and follows back quickly with an 18-yard 'out' pattern that goes for a completion.  I said earlier this week that despite the rushing defense and rushing offense opposing each other with such an obvious advantage for Navy, do not expect a college football to play so simply to form.  The Mids are ready to move the ball with a balanced attack tonight, and they already have to be feeling a surge of confidence in their passing game which was so dreadful the last two weeks.

7:31 - On a 3rd & 3, Navy pitches the ball outside to Reggie Campbell, and he gets to the corner for a five-yard gain.  Navy is now in the red zone at Stanford's 18.  They have the momentum and are moving toward the game's first score.  Stanford's defense is not being scorched, but they are being moved backward by the fast timing of Navy's triple-option and a sprinkle of passing.

7:33 - Another third down, this time for one yard and quarterback Brian Hampton keeps it himself, running to his left and then diving under fifth-year senior strong safety Trevor Hooper for the first down.  That's 1st & Goal at the six-yard line.

7:36 - Navy throws on first down, nowhere near a completion.  Second down is a loss of five yards on a delay of game penalty, with three picked back up on a short run.  That sets up 3rd & Goal at the eight.  Hampton drops back as if to pass and then takes off.  He has Cardinal jerseys ahead and can only reach the three-yard line.  That is a minor victory for the defense, holding the Mids to a field goal, but the offense will need to answer.

7:39 - The kickoff goes to redshirt junior running back Jason Evans, who finds some room and runs out to the 25-yardline, but he fumbles - perhaps after being hit by teammate senior Patrick Danahy.  Navy recovers.  That is Evans' second turnover this year, in just his fourth time touching the football.  He is fast running out of chances to prove himself worthy of playing on the field.  And now Navy has a chance to grab a golden opportunity.  Stanford imploded a sure-win last week with turnovers, and tonight may be more of the same.  This hurts perhaps even worse because of the field position handed to the opponent.

7:41 - We see the first flash of playmaking by senior inside linebacker Michael Okwo.  He races out into open space to tackle Campbell for a loss of one yard.  His speed, as well as his tackling ability, have been missed so much by Stanford this season.

7:43 - Already Navy is nearing the goal line.  On 2nd & Goal from the five-yard line, Campbell runs to the right side and dives forward while being tackled.  The play is right in front of the Navy section, and they scream in celebration followed by boos of disapproval when the ball is marked down inside the one-yard line.

7:46 - Navy scores on a quarterback keeper on the next play, the first of the second quarter.  We're already looking at a 10-0 hole, and a disadvantaged offense has to feel the pressure.

7:47 - Evans is still back for kickoff return duty, and he takes this kick.  The good news is that he holds onto the ball.  The bad news is that he cannot keep his feet under him and lunges out to the 16-yardline.  Poor field position again from a poor kickoff return team that is reeling this year.

7:48 - Edwards drops back to pass on first down and throws incomplete.  It is early in the game, but that is 0-for-5 for the fifth-year senior.

7:49 - Edwards makes his first completion on a high-percentage toss to Kimble out of the backfield, which picks up six yards...  Third down is a pass in the middle of the field to Dray for eight yards, which moves the chains and brings noise from the crowd.

7:50 - Stanford by the way has a new set of wideouts into the game, substituting for starters Evan Moore and Richard Sherman.  Moore is not on the sideline - a worrisome sign.  It's walk-on and redshirt sophomore Kelton Lynn and true freshman Austin Yancy.  Lynn makes his first completion in college count big time, gobbling up 16 yards on the left sideline.  He has really worked hard this year and made huge strides.  You have to really be happy for the kid...  Then Lynn catches the next pass, adding another eight yards.  I seriously doubt that Navy addressed #86 anywhere in any depth of their scouting report, so this is a pleasant surprise.

7:51 - Gerhart run through a huge hole opened in the middle of the line of scrimmage and eats up 12 yards.  With each game, I love this freshman more and more.

7:54 - Edwards' inauspicious start to this game continues, this time taking a nose dive.  He rolls out to his left with scads of open space in front of him and elects to throw to Nnoli, his fullback.  The ball sails a little behind Nnoli and into a Navy defender's arms for an interception on the nine-yard line.  I applaud the smart decisions when not to run, but Edwards could have picked up a good chunk of yardage running to the sideline.  Bad decision and bad throw steals what was a tremendously promising drive for the Stanford offense.  What did I just say about the team imploding with turnovers?  This is a sure recipe to lose, especially against the type of team that Navy presents.

