Trent Edwards Washington State Post-Game

The face of disappointment after Stanford's loss to Washington State was fifth-year senior quarterback Trent Edwards. Sitting at 0-4 after all the hard work of the off-season is tough enough to swallow, but the pain was exacerbated by a bad interception he threw. He talks about the mistakes he and others made, as well as the road all Stanford players must take toward a turnaround.

What did it do to you to have that kind of a problem [safety] right out of the gates on offense?

"We dug ourselves a hole and we dug our defense a hole, putting them on the field for what felt like 15 minutes in the first quarter.  You can't win football games that way.  When your offense doesn't convert on third down or you throw interceptions that get returned for touchdowns, it's tough to win football games.  A lot of that has to do with the offense, and we need to change that fast."

Trent, what does this feel like?  Two games at home and both are losses like this.  Does it almost feel like rock-bottom?

"I wouldn't describe it as 'rock bottom.'  I consider myself a very optimistic person.  For me to hit rock-bottom, it would have to be way worse than this.  We have a ton of talent on this team, and it's just a matter of getting 11 guys to do what they are supposed to do, all at once.  You guys may not agree with that, but that's what needs to happen and we need to do that on a consistent basis.  We're just not doing that right now."

Trent, you talked about things needing to change and fast.  How do you do that because I presume you have been trying to do that the last couple of weeks?

"The thing that comes to my mind is game experience.  Knowing what guys' habits are versus what other guys' habits are.  Just learning from that and not continuing to make the same mistakes.  Knowing what guys have done in previous games and using that in the next game."

On the pass intended for Toby Gerhart, did you not see the defensive end at that point?

"That was a terrible play on my part.  It was just a bubble screen.  Toby went a little bit tighter than I was anticipating.  The D-end made a great play; he was blocked out into the throw.  I kind of forced it.  That's something where I need to throw that away and not let the defense make that play."

We did not get to see the replay on the safety.  Did you trip over somebody's feet or did you just slip stepping back?

"No, my foot was stepped on right out of the gate.  That's unfortunate, but that's part of the game and kind the way this season has gone thus far.  We need to fix those minor things and not continue to do that."

The pass protection today was not what it has been.  Was it a situation where there were not a lot of open receivers for you to find?

"You have to give a lot of credit to their D-line.  For the most part, they didn't bring as much pressure as they did last season.  Their linebackers and safeties didn't seem to be blitzing.  Their front four did a great job of getting upfield to the quarterback.  We put them in situations that are obvious passing down situations, so it's a lot easier when they can tee off on our O-linemen.  We can't do that.  We need to go first and second down and gain positive yards, and not continue to put our offensive linemen in a bind where they know that the defensive linemen are coming hard on every play."

Would you call a number of those 'coverage' sacks?

"I don't know.  I would have to see it on tape first.  I know that there were a couple plays where I probably held onto it too long.  There were a couple plays where we didn't run the right routes.  There were a couple of plays where I wasn't looking the right way.  That's a combination of a bunch of things, but I can't tell you right now."

Trent, you guys look like you had some renewed energy coming out of the locker room after halftime.  Was there something that was said here in the locker room?

"There were some people who stepped up at halftime and said some things.  I am not going to mention any names or what was said, but I felt that, me personally, I fed off a lot of that energy.  We had a couple quick nice drives there and were able to put some points up on the board.  A lot of that has to do with the guys who stepped up at halftime and said something."

Trent, what do you think is the first step that the team needs to take toward getting some of this back?

"The first step has to be looking to yourself.  Looking to make sure that you are doing what you are coached to do every down and not looking to someone else to help you out.  You need to make sure that you are doing everything you can to prepare for a game.  You're in there studying film and applying that to practice and to games, knowing ahead of time what Washington State is going to do to you.  That's something where we start.  Guys need to look deep down inside of them and make sure that they not continue to do the things that are going to get them beaten."

What do you do after this game?  Do you go home and try to get rid of it, or do you let it fester a little bit?

"Obviously, the outcome is not what I anticipated and not what we wanted the last four games.  I have tried a number of different things after the game to mix things up and change my superstitions a little bit.  After this, it takes a toll on you mentally.  You have to be able to get through that and get past that.  Again, I'm trying to work on not letting previous losses carry over into my preparation for the following opponent."

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