Trent Edwards Navy Post-Game

The golden boy expected to be at the center of Saturday's celebrated opening of the new Stanford Stadium was fifth-year senior Trent Edwards. He instead was a focal interview subject after the 28-point loss and a rollercoaster game. Edwards started throwing 0-for-5, then was 23-of-30 for 226 yards the rest of the game. He however had a crucial interception in that stretch, his second in two weeks.

Opening statement:

"Again, we talked about not turning the ball over.  This is a Navy offense that's going to hold onto the ball for the majority of the game if you do turn the ball over.  That's something we didn't do a lot of last year, and that's something we have done a lot of this year.  And that got us beat.  That's why Navy came out on top."

Trent, how did you feel throwing early in the game?

"I felt fine.  I felt pretty good.  We had a couple open receivers - I missed a couple here and there; they dropped a couple here and there.  That's all part of the game.  We need to be able to convert on third down.  We need to be able to keep our offense off of the field.  Unfortunately we turned the ball over, too.  That kept them out there way too long.  That gave them easy short-yardage points to put on the board."

Can you talk about what happened on the interception?

"I just came out of it.  It was kind of the same thing as last week.  I just didn't put it out in front of my receiver enough.  I threw it behind him and it tipped up into the air, and went unfortunately to the DB.  That's down in the red zone.  Again, you can't do that.  I felt like from then on out, we didn't have a problem with my accuracy, and that was really the only bad throw that I made."

When you got the score at the end of the half, did you feel that you had weathered the storm and gave you the momentum?

"Yeah, that's definitely a momentum booster if you can put points on the board right there and move the ball against their defense right before the half.  That's something positive you can dwell upon rather than coming into here [locker room] being shut out.  That's something I feel that we needed to do."

Then when they came out and had their scoring drive, did that take the wind out of your sails?

"You can't let that do that to you.  I think the same thing last week happened to us.  You can't give up a big play on the kickoff return and let them score and run the ball down our throats.  I know that is a difficult offense to stop, and when you do turn the ball over and do give up big plays on special teams, that's what happens."

Trent, you are probably look after each of the past couple of weeks for motivation or a positive to build on.  After this third loss, what do you drawn on right now?

"It's difficult.  I feel like we know what we're doing.  I feel like we know what's getting us beat.  It's just a matter of not doing that.  Whatever that takes, I don't know what the answer is.  A lot of people have different theories on what is going to stop us from making those mistakes.  It's just a matter of buying into that and not continuing to do the things that get you beat."

On a positive note, a couple new guys come in tonight at wide receiver.  That's supposed to be a thin position, but these guys stepped up.  What does that say about that those guys?

"They really did.  I give a lot of credit to those guys that stepped in.  I think a couple of those guys had never caught a college football pass before.  To do that, with all of the expectations surrounding this game - I'm pretty proud of those guys.  Coach [Tucker] Waugh did a great job all week with them, too.  He's one of those guys who works 16-hour days, and you never hear him complain.  He's a great wide receivers coach who got them prepared this week."

What is your hurt right now for Evan Moore?  He went through a brutal year last year with the injury.  Now he has the uncertainty of a bone breaking in his foot, and he might not be able to be out there for a while...

"Yeah.  I know he came into this game with some high expectations, much like myself.  To not be able to do that due to an injury, it starts to take a toll on your body and a toll on your mind.  As hard as it is to do, you are going to have to forget about it, move on and do what it takes to win the next week.  That's all you can really focus on."

Did you feel like this was a step back for the offense?  Navy is not known as a great defensive team.

"I don't think so.  We were put into some situations this week that we hadn't faced before.  We were forced to go into 'two-minute mode' with half the fourth quarter left.  We don't normally do that.  Because we're down by a lot, we can't establish a running game.  There were things that forced us to get out of our normal offensive sets.  If we were in a game like that and not faced with those situations, I would say that was a step back.  But I don't really think it is a step back now."

Does losing in a new stadium suck less than losing in the old stadium?

"Losing in general sucks.  That's whether it's a Stanford Football game, whether it's a game of H-O-R-S-E in the front yard or whether it's a game of SCRABBLE® against your best friend.  Losing for me, period, sucks.  I've put so much into it.  Just like people put into building the stadium.  That's a difficult part.  I just have to move on, I guess."

When do you start thinking about Washington State?

"I've been trying to adopt a new 24/48-hour rule where I don't dwell on the previous week.  But that San Jose State week last week really took me a while to get past.  Maybe that had a lot to do with my performance this week.  I need to be able to move on after 24 to 48 hours, get the last one out of my system, learn from it and move on."

Is it a good thing that this is a conference game coming up?

"It's the same thing, regardless.  We're going to face 11 men on defense.  It's going to be 15-minute quarters.  It's going to be the same thing we have faced the past couple of weeks.  It doesn't matter if it's conference or not."

Trent, I'm sure you are looking to coaches for answers, but for your teammates that are looking to you for answers right now and asking, 'Trent how do we turn this around?' - what do you tell them?

"You have to keep pounding the rock.  I know that's a really bad cliché, but that's something you have to do.  There is no way to start dwelling on the past or to dwell on the negative side.  It's something difficult because you have such high expectations coming into this season.  When we talked before the season starts, you never would have thought we'd be sitting here talking about 0-3.  That's unfortunate."

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