7:58 - The Stanford defense picks up the offense's turnover and makes a stop.  It's three-and-out...  But on the Navy punt, a horrendous call flags running into the kicker against Miller.  I didn't see that from this vantage.  Bad calls and bad luck are not something this fragile team can stomach.  And if it was a legit call, that is tantamount to another turnover by Stanford, giving up good field position (the ball did not even cross midfield!) and giving Navy back the ball.

8:02 - The next time Navy has a 3rd & Short, they pick up the first down...  An eight-yard pass completion the next play moves the Mids across midfield.  You want to ask the defense to 'make a stop' here, but of course they already did before the penalty put them back on the field.

8:04 - Navy keeps moving the chains, with a mix of the triple-option and some short passes.  They're now down to the 24 and look like they are destined to score.  The Cardinal cannot let the game get away from them early, especially with the emotional blows they already took this week.  Of course, the two turnovers plus the special teams penalty are giving this away so they have themselves squarely to blame.

8:05 - There is Navy's best run of the game.  A pitch to the right side to Campbell races down the sideline through a big hole and gains 21 yards before Harrison knocks him out of bounds at the three-yardline.

8:06 - There is the Cardinal's break!  A fumble by Navy on an option pitch bounces around on the ground.  Harrison is the first one there, and he eventually recovers.  The field position will be terrible - much worse than the punt they should have received minutes ago, but it's better than a 17-0 hole.

8:07 - Wow, this game is moving quickly.  Only four minutes left in the half?!  This is what Stanford players and coaches talked about all week, with the Navy offense gobbling clock and leaving your offense so few possessions.  This game is only an hour old and Stanford is down just 10, but the game is nearly half over.  It feels urgent that Stanford move the ball down the field and get some points on this drive.

8:08 - Another incompletion for Edwards.  He is now 4-for-11 with an interception...  Next play - there is the completion he and Stanford needs, finding Lynn for 14 yards and moving the chains.

8:09 - There has been mostly standout pass protection this game, but Edwards was just swallowed for a seven-yard sack.  That makes a long field longer.

8:10 - Edwards has to scramble on the next play, but he hits an open Gerhart on the right side, who runs up the sideline for a big pickup of 16 yards.  Huge play.  By the way, I think Gerhart runs harder and faster than any of Stanford's backs after catching the ball - another point in his favor.

8:11 - Critical third down.  Edwards feels the pocket squeezed, steps up and hits a short connection with Miller for three yards that picks up a big first down.

8:11 - Stanford digs into its bag of tricks with a reverse to Sherman.  They ran this for him several times in camp, mostly with mixed results.  I'm saddened but not surprised to see him fumble.  He picks the ball up but has nowhere to go and loses a huge 15 yards.  That is a drive-killer and probably ends this half for Stanford.  On the replay, I can see that the play started off badly, with fifth-year senior guard Josiah Vinson missing his block, which allowed a Navy defender to get to Kimble too quickly and nearly tackling him while he tries to hand the ball to Sherman.

8:12 - I spoke too soon?  On a dire 2nd & 25, Edwards hits Yancy on a slant, and the run-and-catch goes for exactly 25 yards, including a couple tough yards while being tackled at the end.  The zebras have to measure, and Stanford has the first down by a nose.  With just over a minute to go and the ball on their own 45, this drive has a chance.  Of course, let's not think about the futile field goal scenario that might soon arise...

8:13 - A false start moves Stanford backward.  Blech...  But Edwards finds Miller on 1st & 15 for a gain of 15 yards and a first down.  Lynn and Miller are really surprising me with some solid contributions tonight in the receiving game.  Mark Bradford must be smiling on the sideline.

8:15 - On the next play, Edwards has nothing and runs to the left sideline, smartly getting out of bounds before taking a hit and before being tackled to stop the clock.  Five yards, but more importantly the clock stops with 33 seconds to go.

8:17 - 3rd & 10 on the 28, Edwards has pressure and rolls to his left.  He throws across his body a nice toss over the defense to Miller, who tiptoes on the sideline inside the 15-yardline.  But a flag is thrown while Edwards is scrambling - surely offensive holding...  There are actually three penalties.  Crazy.  Holding and ineligible man downfield on the offense, but the defense roughs the passer.  All penalties offset, so we replay the down.  Stanford does lose pressure seconds, however.  0:17 left in the half.

8:19 - Edwards hits Lynn in the middle of the field for yet another huge play - 15 yards.  After those early jitters / terrible drop by Miller, the walk-on wide receivers (Miller + Lynn) now have 88 yards on seven catches.  Most importantly, Stanford has the ball in its best position of the day: 1st & Goal at the Navy 9.  Stanford calls timeout with nine seconds left in the half.  This needs to be a touchdown, for many reasons.

8:20 - By the way, Evan Moore still has not returned to the game.  And he is nowhere on the sideline.

8:22 - Edwards passes to Dray just short of the goal line, and he is grabbed by a Navy defender.  That is clear pass interference, which puts the ball on the two-yard line with six seconds on the clock...  Stanford brings its field goal unit onto the field, greeted by some boos from the home crowd, before Harris calls Stanford's second timeout.

8:24 - The field goal team trots off the field, likely signaling that the offense is getting a crack.  The crowd cheers.

8:25 - Here comes the offense.  And Navy calls a timeout.

8:26 - For fans looking for some excitement, this is unwelcome.  Edwards takes the snap and runs to the left to kneel and position the ball in better position for a field goal.  Edwards quickly calls timeout, with four seconds to go.  That is a conservative call by Harris which will be criticized by Cardinalmaniacs™, but it is also such a pathetic statement about the kicking game.  To ensure that Stanford can put points on the board, they blow their one play (you can get off two with six seconds and a timeout) just to give redshirt sophomore kicker Aaron Zagory a better angle on the field goal.  This kicking game is just dead weight, dragging down the Stanford season.  Kickers can be recruited.  Stanford has to have better.

8:29 - After a Navy timeout (to ice Zagory?), Stanford sets up and hits a 22-yard field goal.  A routine play for most college football teams, we held our breath for that kick, after Zagory's problems to date

8:46 - Everybody who bumps into me during halftime has to ask about Harris' decision to move the ball for a Zagory field goal rather than taking a strike at the end zone.  We haven't seen this exact situation from him here, but in some other situations last year that looked conservative, we talked with Harris and learned his belief in playing the percentages and not being "emotional" during the game.  The fans obviously all wanted a shot at the endzone.  How many more times will Stanford be on the two-yardline like that?  I fear not many, but Harris knew that if a throw was incomplete, he had a kicker who might honestly miss that chip-shot field goal.  The possibility of zero points weighed against a possible touchdown ends up with Harris taking the three most sure points.  The decision will be grilled mercilessly if Stanford loses this game, by any margin, and it will probably be remembered for a long time by fans.  We'll see afterward if Stanford wins if it is more of an afterthought for fans and us in the media corps.

8:50 - The other question on people's minds, before we are about to kickoff, is Evan Moore.  We're told that he limped back out of the locker room and to the sideline just before the half.  Looks like a foot/ankle problem.  There is no injury report from Stanford.  We will track it down the best we can after the game.

8:52 - That's just a horrendous start to the second half, with Navy returning the kickoff 57 yards to the Stanford 42-yardline.  The kick was deep, but there was a huge lane for the return in the middle of the field.  Credit redshirt junior kicker Derek Belch with the tackle at the sideline that saved what looked like a touchdown return.  But that is another example of special teams (and also turnovers) giving Navy too good of field position, which sets Stanford up to fail and lose.

8:54 - Navy has a quick first down with a 12-yard run on the option pitch to the 28.  Right away the Mids are threatening to make this again a two-score game.

8:56 - That option pitch can be a killer.  When the back is moving forward, he can hit the hole on the outside with nearly a full head of steam and quickly get past the second level of the defense.  Navy just scored on that play from 14 yards out, and Campbell was untouched into the endzone.  17-3, Navy.

8:58 - We're just a few minutes into the second half, but already it is easier to question Harris' decision to sit on the field goal.  Stanford is down two touchdowns against a team that the Cardinal cannot reliably stop, while Stanford's offense is having its own troubles and is missing all three (Moore, Bradford and Marcus McCutcheon) of its three returning and experienced wide receivers.  The Cardinal had better put some points on the board, or it will be a tough post-game media locker room for Harris.

9:00 - Brandon Harrison is back for kickoff return duty, his first in college.  He takes the ball from several yards back and brings it out to the 21.

9:01 - Stanford is in a quick four-yard hole when Gerhart is smothered by multiple tacklers in the backfield on the first play of the drive.  Lovely.

9:02 - Edwards goes to Gerhart the next play for a pass out in the flat, which the freshman takes up the left sideline for a first down and 14 yards.  His drop on the first drive has been followed by (I think) two nice catch-and-run plays.

9:03 - On 3rd & 7, Edwards is in shotgun and throws the ball against double coverage complete to Yancy on the right sideline on a comeback.  Forward progress before he is tackled spots it at the 43, which is a first down.  This may be a loss, but Stanford is making pretty good use of what are ostensibly its #5, #6 and #7 wide receivers.

9:05 - I spoke too soon.  Again on third down again with Edwards in the shotgun, a pass to Lynn on a slant is dropped.  That kills the drive and makes Stanford punt.  We have less than eight minutes to go in the third quarter.  I wonder when Stanford will next see the ball...

9:06 - There is a rare positive special teams play.  Redshirt junior punter Jay Ottovegio, who has not thus far lived at all up to the hype for his season, drops the ball perfectly inside the 10-yardline.  The 47-yard punt is downed at the three-yard line, which gives some hope and an opportunity to the Stanford defense.

9:07 - Did I hear that score correctly?  Arizona 14, Stephen F. Austin 10.  That game was so far from competitive on paper that there was no line in Vegas.  In fact, that game was the first game with a Pac-10 team that I ever kept off the BootPool.  I have always put every game involving a Pac-10 team on our weekly "pick 'em contest, but there were so many amazing national games this week that I thought it worth keeping this laugher off the slate.

9:08 - There goes the "pin-back" position advantage for the Stanford defense.  Navy picks up nine yards on a run right away, setting up 2nd & 1 at the 12 and giving them plenty of breathing room.

9:10 - Navy has another first down, and now they're out to the 31.  They're going to hammer away with the option the rest of the game, while they sit on a solid lead and control the clock.

9:12 - Navy mixes things up a bit with a reverse, which finds open field and picks up 21 yards.  Harrison was the only man between the stop and a touchdown.  The Mids are movin' and groovin'.

9:13 - The Navy playcalls are now picking up bigger and bigger chunks of yardage running the ball.  Now it's 1st & 10 at the Stanford 20, after three double-digit gainers on the ground in the last four runs.

9:14 - Navy drops back to pass, finds nothing and takes a sack by redshirt sophomore defensive end Pannel Egboh.  Loss of three.  Why?  Why do that if you are Navy and moving the ball at will on the ground?  Sometimes when you feel good, you just want to see how unstoppable you are calling the plays.

9:15 - The next play is a two-yard loss when Okwo runs down the option pitch in the backfield.  Navy gave a big hand to the Cardinal defense with that passing playcall.  We'll see if Stanford can take advantage and turn the game back.

9:15 - Stanford gets the third-down stop (three yards).  That sets up 39-yard field goal... which #39 Joey Bullen Navy hits.  Navy 20, Stanford 13.  It is now a three-score game.  And now Stanford really wishes it had seven points...  By the way, there is 2:11 on the clock.  Navy chewed up five and a half minutes on that drive, and it could have been a lot worse had they not moved the chains so quickly with their big running gains.

9:18 - The attendance has been announced - 44,022.  Very underwhelming for the grand opening of the first new stadium in 85 years on The Farm.  I still harshly criticize the administration's decision to move the San Jose State game away just so that they could open the stadium with Navy.  Yes, it gave an extra week to the construction crews and allowed many finishing touches and tests that were furious all week.  But I believe that Stanford could have made it happen with an opening last week if they knew that schedule.  Somebody thought it was that much more grand or attractive for Navy to be the christening opponent rather than San Jose State - either for prestige or for ticket sales.  Well, 44k isn't grand.  That was a middling gate in the old stadium, and a tremendous disappointment for how much buzz surrounded this facility.  And because Stanford moved the San Jose State game away, they lost.  I feared that ever since the announcement, and what did Stanford gain by tonight's attendance and approaching 0-3 record?

9:19 - What a meltdown mistake.  Harrison runs back this kick and coughs it up when hit by a tackler.  Navy has the ball on the Stanford 16 and can hammer home the victory.  I'm shocked at this team's turnover problems.  Fix them (and special teams) before worrying about anything else.

9:20 - At least we can have fun watching Michael Okwo.  He races once again into the backfield and chases Campbell out of bounds.  I'm so happy for Okwo that he is back playing.  Look for him on the cover of the upcoming October issue of The Bootleg Magazine, as our feature story.

9:21 - Hampton keeps the ball and runs in open space in the middle of the field nine yards to the two-yard line...  Next play, he takes it himself off-tackle into the endzone.  Navy 27, Stanford 3.

9:22 - For Stanford's various injury challenges on offense and their various overall weakness on defense, they are primarily imploding in the worst way with turnovers.  This was one of the best in the nation most of last year in protecting the ball and turnover margin.  Okay, so there are fewer chances to turn it over without the graduated defensive playmakers, but these fumbles (plus Edwards' interception) are just inexcusable.  They have handed Navy points, and they took others off the board for Stanford.

9:23 - Evans is back instead of Harrison for kickoff return duty.  It doesn't matter, with the ball going out the back of the endzone.  But that's just about the best thing that has happened tonight on kickoff return!

9:25 - We are at the end of the third quarter, and the Cardinal have three points.  Stanford went bonkers, relatively speaking with offense against Navy last year - and that was on the road with players in their debut in a new scheme.  There is no way to candy coat the abject disappointment in what was rightfully expected to be one of the best Stanford offenses in years.

9:27 - We start the fourth quarter with Stanford looking for something positive on offense, and perhaps something upon which they can build for next week.  A 10-yard completion for Edwards to senior tight end Patrick Danahy moves the chains.

9:28 - Edwards shows his determination on the next play, taking off down the right sideline.  He is hit as he goes out of bounds - a pretty good shot - but bounces back up.  The signal caller showed his wheels there, with 14 yards.  Of course, my first thought as soon as he took off is that he had better not get hurt with this game looking out of reach.

9:30 - After a screen pass to Kimble, redshirt sophomore Alex Fletcher is face down on the ground.  That's not a good scene...  After flipping over and being tended to by a huddle of Stanford trainers and doctors, Fletcher walks off under his own power.  Redshirt junior Preston Clover is in at center.

9:34 - Back-to-back pass completions to Dray move the ball 16 yards and give Stanford 1st & 10 at the Navy 13.  With 13 minutes to go, just maybe you can make a comeback bid if you score seven quickly here.

9:36 - On 2nd & 8 after an Edwards run, we have an empty backfield (I think the first tonight).  Edwards rolls to his left and finds Yancy just short of the marker coming back on the sideline.  The freshman makes the grab and then smartly dives backward to get the first down.  I really like that instinct and awareness - and from a kid I thought had a more likely home in the defensive backfield before he arrived.

9:37 - Stanford quickly converts with a Kimble run.  For the record, that is Stanford's first touchdown in the new Stanford Stadium...  Then Zagory misses the PAT wide left.  That is frickin' enough from him.  Harris gave him some defense of Zagory's missed extra point last week in that he had to deal with a delay of game penalty just beforehand.  And kickers are of course mental creatures.  But that was a vanilla PAT he just flat out missed.  It's time to find somebody new.  Now.

9:40 - After a short chip kickoff, it took only one play for Navy to reach midfield.  One.

9:43 - Nick Sanchez assists a Harrison tackle, diving in and hitting with his helmet.  He has to leave the field, which is not good...

9:45 - Now redshirt freshman Tom McAndrew limps badly off the field.

9:45 - Navy passes on 2nd & 9, and Tomlinson has a cushion and easy catch on a comeback in front of Sims.  That is measured and just inches short of the first down... which is converted on a quarterback keeper.

9:47 - Navy just unofficially went over 300 yards rushing, with a 17-yard option pitch to Campbell for a touchdown.  34-9, Navy.  That wraps any comeback thoughts.  Now the question of the hour is whether you continue with Edwards on the field, or put in redshirt junior quarterback T.C. Ostrander for some 2006 seasoning.  He has yet to see the field this fall.

9:50 - There is a dose of redemption for Evans, who runs the kickoff back to the 40.

9:51 - Edwards is indeed in the game, and he scrambles upfield on first down.  Scary...  Then takes a sandwich sack on third down.

9:52 - Stanford goes for it on fourth down, with a pass to Gerhart in the flat.  He has one man to beat in the open field and is tackled just short of the marker.  Navy takes over, and the stadium is rapidly emptying.

9:54 - Navy has the ball and puts in their second string unpronounceable quarterback.  Time to head down to the field with the rest of the media for post-game interviews.

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